PowerSmart DB2194SR 21″ 170cc Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mower Review

This gas-powered self-propelled lawnmower by PowerSmart offers a lot of attractive features at a price that won’t leave too big of a dent in your checking account. It has a robust 170 cc gasoline engine that’s relatively easy to maintain. It supplies more than enough power to operate the self-propulsion system as well as the 21-inch cutting blade.

It’s also worth noting that the PowerSmart DB2194SR is a 3-in-1 gas-powered lawnmower. If you like you can simply leave it set up for side discharge. If you’ve had problems with thatch buildup in the past, you might want to consider converting it to the mulching or bagging mode.

As a mulcher in literally minces the blades of grass into minute pieces that are more likely to decompose back into your turf, rather than dry out into choking thatch. This also helps feed crucial nitrogen back into your turf to promote vigorous growth.

Another solution to the thatch build-up problem is to attach the very large 18-gallon bagger. You can then take the grass clippings and deposit them in your compost pile or use them to side-dress vegetables growing in your garden. PowerSmart even engineered the bagger with an easy release, which spares you the wrestling match of trying to detach a heavy full bag of grass clippings.

The 21-inch cutting deck can be set to any one of five distinct height settings. The lowest setting of 1.18-inches is ideal for times when the weather is warm and wet, causing the grass to grow like crazy. Being able to cut it low during these times really helps you stay ahead of your lawn. Yet in times of drought, you can set the PowerSmart DB2194SR’s cutting deck as high as 3-inch to help spare your turf from being baked by the blazing hot sun.

Key Features

  • 21-inch cutting deck
  • Self-propelled
  • 8-inch rear wheels
  • 170 cc gasoline motor
  • 3-in-1 versatility
  • Side discharge, bagger, or mulching mower
  • 5 different heights for the cutting deck
  • Bagger has an easy release feature


The 170 cc gasoline engine provides enough power to propel this lawnmower forward at a comfortable walking pace while also delivering sufficient torque to the 21-inch cutting blade to chew through even the thickest grass.

Ease of Use

Right off the bat, there is some assembly required, but nothing the average person with a basic tool kit can’t handle. Make sure to check the oil level after it settles. From there it’s pretty easy to start, and the self-propulsion system moves along at a casual walking pace.

They even engineered the PowerSmart DB2194SR to adjust the height of the front wheels via a single lever that locks confidently into place.

Cut Quality & Options

The ability to alter the height of the cutting deck from as low as 1.18 inches to has high as 3-inches lets you dial in the length of the grass to the current weather conditions. The mulcher itself feels a little underpowered when you’re cutting a thick type of grass like St. Augustine.

The bagger is large with 18-gallon capacity. If you fill it up near the maximum the cloth bottom can start to drag a little bit. Fortunately, PowerSmart engineered it with an easy release system, so you won’t have the bemoan the effort every time you make a trip to empty it at the compost pile.

The bagger does breathe a little bit. If conditions are dusty, or there’s a lot of pollen on your lawn you might want to wear a basic face mask when cutting, as some of that dust can find it’s way through the porous nature of the bagger.


As a gas-powered lawnmower, the PowerSmart DB2194SR does require some basic maintenance in the form of seasonal oil changes, and the occasional spark plug replacement. Make sure to double-check the air filter at least once a month and clean it from any pollen or dust. This will go a long way toward helping to keep the carburetor clean and operating properly.

If you use the PowerSmart DB2194SR as a bagger, you’ll want to double-check to make sure everything has been cleared out from the rear bottom of the bagger at the end of each mowing session. Large grass clipping collectors like this 18-gallon monster have a knack of accumulating a little yard residue, which can later start to mold. It’s especially problematic for a cloth bag like this.

Proper winterizing methods like using a fuel stabilizer, and then a complete oil change in the spring will also be necessary. The metal of the cutting blade is robust enough to let you fine-tune the edge with a mill file. Just keep in mind that if you take away too much material while self-sharpening that you could end up affecting the performance of the mulching feature. So, it might be a good idea to order replacement blades.

Safety Features

The PowerSmart DB2194SR has the standard safety handlebars that you expect to find on a walk-behind self-propelled lawnmower.

Special Features

The self-propulsion feature with an 8-inch rear wheel on the PowerSmart DB2194SR is technically a special feature. It keeps a decent pace. Though it maybe isn’t as nimble as a standard push mower. Still, that’s a trade-off with most self-propelled walk-behind lawnmowers.

The easy release system for the bagger makes it a lot easier to empty the harvested clippings. With a lot of traditional baggers, the weight at full load strains on the attachment hardware holding them firmly together. With the PowerSmart DB2194SR, you aren’t wrestling with 18-gallons of grass clippings as much as going through the motions of disconnecting it.


Like all gas-powered lawnmowers, the PowerSmart DB2194SR needs things like frequent oil changes and seasonal measures to keep it operating properly. Beyond that, it’s reasonably reliable to the point where you can get a proper return on your investment.


7.5 Total Score
Great price for a self-propelled gas lawnmower

  • Large 21-inch cutting deck
  • 5 height positions
  • Large 18-gallon bagger
  • Easy release for bagger
  • A true 3-in-1 mower with mulching ability
  • Self-propelled
  • Mulcher can clog sometimes
  • Needs seasonal maintenance
  • Don’t self-sharpen mulching blade
  • Lowest height setting is 1.18 inches
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PowerSmart DB2194SR 21″ 170cc Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mower Review
PowerSmart DB2194SR 21″ 170cc Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mower Review
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