Gardena 4069 R80Li Robotic Lawn Mower Review

Like commercial planes that fly themselves these days, many self-propelled and riding lawn mowers out there practically get the job done on their own. But who knew lawn care would eventually become so effortless–so utterly people-less–with machines such as the Gardena 4069 R80Li robotic lawnmower. This oval-shaped guy can cover medium-sized lawns with a cutting width of 17 centimeters, and it renews its power in an impressive 50 minutes on a charging station. Even more impressive, it’ll mow for more than an hour after one charge, though run time can be affected by grass thickness and other factors. The 4069 has an easy-function LCD display with settings, a timer, and three pivoting razor blades for precise cuts every time.

At 7.7 kilograms and measurements of 58 x 46 x 26 cm, the Gardena 4069 is a pretty sizable machine that boasts a respectable cutting width.

Key Features

  • Cutting height of .7 inches to 2 inches is easily set with a rotary knob
  • Various mowing times and days can be set on large selection panel and display
  • Easy-to-place boundary wire tells mower where to mow
  • Works during rain, anti-theft protection, and free of emissions
  • Runs on lithium ion battery


Without any effort on your part, the Gardena 4069 provides a clean cut every time. It’s super quiet at a mere 58 decibels, so it won’t disturb you or your surrounding neighbors in the least. The Gardena isn’t the fastest machine in the world, but it covers approximately 45 m2 in 60 minutes, and then you’ll need to charge the lithium ion battery. Amazingly, the device returns to the charging station automatically and goes back to work once it’s fully charged.

The 4069 is as hardworking as you, mowing any time in any weather, including in pouring rain. Keep in mind that mowing in the rain isn’t ideal, as the wet grass clippings stick to the blades and the mower’s interior. This results in less efficiency.

This thing was designed to cut lawns often, cutting a small piece of blades of grass that fall into the soil and act as a natural fertilizer. As is the case with most robotic lawn mowers, you’ll have to surround the perimeter of your yard with a perimeter wire so it doesn’t venture beyond your property. This wire is also handy to put around flowerbeds, swingsets, or other areas you don’t want the 4069 to touch.

Ease of Use

No need to be intimidated by a high-tech robot. Aspects such as menu navigation, installation, operation, and programming can be taken care of in no time on the 4069. There is some installation and assembly, but once you take care of that and charge the battery, the Gardena 4069 is ready to go. Firstly, you’ll have to set up the perimeter of your grounds using the boundary and guide wire. This will be the longest part of your setup. You are provided with a ruler to make sure the distance from objects and areas you wish to avoid is the best distance. This wire will be permanent in your ground, so something to consider if you have small children or pets that may be curious and dig them up. The boundary wire will make sure that the robot doesn’t accidentally drive over flowers. bricks or some other type of landscaping that needs to be avoided.

Cut Quality & Options

Perfect for medium-sized yards, the Gardena 4069 has a high cutting capacity, making it surprisingly effective even on lawns that are obstacle filled and complex. If you’re worried about the quality of cut this machine provides, don’t be. Adjust it to the cut level you want, and sit back and watch it precisely cut your yard to the correct length. Rather uniquely, the SensorCut System on the Gardena 4069 doesn’t form the normal-looking lawn strips, but instead cuts the lawn evenly in all directions, giving the cross section an even and clean look.

Another cool function: This line of robotic lawn mowers boasts SensorControl (SILENO+) that detects how quickly your lawn is growing and only mows when the grass requires it. It’s recommended to give your lawn daily care so that the grass comes in thicker, looking like a pristine green carpet.

The 4069 is fully automatic, agile, precise, reliable, and the quietest robotic lawn mower on the market at just 58 decibels. It runs so quietly that you’ll forget it’s even out there doing its thing. Before you know it, the 4069 will be back at its charging station, ready for another go on the yard. You can easily program this robot’s running time, so it’s only making your yard look nice when you want it to. A lot of care and thought went into making it following its conception, which includes intense research and development that started two decades ago. The hard work on creating this lawn mower paid off. It’s the most popular model for domestic gardens and has a 95 percent customer satisfaction rate.

When the 4069 hits an obstacle, it obediently reverses and goes in a new direction. In addition, two sensors in front and back sense when the mower is approaching its boundary wire and will overrun the wire by 28 centimeters before turning back.


  • Inspect the lawn mower every week and replaced damaged or worn parts
  • Check to make sure the blades and blade disc are not damaged and can pivot freely
  • Replace all blades and screws simultaneously so rotating parts are kept balanced
  • Never use a high-pressure washer or running water to clean the lawn mower; never use solvents for cleaning
  • Replace battery when needed (battery has life span of two to four years)

Safety Features

The Gardena 4069 robotic lawn mower maintains a safe existence thanks to its anti-theft protection device (see more on that below). Additionally, it only runs when you program it, so there’s no worries about the 4069 running wild on its own. The 4069 is totally safe and secure with an alarm, a PIN code, a lift sensor, and a tilt sensor.

The included product registration key ensures registration of the product and the ability to unlock the 4069 if the PIN code is lost. A “Stop” button can stop the 4069 when it’s in use, and a cover opens when it’s pressed in. The button will remain pressed until the cover is closed again, a feature that acts as a start inhibitor.

Special Features

Have this robotic mower take care of your lawn-mowing duties in the best and worst of weather–no climate is too bad for the Gardena 4069. It’s been created to be on standby 24-7 and functions awesomely regardless of weather conditions or whether it’s unattended or not. And if it is unattended, don’t worry. The anti-theft alarm function, installation lock, and PIN code will keep it safe and in your possession.

This is one polite lawn-mowing robot thanks to its quieter sound compared to other electric, battery-operated, and gas-powered mowers as well as its low energy consumption. It’s also free of emissions, so it won’t stink up the air around your residence. If you’ve got inclines in your yard, the 4069 can handle them at a 25 percent gradient.

The 4069 can be easily moved around by the handle located at the rear of the machine.

Cost Effectiveness

It may be a pricey machine, but the Gardena 4069 is a huge timesaver for everyone, from busy professionals to retired folks who would rather be doing something besides mowing the lawn. Mostly, though, it’s ideal for making areas around gardens look great. By their very nature, gardens are designed to inspire relaxation and help folks wind down, so it’s important for some to keep them looking their best. What’s more, a nice-looking garden is a great spot to host family and friends, allowing you to do just that as you step back with pride and view the results of what the Gardena 4069 accomplished with minimal effort on your part.

Power consumption is low at just 20W, so the 4069 is not an energy hog.


8.5 Total Score
Smart, With Razor Sharp Blade

  • Quiet
  • Rainproof and weatherproof
  • Excellent cutting results
  • Anti-theft protection
  • Maintenance-free battery
  • Low noise and emission free
  • Easy to use, install, and maintain
  • Customizable and safe
  • No rain sensor
  • Moves rather slow
  • On the pricey side
  • Slips on steep slopes
  • Short run time; long charge time
  • No remote control or mobile app
  • Installation and assembly
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Gardena 4069 R80Li Robotic Lawn Mower Review
Gardena 4069 R80Li Robotic Lawn Mower Review
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