Honda HRS216K7VKA 160cc Self-Propelled Push Gas Mower Review

This Honda HRS216K7VKA Self-Propelled Push Mower carries all the manufacturer’s telltale signs of quality and engineering, yet with a more friendly price point than some of the high-end models. Now that’s not to say that Honda cut corners. They simply gave this mower the key features that you need with a walk-behind self-propelled gas lawnmower, without overloading it with some of the sophisticated bells and whistles that can raise the price.

It’s beating heart is a 160 cc GCV160 Honda engine. It also has an auto choke recoil for easy startup and less risk of flooding the engine. It produces more than enough power to drive both the 21-inch cutting blade as well as the self-propulsion system.

As needed, you can adjust the speed of the self-propulsion drive to closely match your natural walking gait, which is nice. If you’ve ever felt like you were wrestling a self-propelled lawnmower in the past, you’ll definitely appreciate the variable speed option of this lawnmower and its belt drive transmission.

This self-propelled Honda lawnmower has 2-in-1 versatility. You can set it up for side discharge or use it as a mulching mower. The 21-inc cutting deck is also easy to adjust through six distinct height settings. You can set it up to cut as low as 1 1/8th inch when you need to keep the grass trained, or as high as 4-inches when you walk to leave it long during dry summer days, but still don’t want your lawn to look unkempt. There’s also a flywheel brake that arrests the engine when you release the handlebar controls.

Key Features

  • Reliable 160 cc GCV Honda engine
  • Automatic choke and recoil ignition
  • A 21-inch cutting deck made from 16 gauge steel
  • Rugged and dependable belt drive transmission
  • Variable speed self-propulsion system
  • 2-in-1 mulcher or side discharge
  • 6 cutting height settings
  • Fly when braking
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty


This Honda self-propelled gas-powered lawnmower has more than enough power to chew through 21-inches of grass, while also giving you the versatile speed of the self-propulsion system. The 8-inch wheels also do a good job of gliding over even rough terrain.

Ease of Use

This self-propelled Honda HRS216K7VKA lawnmower is relatively easy to use. The ability to closely dial in the speed to your natural walking pace is certainly nice. It also means you can slow it down for times when you need to dance around trees, flower beds, and edging.

The six cutting height settings are done by switch plates on the wheel rather than a single lever like you see on some of Honda’s more expensive models. The flywheel brake truly stops the engine fast, which can come in handy if you happen to spot an obstacle like a rock or a stick that you’re about to run over.

Cut Quality & Options

The 21-inch cutting deck made from 16-gauge steel is robust and durable. It also chews through broad swaths of grass in a single pass. As needed you can quickly adjust the cutting deck up as high as 4-inches when the prevailing weather is dry or down as low as 1 1/8th inch for times when you need to keep up with the lawn’s vigorous growth. This truly is an impressive span of 6 settings that lets you customize the mower’s cutting deck to the state of your turf.

It’s arguably better to set it up as a full-time mulcher. The 160 cc engine produces enough power to fully mince the grass clippings. The tiny pieces then fall down onto the turf where they can quickly decompose, rather than dry out into thatch, which can later choke the turf and complicate water absorption.


This Honda self-propelled lawnmower needs all the same basic maintenance that you would give to any gas-powered engine. Premium fuel and oil changes will go a long way toward preventing a gummed up carburetor or a failing spark plug. You might also want to clean out the air filter once a month to keep the fuel and air mixture precisely where it needs to be.

In the winter, you will need to put the correct amount of fuel stabilizer in the tank. Then make sure to properly lube all aspects of the belt-driven system in the spring.

Safety Features

This self-propelled lawnmower by Honda has the standard hand control features that you expect to see on any gasoline-powered lawnmower. You also have to respect the flywheel brake which does a great job of arresting the engine and cutting blades the instant you release the handlebars.

Special Features

The auto choke recoil system does a great job of helping to start the already very reliable GCV160 engine. It also reduces the risk of flooding it. Though it might take you a while to get used to not priming the engine yourself.

The variable speed of the self-propulsion system is very handy for times when you need to dial it to your personal walking speed. Yet you can still adjust it as needed for times when you might want to glide quickly across an open stretch of lawn or slow it down to carefully weave around some young trees.


The fact that Honda backs this self-propelled gasoline lawnmower with a robust 3-year warranty speaks to the underlying build quality and their confidence in your satisfaction. Yet the price tag is also very comfortable, which means you’ll see a quick return on your initial investment.

Just remember to follow the routine maintenance guides in the owner’s manual. If you do have a problem, Honda can be a little sticky with their warranty if the lawnmower has been misused or poorly maintained.


9 Total Score
Reliable Honda self-propelled lawnmower at a low price

  • Powerful and dependable 160 cc Honda engine
  • Automatic choke and recoil ignition system
  • Variable speed self-propulsion system
  • Rugged belt-driven transmission
  • 2-in-1 mulcher and side discharge
  • A 21-inch cutting deck made from 16-gauge steel
  • 6 cutting height settings
  • Flywheel braking system
  • Backed by a strong 3-year warranty
  • No bagger optional accessory
  • Needs routine maintenance
  • Height adjustment is on wheels instead of a lever
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Honda HRS216K7VKA 160cc Self-Propelled Push Gas Mower Review
Honda HRS216K7VKA 160cc Self-Propelled Push Gas Mower Review
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