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Rated by the experts, we hope you find our unbiased and thorough reviews of American Lawn Mower brand mower models that we’ve put together and examined in great detail to help you make a qualified decision when it’s time for you to purchase this lawn care product.

Established in 1895, the American Lawn Mower company prides itself on being a part of the huge industrial moments in America’s timeline, starting prior to 1900 and into World War II and later the suburban explosion in the U.S. in the 1970s. From the start, the company was centered on offering more environmentally friendly products for U.S. consumers taking care of their lawns.

American Lawn Mower has formed the similarly eco-friendly companies Earthwise, Great States, Yardwise, and Zombi Power Tools. Customers looking to submit a warranty request for any of these companies can do so online.

American Lawn Mower customers will likely care about the environment and purchase products from the company to avoid outdoor machines with smelly fumes and fuel requirements. Likewise, the accompanying brands under the American Lawn Mower umbrella are homeowners who care about high-quality outdoor tools and want to make a difference in keeping the air clean and their yards looking neat and trim.

American Lawn Mower offers a few 4- and 5-blade reel mowers that don’t require fuel or all that much maintenance. The 14-inch 4-blade push reel that the company sells can handle most turf grasses and offers a clean and precise cut. It’s lightweight at just 19 pounds and has smooth-spinning blades and easy-rolling wheels. The company’s reels range in size from 14 inches to 18 inches. The 18-inch reel has a simple design and cutting heights that range from a half-inch to 2.75 inches.

American Lawn Mower sells batteries and a slew of replacement parts for reel mowers, battery chargers, snow throwers, string trimmers, chainsaws, tillers, and numerous other yard tools. Under the American Lawn Mower Brand, the companies Earthwise, Zombi, and Great States sell products such as yard tools, power tools, and reel lawn mowers. Earthwise sells several electric lawn mowers that are both corded and cordless. Earthwise’s 18-inch 40-volt cordless electric lawn mower runs on lithium-ion battery power and can bag, mulch, and discharge clippings from the side. The company’s 18-inch 2-in-1 corded electric mower has a cushioned handle that can fold, easy-rolling wheels, and a durable steel deck.

American Lawn Mower items are sold in big-box retail stores (Walmart, Lowe’s, and The Home Depot), online, at co-ops, and in hardware stores in the U.S., Canada, and elsewhere in the world. The company also created the brands Earthwise, Yardwise, Great States, and Zombi Power Tools. In addition, American Lawn Mower is the longest-serving licensee of the brand Scotts, which produces reel mowers

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