Honda Miimo Robot Lawn Mower Review


Consumer robotics started out with indoor vacuum cleaners and other devices meant to make it easier to manage the home cleaning. As they have continued to evolve, autonomous robots have now found a new niche as robotic lawnmowers.

Honda has always had a passion for innovation, especially in the area of robotics. They also have a long-standing reputation for delivering quality products to the marketplace. So, it was only a matter of time before they would offer an autonomous robotic lawnmower like the Miimo.

It needs to be programmed in advance. This process calls for a certified Honda technician coming out to your home and setting up boundary markers. It includes noting where key landscaping features are in your yard. They can also help you with other aspects of programming the unit.

Honda Miimo HRM310

There are two different Miimo options available. The Miimo HRM310, which can cover up to 0.37 acres.

Honda Miimo HRM520

Miimo HRM520, which can cover up to 0.75 acres. The textured rear drive wheels which give it the ability to handle up to a 25-degree slope.

There is also a setup wizard which can help walk you through any changes you need to make. This includes setting up customizable starting points for more efficient coverage. The Miimo 310 can handle up to three starting points and the Miimo520 can handle up to five starting points.

The Honda Miimo can be programmed with three different cutting patterns depending on your preference and characteristics of your yard. The random setting is for large open areas. The directional setting cuts narrow areas with few obstacles. The mixed setting is for large and complex yards. It also focuses on edge cutting twice per week to make sure all your edges look well-manicured.

The Honda Miimo can also be programmed for the season and various grass growth rates. It can detect areas of thick grass as it operates. This triggers it to alter its direction to cut in a special spiral pattern.

It is designed to mow frequently, making small cuts to the grass, rather than struggling through long blades. This helps your lawn to maintain a consistent manicured look. It’s also worth bearing in mind that small pieces of grass are more easily integrated and decomposed back into the upper nutrient layers of the turf. Longer cut blades tend to turn into thatch, which can build up over time essentially suffocating your turf.

The Honda Miimo also has adjustable cutting heights from 0.8 to 2.4-inches. This can be done by simply turning a knob.

It has a Lithium-Ion battery for longer life. Its intelligent software is designed to bring it back to its charging station whenever its power level is running low.

The Honda Miimo is designed to be quiet, to the point that you might not even hear it running. It also has day and night modes that can be programmed as needed. It also has a 360-degree awareness sensor system for improved safety and bump detection.

The Honda Miimo has a lift or tilt sensor, which safely deactivates the blades. There is also an anti-theft system that is protected by a unique security PIN. It prevents unauthorized access and usage. If the Miimo is lifted, it sounds an alarm which immediately disengages operation. After that the Miimo will only resume mowing when the unique PIN is entered.

Key Features

  • Three easily programmable cutting patterns
  • Seasonal programming
  • 360-degree awareness sensors
  • Grass density detection with a spiral cutting pattern
  • Adjustable cutting heights
  • Customizable starting points
  • Bump, tilt and lift sensors
  • Lithium-Ion battery
  • Anti-theft security system
  • 2-Year warranty


The Honda Miimo is well designed and has a bevy of important operational and safety features. This allows it to maintain your beautifully manicured lawn.

The ability to detect areas of dense or longer grass triggers it to run in a spiral pattern, which helps it more effectively and efficiently deal with trouble areas. Just keep in mind that you might want to make sure that you mow your lawn in advance of running it for the first time. If you simply set it loose to deal with a lot of long, unkempt grass, it might spend its first-day spinning pirouettes like a ballerina!

Ease of Use

The Honda Miimo’s ease of use is a little bit of a mixed bag. The initial set up is more laborious than other competitor models in this niche. However, they do send out a certified Honda technician to set up the boundaries. As long as they are there, I would recommend making the most of their time, having them help you program the unit and show you the various adjustments.

Once it is fully set up and programmed, the Honda Miimo is very easy to use. It generally takes care of itself. It will even return to its charger anytime the battery is running low.

Cut Quality & Options

Like most robotic mowers in this niche, the Honda Miimo is designed to make small, frequent cuts. This helps maintain your lawn’s visual appeal, while also creating fine thatch, which is more likely to reintegrate into the upper layers of the turf. Longer cut blades of grass tend not to breakdown as fast. The buildup of thatch can suffocate the lawn or require you to aerate it each year to prevent dead spots and thinning.

You can easily adjust the cutting height from 0.8 to 2.4-inches with just the simple turn of a knob.


The Honda Miimo requires very little maintenance. From time to time the blades need to be replaced. You also need to make sure that it’s charger base has reliable power. It is also helpful to keep the base somewhere that is protected overhead from rain and things like falling leaves of broken sticks.

Safety Features

Honda was very thoughtful with the design and inherent programming of the Miimo. It has 360-degree bump sensors built into it. If its external shell makes contact with an object, it immediately alters direction.

The Honda Miimo also has integrated tilt and lift sensors. Any time they are triggered, the unit immediately deactivates the blades. This also sounds an alarm as part of the anti-theft system. To reactivate the unit you need to enter the user PIN.

Special Features

Three easily programmable cutting patterns to effectively match the characteristics of your lawn. This also includes a special grass density detection system, which triggers the Honda Miimo to cut in a tight spiral pattern.

It also has seasonal programming settings. This allows you to dial in how and how often it cuts based on how fast your grass is growing.

360-degree awareness sensors, which includes bump, tilt and lift sensors. They work in conjunction to maximize safety, while also making sure that the Honda Miimo’s blades don’t come in contact with low landscaping features.

Cost Effectiveness

Like all robotic mowers in this niche, the Honda Miimo is designed for maximum efficiency. This includes frequently cutting your lawn, as well as programmable patterns. Yes, it will use up a little more electricity than normal. Yet the offset cost compared to other electric and gas-powered mowers is still far less.


9 Total Score
New Robotic Lawnmower With Innovative Design

  • Three easily programmable cutting patterns
  • Seasonal programming for changes in grass growth rates
  • 360-degree awareness sensors
  • Grass density detection with a spiral cutting pattern
  • Bump, tilt and lift sensors for superior safety
  • Requires a fair amount of setup
  • May need to cut your lawn before first use
  • Charger base needs to be somewhere safe
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Honda Miimo Robot Lawn Mower Review
Honda Miimo Robot Lawn Mower Review
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