Remington RM1159 22″ Trimmer Lawn Mower Review

Remington’s gas-powered RM1159 Trimmer Lawn Mower boasts a 22-inch cutting swath that tears through tall grass and knotty weeds with ease. Its many top features make it an ideal mower for big jobs. The large cutting diameter allows for accessing hard-to-reach areas, while the big 14-inch ball-bearing wheels can roll easily over rough terrain and make maneuvering within small areas a simpler chore.

The 78-pound RM1159 is powered by a mighty 159cc 4-cycle OHV engine and comes with an ergonomic loop handle that folds with ease, allowing for smooth transport and easy storage. A user-friendly trimmer, the RM1159 makes mowing even the toughest of grass or chopping down the nastiest of weeds a chore that doesn’t need to be dreaded. Need to change the cutting height? That’s no problem– set it low when mowing near fences, walls, or other areas, and set it high to plow through thick, long grass and weeds. Cutting around corners and other obstacles is also no problem with the offset head design.

Got tall nasty weeds? Knock them out quick with this workhorse–it’s basically a weed eater on steroids more say than a traditional lawn mower one would expect.

Key Features

  • Aptly powered by a durable 159cc OHV engine
  • Has a comfortable handle that folds easily for easy storage and transport
  • Reaches hard-to-reach areas thanks to offset trimmer head
  • Large ball-bearing 14” wheels move easily over rough, thorny terrain
  • 22-inch cutting swath and adjustable cutting height (2.375” – 4.375”)
  • Comes with one string trimmer and string trimmer operator’s manual; one bottle of oil and one engine operator’s manual; and one pack of trimmer line



Hey, I’m not the youngest of guys anymore, and sometimes my body doesn’t feel nearly as spry as it used to. Self-propelled mowers are nice, but at the same time, those that aren’t self-propelled (like this one) provide a great opportunity to get out and get some good physical exercise. I bring this up because the RM1159 is not a physically hard mower to push through even the toughest, thorniest of grass. It’s a lightweight mower/trimmer and is easy to maneuver around things in my yard such as rocks, weeds, and deep ruts, all without a huge amount of debris projectile. Mowing uphill with the RM1159 may be a chore for some, but again, it’s a lightweight machine, so many folks younger than me may have no issue with using it on inclines.

Ease of Use

After reading the instructions and taking off the plastic wrap and cardboard on the deck, the RM1159 starts right up and moves smoothly. It’s fully assembled and acts as a topnotch weedeater that is not hard on your back because it’s on two ball-bearing wheels. Those wheels are 14 inches, which let you move with ease atop rough terrain. The upper part of the handle can move into three positions by simply moving it forward or backward. Also, the spindle height can be adjusted by loosening the wing nut on each side of it and sliding it upward or downward until it’s in the position you want. Simply re-tighten them when you’re done. The manual also contains info on how to change the trimmer line.

Cut Quality & Options

I used this mower to mow and get rid of weeds at a friend’s house. His weeds were up to my waist–some of them were over my head–and this workhorse chopped them down with no problem. Some of the vegetation that it tackled was actually quite woody and tough. Through it all, the trimmer deflector prevented nasty debris from flying all around.

The RM1159 is compact, so this workhorse can reach many hard-to-get-to areas and cuts around obstacles easily. When I looked at my friend’s yard after I finished mowing/weeding, it looked like new terrain. Everything was cut evenly and looked much better.

I know an arthritic individual who lives on 40 acres of fenced-in land who is no fan of larger machines that can slow him up. But he purchased this trimmer and really used it hard on his land, slicing down tall, noxious weeds and making his uneven ground smooth again.


It’s best to take care of all adjustments for the RM1159 at least once each mowing season. Check the fasteners, make sure they’re tight, and clean the bottom of the deck after each use so that grass clippings and debris don’t accumulate too badly. Check out the “Deck Care” section in the manual for further instructions.

Always care for the engine by maintaining the proper oil level and be sure to service the air cleaner every 25 hours, clean the spark plug, wipe down the engine, and remove all debris from the muffler area.

During the offseason, when the trimmer is stored in dry and clean area, be sure to clean and lubricate the equipment, especially the cables and all of the moving parts. Do not store it near materials that are corrosive such as fertilizer. You’ll also want to lubricate the wheels every season and follow the lubing schedule for the engine. The troubleshooting section of the manual offers many helpful tips on why the trimmer may not be working up to par and how to fix problematic things.

Safety Features

The control lever on the handle allows for shutting the mower off at once if needed. The trimmer deflector prevents debris from flying around haphazardly. The directions contain plenty of advice on safety.

Cost Effectiveness

Like all gas-powered items with different moving parts, this mower/trimmer requires gas (of course), oil, and overall general maintenance once a season. At 78 pounds, it will likely use more gas than comparable products that weigh anywhere from 46 pounds to 60 pounds. Then again, it’s compact and easy on gas in its own right. Replacement parts such as spark plugs, air cleaners, and wheels will also be needed.


9 Total Score

  • Powerful 159cc 4-cycle OHV engine
  • Compact to cut around many obstacles
  • 22-inch cutting swath
  • Simple, straightforward setup
  • Slices easily through weeds and long grass
  • Not self-propelled
  • Engine stops when clutch cable released
  • Some plastic parts not as durable
  • Limited warranty
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Remington RM1159 22″ Trimmer Lawn Mower Review
Remington RM1159 22″ Trimmer Lawn Mower Review
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