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Take a look at the detailed introspective of Worth Garden mowers. Our team of qualified lawn mower reviews have gone through all the features to help you in your new buying decision so you’ll be able to quickly know which features you must have, and the others you can live without. Browse through all our reviews below.

Established in 2000, Worth Garden Products Co. Ltd. is based in Shanghai and has three factories. It aims to produce top-of-the-line and economical gardening products and accessories to the masses for a better style of living. The company’s largest factory is in Shanghai, which produces power and watering tools, cutting tools, raised garden beds, and plastic composters.

The company also has three warehouses in California, German, and France, and its products can be supplied from Asia, Europe, and North America for both retailers and wholesalers.

Worth Garden sells its products globally to do-it-yourself-type retailers, importers, and distributors. Garden centers and large-chain retailers also stock Worth Garden products. The company is always looking for collaborators in different countries (brand distributors) and qualified exclusive distributors that meet certain qualifications.

On a more micro level, those who enjoy gardening and doing outdoor work are the typical Worth Garden customers. And those who are seriously dedicated to gardening will be major customers of Worth Garden, which strives to cater to varied regions around the world and those who are just getting started with their yard work and those who are professionals.

Worth Garden sells 10 silver and black gas-powered mowers with sturdy, rust-proof decks sized between 19 and 21 inches. The efficient, high-output walk-behind mowers from Worth can mulch, bag, and discharge grass to the side. Its mowers also have single-lever wheel adjustment to easily change the grass-cutting height depending on conditions.

Worth Garden sells power tools such as lawn mowers as well as gardening tools, watering items such as sprinklers, garden beds, and small greenhouses. Its cutting tools keep hedges and vegetation trimmed up nicely, the company’s gardening hand tools are plentiful and top-of-the-line, and its various watering products keep yards looking lush and green. Worth sells porpagation products, sprayers and pumps, plant supporting items, and various planters. As for power tools, Garden Worth has hedge trimmers, grass trimmers, chainsaws, chargers, and battery packs.

With more than 4,000 items in stock, 80 of which have patents, the “Worth” brand is truly a leading one for gardening products. Being a global brand, Worth Garden has a multilingual customer-service team, who, according to the company’s website, are “polite, helpful and professional.”

In addition, Worth Garden prides itself on being ISO 9001-certified and maintaining quality control and the best in product testing. Its product material control department oversees the manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and warehousing, which helps make the production process time-efficient and cost-effective.

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