Earthwise Lawn Mower Reviews

Known for providing cleaner, greener options for maintaining lawns in America, Earthwise has essentially been around since 1895 (though under varied names), from the Victorian era to World War II to the second suburban boom of the 1970s. It began in Indiana as the American Lawn Mower Company with Robert B. Kersey as one of the partners. The price list for eight its reel mowers during this period ranged from $2.20 to $4.75, equivalent to $61 and $133 today, respectively. In 1902, American moved to Muncie, Indiana, and continued to build a full line of reel mowers. In 1936, American merged with the Great States Corporation in Shelbyville, Indiana. As new markets began to emerge in the 1970s and ‘80s, American/Great States introduced two limited lines of garden cultivators to expand its market. Though these items were discontinued in the 1990s, the company endured as a resurgence of lawn-cutting technology was waiting in the wings.

Given its reputation for environmentally friendly lawn care products, Earthwise customers are passionate about emission-free electric lawn mowers and reel mowers. Typical cordless lawn mowers from Earthwise are built well, have metal bases, and weigh in at around 90 pounds. They’re easy to assemble and have bagging, mulching, and side discharge options. Customers who purchase Earthwise mowers know they’re getting a machine that doesn’t require messy oil or gas, no electric cables to hook up, and no spark plugs and filters to continually maintain and change out. Many Earthwise customers have smaller-sized yards that are ideal for these types of lawn mowers. The company also carries pressure washers and snow throwers, as well as a lawn sweeper, a corded electric chipper and tiller/cultivator. As for portable yard products, Earthwise has blowers, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, pole saws, and string trimmers.

In 2006, the company released an electric-powered series of mowers and lawn tools labeled Earthwise. To maintain its commitment of being “the clean air choice” for America, the company strove to appeal to people with small lawns who use reel mowers as well as individuals with large lawns and an appetite for powerful lawn tools. American Lawn Mower Company brands such as Earthwise are sold at most big-box retailers, co-ops, online retailers, and numerous small hardware stores in the U.S., Canada, and worldwide. Along with Earthwise and Great States, American is the creator of Yardwise and Zombi Power Tools. To this day, the company is “keeping the reel mower tradition alive since 1895.”

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