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The one-man chainsaw was invented in the small, heavily forested village of Jonsered, Sweden, in 1954, and thus, a company was born. The goal of Jonsered early on was to make the hard lives of hardworking lumberjacks in harsh climes a little easier.

Nowadays, Jonsered is a leader in developing professional chainsaws that have such features as chain brake, turbo air cleaning, and vibration damping. Experts in the field, Jonsered engineers have discovered a cutting-edge pruning technique and have shared worldwide the effective and economical method they invented.

The “Knowledge Center” section of the company’s website offers buying guides for selecting the right product, how-to articles to get jobs done right, and an opportunity to extend warranties for up to four years.

Those who use chainsaws on a regular basis have likely heard of Jonsered, which specializes in the product. On the company’s website, a whole slew of articles reveal how to care for chainsaws, how to cross-cut a tree trunk with a chainsaw, and how to handle a chainsaw, among other chainsaw-cutting topics. Other videos demonstrate how to use a brushcutter and clearing techniques with a brushcutter for thick brush and bushes in forested areas as well as regular grass.

Beyond this type of work, Jonsered sells products that cater to homeowners and landscapers as well. The company sells its products via selected dealers and retailers and readily offers customers its expertise.

Given the heavy-duty quality of Jonsered products, it’s no surprise the company sells several hefty, lever-operated zero-turn mowers that feature twin, maintenance-free integrated transmissions, durable front casters, and sturdy tube steel frames. These cutting widths of these mowers range from 42 inches to 54 inches.

Those not wanting riding lawn mowers can select from several no-frills walk-behind mowers made by Jonsered, which are ergonomic and have great functions but aren’t filled with too many fancy gadgets. Still, these mowers are easy to use, sturdy, and have efficient cutting decks for a clean cut. The company sells an all-wheel drive mower, two front-wheel drive mowers, and a push mower, all of which have a grass collector.

Jonsered has come a long way since inventing and selling the one-man chainsaw back in the mid-1950s. The company now also sells snow blowers, trimmers, brush cutters, garden tractors, cultivators, and blowers.

Jonsered is known for being the company for semi-professional and professional chainsaw users, but the company also has other high-quality products such as zero-turn mowers, safety apparel, and oils and lubricants. From humble beginnings in a small Swedish village to a well-respected company today, Jonsered provides high-quality products for the forest and everyday backyards. From forests to backyards, Jonsered has many great items to select from.

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