Poulan Pro PP20VA46 46″ Riding Lawn Mower Review

Ideal for yards in the range of 2 acres that are flat, hilly, or perhaps uneven, the Poulan Pro PP20VA46 riding lawn mower is known as one of the most powerful and easy-to-use mowers on the market. This nice-looking bad boy comes stocked with a powerful Briggs & Stratton twin-cylinder 20-horsepower engine with a ReadyStart auto-choke starting system that gets going with ease–no choke or priming needed. Additionally, there’s no need to clutch or stop to change speed thanks to the pedal-operated Fast CVT automatic transmission. It reaches a top speed of 8 miles per hour and has the feel of operating an automobile.

The 46-inch, 13-gauge reinforced steel deck and cast-iron front axle offer outstanding durability, stability, and longevity. It can mow in reverse with the blades engaged for continued mowing as you shift between forward and reverse. Its spring-assisted deck lift has six cutting-height positions, while an impressively tight 6-inch turning radius means you can maneuver with swiftness around tough terrain and significant obstacles such as trees, shrubs, and flowers.

The anti-scalp deck wheels cut down on the risk of lawn scalp when going over uneven land, and the large, 20-inch rear tires boast Turf Saver tread that won’t harm lawns and offer excellent traction and a comfortable cruise. Rounding things out, you’ve also got great headlights and a built-in cup holder for your top beverage.

Key Features

  • The Poulan Pro PP20VA46 riding lawn mower has a 20-horsepower V-twin motor that ensures enough power to get the job done right
  • Sturdy, reinforced 46-inch cutting deck clears a ton of grass at a fast pace
  • Powerful 4-cycle/2-cycle switch allows for cutting dry or wet grass in a way that ensures longevity
  • Ready Start starting system takes the guesswork out of starting engine–no need to prime or choke
  • Optional attachments allow for mulching or bagging
  • 10-year limited warranty on deck shell
  • 10-year warranty on transmission belt


Poulan Pro riding mowers are known to be agile beasts that are tough and long lasting, thanks in no small part to their powerful engines and superior traction that makes riding them fun. Even foot-high grass is no match for the Poulan Pro. The CVT transmission is outstanding and able to handle precision mowing on slopes and can pull heavy stuff.

With specs of 42.25 (height) x 71 (length) x 56.5 (width) inches, the PP20VA46 is narrower than some riding mowers. Because of that, you may experience close calls with tipping when riding across moderate hills. For safety, choose slow speeds when heading up or down hills, avoid stopping or changing speeds on hills, and make all turns slowly.

The material of the seat is a bit slick, so you may have to hold on to the fender at times to keep from sliding.

Ease of Use

The PP20VA46 rider operates like a car thanks to its foot-pedal controls that include convenient Automatic Fast transmission. No-fuss starting, easy-to-understand controls, plush seats, and numerous other convenient, time-saving features on this riding mower all make mowing feel like less of a chore. The speed is controlled with a foot pedal, made possible by CVT transmission, so you don’t have to mess with changing gears if you want to change speeds. From an operator’s standpoint, the padded mid-back seat offers pure riding comfort.

Cut Quality & Options

Equipped with a 2-cylinder Briggs & Stratton 20-horsepower engine that is up to any task that tractors may face. It has pressurized internal lubrication, so it can operate on slopes without going dry. Meanwhile, the 46-inch reinforced vented deck draws air from the deck’s top, helping keep the airflow moving under the deck when dealing with longer grass. And it boasts four anti-scalp wheels that make it harder for mowers to cut their lawn too short, even if it happens to be uneven.

In addition, an oscillating front axle that has a 6-inch turning radius makes this economical lawn tractor with a good-sized deck close to a zero-turn machine. This 428-pound beast practically turns on a dime.


There’s not much to the assembly of the Poulan Pro, but you will need some wrenches, a tire pressure gauge, a utility knife, and pliers to get going. Review the checklist before getting going, and be sure to check the tire pressure, check the levelness of the deck, check the belts for proper positioning, and check the brake system. Other maintenance items include:

  • Checking the engine oil level
  • Checking battery level
  • Checking the blade
  • Checking for loose fasteners
  • Cleaning engine-cooling fins
  • Cleaning the air filter and air screen
  • Inspecting the muffler
  • Replacing the spark plug, air filter paper cartridge, and fuel filter

Safety Features

The Poulan Pro comes with a starter key that must be in the operator’s possession to get going. In addition, the parking brake locks the clutch and brake pedal into the brake position to keep the mower stationary when necessary. Headlights can be used when the summer days become darker and you need to see what’s in front of you.

Special Features

The vented cutting deck provides a high-performance air induction cutting deck that allows the air to enter the deck from the top for excellent cut quality, bagging performance (if you choose to bag), and grass dispersal in heavy conditions. Use the handily equipped deck washout port to easily clean the mower after each use. Other great features include:

  • Rugged cast-iron front axle for superior strength and durability
  • 6-inch turning radius that offers unmatched turning capabilities for close cutting around obstacles and difficult terrain
  • 10-year automatic transmission belt warranty

Cost Effectiveness

A true bang-for-the-buck mower, the PP20VA46 is priced aggressively, offering customers a solid value. It contains many of the features you’ll find on more expensive models. With its plush, comfortable seating, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in pure luxury, while the cutting deck is flat and even to keep operators’ knees and joints flexible. Not a mower to skimp on any features to save a few bucks, the PP20VA46 offers more features than other mowers in its class. Also, the 46-inch floating deck is stamped but has reinforcements that make it more durable than the plain-stamped decks of cheaper mowers. Overall, it’s an extremely quality deck for the money!

The reinforced cutting deck has a 10-year limited warranty, while the transmission belt has a 10-year warranty.



9 Total Score
Fast Transmission, Easy To Use

  • Large fuel tank
  • Powerful drive train
  • 6-inch turning radius
  • Cast iron front axle
  • Rugged steel hood
  • Spring-assist deck lift
  • Pedal-controlled automatic transmission
  • Comfortable to operate
  • Easy to maintain
  • 10-year warranty on transmission belt
  • Occasional faulty transmission
  • May slide on seat
  • May tip on hills
  • No cruise control
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Poulan Pro PP20VA46 46″ Riding Lawn Mower Review
Poulan Pro PP20VA46 46″ Riding Lawn Mower Review
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