Black & Decker CM1936ZA Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Review

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It looks like a lawn mower from the future, and perhaps it is thanks to its many conveniences. With specs of 37.4 x 22.2 x 24.1 inches, the Black & Decker CM1936ZA walk-behind electric mower boasts easy, one-touch adjustment and instant-start capabilities, minus a cord, making it a simple-to-use time-saver right out of the gate. On a single charge, it’ll mow one-third of an acre, backed by a 36-volt battery that provides the self-propelling power. If you’ve got a larger lawn, no worries. The technology of the CM1936ZA lets you charge additional batteries and then swap them out to finish the job.

The high-impact polymer deck on this 90-pound instant-start mower lasts for the duration, and it can be adjusted for cutting heights of 1-½ inches to 3-½ inches with the simple maneuvering of a lever. If you like varied mowing options, the futuristic-looking CM1936ZA will throw grass from the side, performing mulching duties, or will bag for those who want an ultra-clean-looking yard.

This machine is high quality because it’s a Black & Decker product, but if problems arise a 2-year warranty may smooth things out.

Comes with: rear bag with frame; 36-volt removable battery; mulching plate; charger; safety key; and user manual and manufacturer’s warranty.

Key Features

  • Cordless electric mower has removable 36-volt battery for cutting one-third of an acre
  • Releases zero emissions
  • Self-propelled and adjustable mowing speed
  • 19-inch 3-in-1 cutting deck allows for mulching, bagging, or rear discharging of gas
  • Starts right up with a key and fast pull of the handle
  • Single-lever height adjustment for cutting heights of 1-½ inches to 3-½ inches
  • Mower handle folds down for simple, compact storage


The 19-inch cutting deck cuts a pretty good swath, and its size is large enough for lawns that are under three-fourths of an acre since you won’t have to do two passes at any time. As far as inclines, don’t try to tackle ones that are more than 10 degrees. Adjusting the height on this mower is easy and no big deal to do, but be warned that the low settings may be too low. What I mean is that this mower may miss taller grass when its height adjustment is too low to the ground. Obviously you’ll want to use higher height adjustments on taller grass. And if you choose the mulching option, plan on using a higher height adjustment for a lusher-looking lawn that looks well mulched.

For the most part, objects in your yard such as thick grass, redwood staves, hoses, and toys, will turn to dust with the CM1936ZA. If the mower does meet its match on a hunk of wood or similar type of item, remove the debris and simply move forward. Provided you’re not mowing a huge lawn, the quiet-sounding but respectably powerful CM1936ZA will get the job done thanks to good battery power that won’t die during the middle of a job. Its powerful battery and motor offer topnotch efficiency so you can get done fast.

Ease of Use

No gasoline, no problem! The removable battery on the CM1936ZA slides right out and will charge at any location where there’s a household-style socket. When you’re through with your mowing chore, fold in the handle and store this mower upright in a corner of the shed or garage where it’s fully out of the way.

When getting started, only the handle needs to be attached on the CM1936ZA. It takes less than 5 minutes. When you begin mowing, you’ll notice right away that the self-propelled action makes this a breeze to walk behind. This is an ergonomic, comfortable mower that is simple to use and hassle free.

Cut Quality & Options

Whether you choose the mulching, bagging, or side-discharge option, the CM1936ZA cuts grass with ease. The 36-volt battery delivers impressive power, and a single lever controls all four wheels at once. This mower is best when used on grass that’s low to medium height and will get a tad bogged down on grass that’s more than a foot long. But if the grass is at the idyllic height, this mower does a great job no matter which cutting option you choose–side discharge, mulching, or bagging. If you happen to have a riding mower, the CM1936ZA performs well as a trimmer around the house and other areas prior to using your foot-pedal mowing machine.


It practically goes without saying that a battery-operated lawn mower is going to save you a mountain of time and money on maintenance work and costs. This mower, with its durable polymer deck, is built for the long haul. Its streamlined body, which may look like a race car to some, also ensures longevity. Replacement parts on this mower should be minimal, and anway, a two-year warranty covers many of the repairs and replacement parts that may need replacing.

Clean electric power means you don’t have to mess with tune-ups, oil changes, and fuel. However, DO be sure to clean the CM193yZA on the regular, like you would any mower, and make sure all the parts, such as the blade, are in good working order. And make sure that battery is charged before mowing!

Safety Features

For starters, you’ll breathe in cleaner air using the battery-powered CM193YZA mower. Beyond that, there’s something about battery- and electric-operated mowers that just seem safer in general compared to their gas-powered brethren. The included safety key means the CM193YZA can’t kick in unexpectedly, always a good thing.

An interesting feature to this mower is its disengagement of the gears after it gets moving on its own, which one would presume to be a safety feature.

Special Features

Along with multiple speeds to choose from, the CM1936ZA has a new and improved blade design as well as a light polymer deck that is every bit as durable as a steel deck. It never rusts, it’s easy to clean, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. The CM1936ZA looks like an Indy car and practically drives like one too on self-propelled power around all yard obstacles. Yes, the CM1936ZA maneuvers with ease and has a fitted, soft-grip handle and easy height adjustment for men and women of all sizes.

Cost Effectiveness

Efficiency and cost savings are abundant here. The very efficient battery and motor of the CM1936ZA will knock out one-third of an acre on a single charge. If you’ve got more to mow, install freshly charged batteries to complete your lawn-mowing job. Speaking of batteries, Black & Decker’s typically will last more than two years, a good amount of time. A quick search online will reveal that this mower isn’t the most expensive one on the market, and it’s not the cheapest one either. But the self-propelled power, 3-in-1 options, and non-fuel-needing characteristics, as well as the 2-year warranty from a trusted brand, make this a worthy choice for lawns.

Overall, since it doesn’t have corrosive parts and DOES have a streamlined polymer body and durable design, the CM1936ZA should be economical for the long haul. If you do have maintenance issues, they generally shouldn’t show up until well after two years of steady use.

8 Total Score
Perfect for small to medium yards

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Black & Decker CM1936ZA Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Review
Black & Decker CM1936ZA Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Review
$199.00 $249.00 2 used from $149.25 3 new from $199.00
in stock
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$404.62 1 used from $411.20 3 new from $349.00
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