Sun Joe Lawn Mower Reviews

Accompanied by Snow Joe, Sun Joe designs and develops top-of-the-line, cutting-edge, and affordable outdoor tools to help keep homes looking nice throughout the seasons. Its large line of outdoor power equipment includes manual, cordless, and electric tools such as lawn mowers, trimmers, tillers, and snow blowers, all created with the aim to help customers finish their chores as soon as possible. In 2013, the company’s hunger for innovation led to the creation of iON, the first genuinely efficient gas-free and cord-free battery-operated snow blower. After receiving widespread praise, iON proved to be a game-changer within the snow-removal sector, opening up a whole new category in cordless snow-blower options. Sun Joe is highly committed to making a positive impact on the environment by assisting customers with power-equipment options that are an alternative to gas-powered items. The company’s philosophy is that, by its very nature, tending to yard chores is a “green” activity–why should gas-guzzling machines and smelly fumes be a part of the equation? Additionally, many of the company’s tools, such as the electric wood chipper and leaf shredder, are targeted specifically to help people reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Sun Joe’s space-age-looking lawnmowers, most of which are the color of green grass, are wide-ranging and easy to use, whether mowers are dealing with a few square feet or an acre. The company’s top-rated mowers include reel, hybrid, corded electric, and battery-powered options; all are easy to use, emission-free, reliable, economical, and backed by a 2-year warranty. What’s more, Sun Joe offers free shipping for orders of more than $75 in the contiguous 48 states. Other diverse outdoor equipment by Sun Joe includes chainsaws, garden hoses, gardening tools, leaf blowers, leaf vacuums, weed wackers, hedge trimmers, lawn edgers, wood chippers, log splitters, and pressure washers. On the “outdoor luxury” side of things, the company’s fire pits and bowls are available in ultra-luxurious, durable cast stone, and steel finishes, providing an ideal focal point for outdoor get-togethers. And for those parties, customers will also need pest-control products, which Sun Joe offers in organically made concoctions consisting of garlic and coyote urine.

Sold via retailers such as Amazon, Lowes, QVC, The Home Depot, and Walmart, Sun Joe continues to spawn innovation, creating astute lawn- and garden-care solutions that are accessible to all consumers who are looking to tackle everyday household chores with ease. It should be noted also that Snow Joe sells an assortment of wintertime items such as snow blowers, snow and ice tools, ice-melting products, and automotive-care items to keep households running smoothly during winter months.

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