Ryobi P1111 ONE+ 16″ 18V Lithium Electric Lawn Mower Review

Ryobi P1111 ONE+ 16″ 18V Lithium Electric Lawn Mower Review
8.5 Total Score
  • 2-in-1 mulching and bagging system
  • Push-button start
  • Padded handle
  • Quiet
  • No cord
  • No assembly
  • No emissions


It could be argued that Ryobi ONE+ mowers are reinventing the 18-volt category of mowers by offering power and performance most would expect from higher-voltage products. This 16-inch hybrid is the first dual-powered mower in the industry, capable of running on a stellar ONE+ battery or an extension cord … so you’ll never run out of power. How cool is that?

Sporting a space-age look and easy push-button starting, the Ryobi P1111 battery-operated lawn mower offers certain conveniences that a gas-powered guzzler does not. Those conveniences include not having to worry about fuel, oil, spark plugs, and filters. Designed for tackling smaller-sized yards, it’s a compact and neat-looking machine, with measurements of 45” x 20” x 30”.

Running the Ryobi P1111 is made possible courtesy of two 18-volt lithium+ 4.0AH batteries that provide extra power and longer-lasting runtime–40 minutes to be exact. It’s all backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

Key Features

  • Compact and lightweight design with carrying handle for easy transport
  • Comes with two 4.0 Ah lithium+ batteries for added power and runtime
  • Works with all Ryobi ONE+ tools and batteries
  • Brushless motor maximizes power, performance, and runtime
  • Push-button start
  • Folding handle with quick-release knobs for easy, compact storage
  • 16-inch cutting deck with 5-position, single-point height adjustment (1.25-3.5 in.)


Those who have a small yard and don’t want to deal with gas and oil will appreciate the Ryobi P1111, which cuts grass with the best of ‘em and can mulch or bag your yard waste. It’s a quiet machine, so if you feel like mowing at an early hour or a late one, your neighbors likely won’t even notice. So put on your headphones and listen to some music while mowing–it won’t be drowned out by a loud roar. All told, you should be able to knock out a quarter of an acre, plus needed trim work, on one charge. It pivots pretty well and can ease into those tight spaces, acting as a weed whacker if you’re so inclined.

At times, the buildup of too much grass in the bag can affect the power of the engine, so keep an eye on the level of your clippings if you’re using the bagging option.

Ease of Use

The lightweight Ryobi P1111 has a simple push-button starting option and single-point height adjustment that makes lawn care easier than ever. Its foldable handles with quick-release knobs make it an ideal mower to store for those whose storage space is limited. You can fold it up and put it on a shelf or storage rack and not think twice. For further convenience, the P1111’s top-mounted handle allows for easy transport from one place to another. Also, it’s a simple machine to assemble and cleans easily after use. What’s more, if you live on property with steep banks, the P1111 is light enough to push up and down without too much strain at all. Those who are looking to give their bodies a rest after years of pushing or hauling around heavy-duty mowers might find the Ryobi P1111 to be a refreshingly easier option.

Cut Quality & Options

At a slender 40 pounds, the P1111 is easy to push with a compact design that’ll let you squeeze into tight spaces to slice that hard-to-reach grass around obstacles. It’s also got a 2-in-1 mulching and bagging system to mow your yard the way you want it done. The Ryobi P1111 is no slouch when it comes to collecting other debris such as leaves and pine needles when you’re bagging, either. The bag is smaller than what you might see on a typical gas-powered mower, but the P1111 stops and starts quickly so you can unload your clippings at a pretty good pace. If you choose to mulch, remember that there’s a plug you’ll have to use, which can get lost by too much grass under the deck if you don’t clean it. The wheels are fixed, like on many lawn mowers, so maneuvering around curves can be a tad cumbersome.


Avoid nasty solvents when cleaning the plastic parts of the mower. From time to time, check all nuts and bolts, making sure they’re tight for the safest operation possible. Remove grass and debris buildup on or around the motor cover. You can wipe the mower clean as a whistle with a dry cloth, but it’s not recommended to use water. The bearings of the product come out of the box lubricated for life, so no further bearing lubrication is necessary. Be sure to keep the cutting blade sharp enough and replace it when needed.

Safety Features

The start key has to be inserted before the mower can be started, and the key allows for bagging without having to remove the batteries. Additionally, the power switch requires two hands for starting, another safety feature.

Special Features

The Ryobi P1111 boasts two battery ports, giving lucky mowers the option of using a second ONE+ battery to increase the cordless running time. These batteries work in tandem to deliver consistent power during use. Plus the batteries are compatible with other Ryobi power tools. A more subtle feature of the P1111 is the extended handle length, which provides users with greater leverage over the machine. Additionally, the environmentally friendly P1111 doesn’t emit smelly gas fumes because it doesn’t require fuel or oil, and if you don’t like mowing with awkward extension cords, this just might be the machine for you.

As a side note, those who own electric mowers comment that no matter how long they’ve been sitting around cold and unused, they usually start right up and are ready to go, provided they’re charged or have electricity coursing through them. You can’t always say that about gas-powered machines.

Cost Effectiveness

You can’t beat how the P1111’s two batteries work with all Ryobi ONE+ tools. Plus, it doesn’t require fuel and all the other maintenance hassles of a gas-powered mower. Compared to a corded mower, the battery-powered P1111 can probably decrease your mowing time by half. It’s a highly maneuverable and slender mower that can act as a weed whacker for landscaping beds, shrubbery along driveways, and other out-of-the-way places

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