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With all the mowers to choose from, you’ve come across the PowerSmart brand of mowers. Does it hold up to your expectations? What about others? Let’s take a look at the reviews below as thoroughly sorted through by our mower experts to bring you the best PowerSmart reviews for every single model avaliable to purchase today.

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PowerSmart USA is based in Itasca, Illinois, and distributed by Amerisun Inc., which is the only U.S. distributor and support center for the brand’s outdoor power equipment. The company started a YouTube channel in November of 2016 with many videos focusing on the various-sized DB Snow Blowers. There are also videos about the company’s lawn mowers, log splitter, and tips on adding oil to mowers and how gas can go bad.

PowerSmart has a helpful website in which potential customers can look up service centers by typing in their location. Additionally, they can easily order parts, find service-center parts, and discover the latest recall information on items.

PowerSmart carries many goods that the typical homeowner will need, everything from lawn mowers to door locks and cleaning items. The company sells numerous items and does not seem to expect its customers to be experts on how to use them, which is evident by the how-to videos it has posted on YouTube.

Customers will appreciate the variety of products offered by PowerSmart, including its line of mowers, which are mostly powered by gas.

PowerSmart sells eight different mowers, all of them with varied mowing options such as side discharge and mulching. Seven of the eight mowers are powered by gas, while the cordless PS76215A mower is powered by a 3Ah battery that comes with a charger. Six of its seven gas-powered mowers have the bagging option and can also mulch and discharge grass from the side. PowerSmart offers and even split of both push and self-propelled mowers.

In conjunction with the company’s red branding, the mowers all have a classic red and black design and look similar, except for the lone cordless mower the company sells, which has a leaner, somewhat more modern look. In addition, the DB8620 20-inch mower features a lone front wheel that makes it highly maneuverable and gives it a unique look.

Along with its lawn mowers, PowerSmart sells 20-, 21-, and 22-inch blades.

Beyond its lawn mowers, PowerSmart categorizes its products as Yard Cleanup, Shop Tools, Snow Removal, and Home Hardware. It sells items such as chipper shredders, garden hoses, air compressors, pneumatic nailers, single-stage snow blowers, and step ladders.

PowerSmart focuses on high-quality customer service with a team of experienced professionals who are knowledgeable and friendly. What’s more, the company strives to sell its products at economical prices. The average homeowner on a budget, or those simply looking to save money on quality tools, will find good deals and quality items through PowerSmart’s helpful website.

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