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bob johnson dog

bob johnson dog

When I first started filling my time mowing lawns other than my family’s on weekends, I was just a kid who wanted to buy a bike and have a little money left over to catch a movie. By the time I was in my twenties, my cash-generating weekend hobby had evolved through my teenage years into a bonafide business with a client list spanning several surrounding counties.

From seemingly endless fields that ran off into the horizon to corporate properties, I made a name for myself marrying my combined innate passions for yard work and mechanics with a reputation for doing business with integrity in uncompromising honesty. One job at a time, I became my area’s go-to expert for answering any lawn-beautification question under the sun. I must admit, having my brain constantly picked by friends and family about crabgrass and how often lawn mower blades should be sharpened (at least twice every mowing season, by the way) made finding a little R&R among loved ones a little taxing at times.

Of course, a lifetime is a long while to be doing any one thing for a living. With my fifties approaching fast and being quite financially secure, I sold the business I had sunk more than 30 years into building, but somehow couldn’t put a price tag on my life-long love of learning, educating, and writing. Only one thing made sense to fill my hours: I decided to launch this blog as a channel to spread my knowledge to people who care about the health of their grass and love machines of all kinds as I do. Hey, who knows? Maybe this will even inspire another plucky kid looking to scrape together a few extra bucks in his downtime who decides to turn a side-gig into an indefinite career path.

Either way, I’ve set out with one goal only: compile the internet’s most thorough index of everything that anyone could want to know about lawnmowers, a wiki guide that even touches on valuable topics beginners might not even think to ask. Ultimately, just as I’ve always been from the time I first kept up my neighbors’ yard behind a classic push reel mower while the Mathers were away on a two-week vacation to Florida the summer I turned 12 years old, I’m here to help.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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