Scotts Lawn Mower Reviews

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company started in 1868 as a premium seed company and by the early 1900s evolved into a lawn and grass-seed business for homeowners. By 1995, it grew from a leading lawn-care business to an international marketer of industry-leading brands. On the gardening front, the company prides itself on creating organic and natural products, maintaining landscapes that use less water and protect against runoff, and implementing technology that helps gardeners know when their plants need food and water. Scotts is an eco-friendly company with a customer-oriented focus and deep roots.

It’s a safe bet that consumers looking to maintain a healthy lawn need look no further than Scotts to find what they need. The company has lawn food, grass seed, weed-control products, spreaders, outdoor cleaners, and ice melt for the winter. Its line of products that fight insects, grub, and disease include DiseaseEx Lawn Fungicide (controls 26 types of lawn diseases for up to four weeks), GrubEx (one application kills and prevents grub for an entire season), and Turf Builder Summerguard Lawn Food and Insect Control (feeds and strengthens against heat and drought; kills and protects against bugs). The company offers plenty of mulch and soil to keep gardens looking great. The Premium Humus & Manure concoction, for example, is enriched with hummus and organic matter for conditioning the lawn and garden, while the Premium Topsoil contains peat moss and a premium blend of organic matter. Scotts carries a variety of plant food that ranges from an all-purpose vegetable concoction to citrus, avocado and mango.

From Scotts’ start as a small seed grower to a leading lawn- and garden-care business, the company has few rivals in terms of rich heritage. It was founded in Marysville, Ohio, and remains there to this day, striking a successful balance between being a high-energy, global company and a business that cares deeply about its associates and customers. As extensive as Scotts products are, the company seems to care just as much about helping customers with lawn and garden basics. A simple run-through of its website reveals a lawn care plan, spreader settings, a mulch calculator, and a lawn app option. Scotts is a company that strives to be a responsible steward of the planet and truly listens to those who want to better the environment. By creating innovative products, educating others on how to be environmentally conscious, and planning community-involvement programs in North America and Europe, the family-centric company is truly one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to doing what’s best for the world we live in.

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