Honda HRN216PKA Walk-Behind Push Gas Lawn Mower Review

The Honda HRN216PKA is a very popular lawnmower in Honda’s line. This particular unit serves as a base model, as it is a true push mower without a self-propulsion system. Though it’s still very easy to move across even rough turf.

It has a powerful, yet light 4-stroke 166 cc Honda HRN216PKA GCV170 engine that transfers power to the dual cutting blades. The Honda HRN216PKA has a 166 cc 4-stroke GCV170 engine that starts with a smooth pulling recoil system. It has an automatic choke, which makes for easy startup.

The 21-inch deck is made from a combination of heavy-duty steel and durable resin. It can be easily adjusted by a single lever to as low as 1-inch or up as high as 4-inches. The two cutting blades create four different cutting surfaces. This helps to maximize the harvest rate while also reducing vibration.

The Honda was engineered as a 3-in-1 gas-powered lawnmower. Right out of the box, you can set it up for side discharge which still nearly mimics the cutting efficiency of some traditional mulching mowers. When you set it up as a mulcher, it finely minces the grass clippings into tiny pieces. This makes it easy for them to decompose into your turf, rather than turning the kind of dry thatch that can gradually choke your turf.

You can also set it up as a bagger, which is nice if you have a compost pile. In this configuration, the Honda HRN has a 1.9-bushel heavy-duty cloth bagger that’s surprisingly easy to connect and disconnect.

It’s worth noting that Honda backs the HRN216PKA with an impressive three-year warranty. It certainly makes a statement about Honda’s build quality and engineering.

Key Features

  • 166 cc GCV 170 4-stroke Honda gasoline engine
  • 21-inch cutting deck
  • Micro Cut dual blade cutting system
  • Cutting deck height adjusts from 1 to 4-inches
  • 3-in-1 versatility
  • 1.9-bushel bagger
  • Automatic choke with a recoil start
  • 3-year warranty


The 166 cc GCV 4-stroke Honda gasoline engine develops a significant amount of power to drive the dual cutting blade system. The automatic choke with recoil start also makes for easy ignition with less worry about flooding it.

Ease of Use

The Honda HRN216PKA is a very easy-to-use gas-powered lawnmower. The wheels roll easily across even uneven turf, yet it’s still nimble enough to quickly work around trees, flower beds, and other landscaping features. You can even adjust the deck height through seven different settings via a single smooth-operating lever.

Cut Quality & Options

The Micro Cut dual cutting blade system does a good job of harvesting grass clippings in a single pass. It essentially creates four cutting surfaces for quickly processing the grass clippings into tiny pieces. They can then be side discharged or diverted to the rear bagger.

When you set it up as a mulching mower the Honda HRN216PKA minces the harvested grass clippings, which are then deposited evenly on your turf. These tiny particles are rich in available nitrogen to help feed the roots of your grass.

When you set the Honda HRN216PKA up as a bagger the 1.9-bushel cloth bagger collects nearly every single harvested piece of grass. You can then empty it into your compost bin or add to your garden. The heavy-duty cloth of the bagger is nearly dustless and lets very little excess dust and pollen breath through the weave of the fabric.

You can quickly adjust the height of the cutting deck to the current conditions of your lawn. It can be set as low as 1-inch for times when the lawn is trying to get away from you. Then you can dial it up as high as 4 inches for prolonged dry times when you want to leave the grass long to keep from baking the soil, but don’t want it to have a wild, untamed look.


The Honda HRN216PKA 166 cc GCV170 4-stroke engine will require some routine maintenance. Though Honda did make an effort to make this as easy as possible. Depending on how much you use it, the engine will need periodic oil changes, premium fuel, and periodic cleaning of the air filter.

The dual cutting blades or the Micro Cut system might be a little challenging to sharpen on your own. If you are good with a mill file, you might be able to self-sharpen them. Otherwise, you should consider buying some replacement blades every year or two.

The fine cut of the two cutting blades can sometimes leave excess wet grass clippings matted to the underside of the cutting deck when you set it up as a mulching mower. If you have thick-bladed grass or conditions that have been a little bit damp, you might want to take a few minutes after each mowing session to wipe the underside of the cutting deck clean. This will go a long way toward preventing possible mold issues in the short-term and corrosion issues in the long-term.

Safety Features

The Honda HRN216PKA has the standard safety hand controls that you expect in a self-propelled, walk-behind gas-powered lawnmower.

Special Features

The Micro Cut dual cutting blade system certainly maximizes the overall harvest rate, while nearly mimicking a traditional mulching effect.


The four cutting surfaces of the Micro Cut dual cutting blades nearly replicate a traditional single mulching blade when you set the Honda HRN216PKA up for side discharge. When you do switch it over to mulching mode you’re almost making a green puree. These tiny bits of grass quickly decompose back into the layers of the turf to add nitrogen back into the equation, while also preventing gradual problems with thatch buildup.

When you set it up as a bagger, the grass clippings can be added to your compost pile to give the ambient carbon a boost of nitrogen. This is a great way to keep your garden and flower bed vibrant every summer.

You also have to like the three-year warranty Honda backs the HRN with. It makes a build quality statement that you will confidently see a hearty return on your investment.


Honda HRN216PKA Walk-Behind Push Gas Lawn Mower Review
Honda HRN216PKA Walk-Behind Push Gas Lawn Mower Review
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