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The beginnings of Lawn-Boy date back to 1904 during a hot Wisconsin summer afternoon. Ole Evinrude was eager to give his future wife, Bess Cary, an ice-cream cone, yet to carry out the romantic gesture, he had to row across Okauchee Lake, where the blazing sun and the distance of the lake made soup out of the ice cream by the time he gave her the cone. Embarrassed, Ole vowed to never let the scenario happen again and designed an outboard motor that’s still the standard today with a horizontal cylinder, a vertical crankshaft, and a driveshaft with direction-changing gears within a submerged lower unit. In 1934, the original Lawn-Boy lawn mower was manufactured by the Evinrude Company, becoming the first one-handed reel power mower ever introduced to the American public. In 2005, Lawn-Boy launched a brand-new lineup of walk-behind mowers and an entirely new category of zero-radius turning mowers that were specially engineered to fit each user.

Today, homeowners who are seeking reliable lawn mowers that are friendly on the wallet and designed in a back-to-basics way can rely on Lawn-Boy. These mowers are iconic and have a real-world, “roll up your sleeves and get to work” sort of feel. Their power, consistency, and reliability rarely require a second thought–or a second pull on the starting cord–and have been popular with the masses for decades. Lawn-Boy mowers have wide 21-inch cutting decks, are available as push or self-propelled, and have high-wheel, rear-wheel drive, and variable-speed all-wheel-drive options. A typical mower from Lawn-Boy will have the option to bag and will be lightweight and highly maneuverable. ShopLawn-Boy offers a convenient way to obtain mower parts and accessories for Lawn-Boy equipment, and authorized Lawn-Boy dealers are skilled and trained on the use, function, and repair of the equipment, providing high-quality service the whole way through.

Pioneered with determination and imagination, the familiarly green-colored Lawn-Boy walk-behind mowers have been revered for their quality throughout the decades, meeting the toughest mowing challenges with easy-to-use, reliable mowers that often get passed from one generation to the next. For homeowners seeking a reliable lawn mower that is budget-friendly and built in a back-to-basics way, Lawn-Boy’s line of mowers exemplify the quality and craftsmanship the company is known for. From 1934 to today, Lawn-Boy continues to seek, and discover, innovative ways to help homeowners worldwide care for their lawns. Lawn-Boy mowers are available online via Lawn-Boy, The Home Depot, and Amazon.

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