McCullouch Lawn Mower Reviews

Owned by Husqvarna, McCullouch is one of the leading international brands of power-driven garden products, items that include lawn mowers, garden tractors, trimmers, brushcutters, chainsaws (electric and gas-powered), blower vacuums, hedge trimmers, and snow blowers. It was founded in Milwaukee in 1943 by Robert Paxton McCulloch and now operates in more than 30 countries. In 1946, McCullouch moved its operations to California and during the next decade produced target drone engines, which in the 1970s were sold to RadioPlane. The company’s first products were two-stroke gasoline engines, and by 1948 it was producing chainsaws. In the 1970s, McCullouch began selling generators, hedge trimmers, string trimmers, and leaf blowers. Yet it was also at this time that the company began to hone in more on products for lawns and gardens. In 2008, Husqvarna acquired Jenn Feng’s outdoor products division, giving it access to the McCulloch brand in North America.

One of the more interesting products made by McCullouch is its powerful and efficient “front mowers,” which offer strong engines, ideal maneuverability, and various accessories that make them perfect for performing varied tasks in gardens. These specially designed, all-season riding mowers are compatible with spreaders, scarifiers (for aerating lawns), front-mounted rotary brooms, moss rakes, trailers, and front snow blades. Other cutting-edge lawn cutters from McCullouch include a line of robotic mowers (named Rob) that help individuals keep their lawns and gardens looking great without lifting a finger. The company’s lawn tractors (some of which have zero-turn options) also boast strong engines and outstanding maneuverability, as well as time-saving features and plenty of accessories that make them useful for fertilizing, hauling heavy items, moving snow, and aerating lawns. Meanwhile, the company’s powerfully built push-behind lawn mowers boast central height-cut adjustment, soft-grip handles for comfort, high wheels, and foldable handles. McCulloch also offers a sickle mower, which is the perfect machine for cutting grass on meadows or harvesting mowed grass. The sickle mower works great on uneven ground that traditional mowers can’t always tackle with as much ease.

As expected from a company that carries a wide range of outdoor power equipment, McCulloch also has many accessories for its chainsaws, trimmers, brushcutters, mowers, and tillers, and the company sells batteries (and accompanying accessories), protective wear, and clothing such as a jacket, pants, gloves, and a shirt. Additionally, the new McCulloch PowerSteam Series products offer deep cleaning and sanitization on varied surfaces without harsh chemicals, and impressively, the variable steam, rotary-action products can remove wallpaper.

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