Best Lawn Mowers for Thick Grass

Most people want a thick, luscious looking lawn with verdant green blades of grass stretching across every single inch of their turf. Not only is it visually impressive, to the point that it might make the neighbor’s jealous, but it also tends to be soft to walk on with bare feet.

The tradeoff here is that thick grass can be challenging to mow. Especially if you’re the type of person who likes to cut the grass in the early morning when the temperature is still cool, but the grass might still have some dew on it.

This certainly is the sort of thing where you want to make sure you have the right equipment. An underpowered or ineffective lawnmower can gum up. Not to mention the thick wads of grass left behind can turn into choking thatch.

Is An Electric Lawnmower Good For Cutting Thick Grass?

On the face of it, you might think about the silent operating system of an electric lawnmower and think that it just doesn’t have the power to cut thick grass. While there certainly are some smaller lightweight electric lawnmowers that might struggle, you should still be able to get the job done with a robust electric lawnmower.

The problem comes down to choosing corded or battery powered. With a battery-powered electric lawnmower, you are going to consume more charge cutting a thick lawn. So, a battery-powered electric lawnmower is really more for cutting small lawns, with thick grass, of a quarter acre or less.

Are Robot Lawnmowers Good At Cutting Thick Grass?

Robots have moved up from being indoor vacuum cleaners to being autonomous outdoor electric lawnmowers. Once you set up a robotic lawnmower with the parameters of your yard, it basically takes care of itself, while keeping your grass neatly manicured. The trick with cutting thick grass with a robotic lawnmower is to set it up to cut frequently. That way the cut blades of grass won’t gum up the works. It might also help the robotic lawnmower’s relatively small blades to last longer.

Can I Use A Reel Mower To Cut Thick Grass?

Reel lawnmowers, which some people call “Push Mowers” or “Manual Lawnmowers” have evolved quite a bit since your grandfather’s day. New, lightweight yet durable materials and improvements in engineering have made reel mowers far more effective than they were just a decade or two ago.

You could argue that reel mowers aren’t ideal for cutting thick grass. You will need to put in a little extra effort, especially if the grass is a little damp with dew or recent rain. It helps to make half passes with the reel mower to make sure it’s spindle-like blades are giving you a maximum harvest.

Our Picks For Reel Mowers To Cut Thick Grass

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Is A Gasoline Lawnmower Best For Cutting Thick Grass?

Gasoline lawnmowers tend to produce a lot of power, which translates into superior torque in the rotation of the blades. Though not all gasoline lawnmowers are created equal. Especially when we’re talking about cutting thick grass. To maximize the performance of any gasoline-powered lawnmower, you want to make sure the cutting blades are properly sharp and that the engine is running smoothly.

Is A Side Discharge Lawnmower Best For Cutting Thick Grass?

The nice thing about a side discharge lawn mower, whether it’s gasoline or electric is that it releases the harvested blades of grass almost immediately. This means there’s less chance of thick clumps of grass clogging up the underside of the cutting deck.

The tradeoff here is that side discharge lawnmowers tend to produce longer grass clippings. With thick grass, these clippings are less likely to break down and decompose back into the layers of the turf. This leaves your lawn at an increased risk of thatch buildup, which can choke off your turf over time and increase the need for seasonal aeration.

If you are going to cut thick grass with a side discharge lawnmower, you want to mow frequently. Especially in the peak growing season when rain and abundant sunshine promote grass growth.

Will A Bagging Lawnmower Help Cut Thick Grass?

Bagging lawnmowers are a great way to deal with the problem of thatch buildup, which is a bigger deal with thick grass. Especially thick bladed grass that might happen to be a little damp. The motion of the blades and the engineering of the cutting deck essentially diverts cut grass clippings to a rear-mounted bagger. When it gets full, you simply wheel the lawnmower over to the garden or the compost pile. Stirring it in helps feed nitrogen into the compost, and keeps most of the grass clippings from ever becoming thatch.

The drawback of a bagging lawnmower when it comes to thick grass is that the more grass you cut the heavier the bag becomes. If the bag isn’t supported properly, it can start to drag and weigh down the lawnmower. So, if you are going to use a bagging lawnmower, it’s best to look for one with a hard-sided collection bin that locks firmly in place. The larger the better.

Is A Mulching Mower Best For Cutting Thick Grass?

Mulching mowers are another attempt to answer the problem of thatch buildup. There are a few different ways manufacturers engineer mulching mowers. Some use a special insert, some use special blades, some use multiple blades. Though most maximize the mulching effect by increasing the speed of the cutting blades.

What you’re left with is tiny pieces of grass that are essentially minced. This makes it much easier for them to decompose back into the turf. In some cases, it can even feed your lawn the nitrogen it needs to grow vigorously.

A mulching mower is best for cutting thick grass, so long as you are cutting frequently. If you have a bad habit of letting the lawn grow long, a mulching mower will leave behind clumps of minced grass that will need to be picked up or raked.

Is A 2-in-1 Or 3-in-1 Lawnmower Best For Cutting Thick Grass?

A 2-in-1 mower is usually one that lets you set it up as a side discharge and then either as a mulching mower or a bagger. With a lot of 3-in-1 lawnmowers, you can set them up to mulch and bag at the same time. Not only does this efficiently cut thick grass, but it takes the harvested clippings away. It’s probably the best option for times when thick grass is allowed to grow long.

The Best 3-in-1 Lawnmowers For Cutting Thick Grass

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Are Riding Mowers Good For Thick Grass?

Most riding mowers and tractors have superior power to tackle unusually thick grass, especially grass across large areas. The only disadvantage to that is they come with a much higher price tag. However if you have the type of lawn that grows in thick and fast, then look no further than a riding mower such as these in our reviews.

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