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Ariens Edge 42 inch 20 HP (Briggs) Zero Turn Mower 915253

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Ariens Edge 52 in. 726 cc Zero-Turn-Radius Lawn Tractor

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Ariens Edge 42 inch 19 HP (Kohler) Zero Turn Mower 915245

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Ariens IKON XD 60 inch 23 HP (Kawasaki) Zero Turn Mower 915273

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Ariens APEX 52 inch 23 HP (Kawasaki) Zero Turn Mower 991159

in stock

Ariens 991151 Apex 60" 24 HP Kawasaki FR730 V Twin Zero-Turn Riding Mower

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Ariens Zenith 60 (60") 23.5HP Kawasaki Zero Turn Lawn Mower

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Ariens IKON XD 42 inch 22 HP (Kohler) Zero Turn Mower 915265

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Ariens Company 911173 Push Mower, 21" Cutting Width

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Ariens Company 911175 21" VS RWD Lawn Mower

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Ariens IKON XD 42 inch 18 HP (Kawasaki) Zero Turn Mower 915268

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Ariens IKON XD-52 (52") 24HP Kohler Zero Turn Lawn Mower

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Ariens Edge 34 inch 20 HP (Briggs) Zero Turn Mower 915251

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Ariens IKON XD 52 inch 23 HP (Kawasaki) Zero Turn Mower 915267

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Ariens got its start in a humble garage in 1933 in Brillion, Wisconsin, with four employees. It now employs more than 1,500 in the U.S., United Kingdom, and Norway. The company also participates in a STEM program and maintains an active blog that covers topics such as how to mulch a yard properly, why it’s important to change oil in gas-powered machines, and tips on effective mowing. In 2017, it completed a 45,000 square-foot Design and Development Center. Ariens prides itself on making durable, dependable, well-made machines that are high quality because the family name is on them.

Folks in the Midwest and East Coast who have to deal with harsh winters will love Ariens’ selection of top-of-the-line snow blowers. From professional-grade blowers for commercial use to more compact blowers that can fit into tight spaces, Ariens provides snow-blowing machines of all types and uses that customers will appreciate.

Those with huge properties will be impressed with Ariens’ feature-loaded zero-turn lawn mowers, which can cut mowing time in half, cruise at fast speeds, and best the maneuverability of typical lawn tractors.

Overall, it’s safe to say that products by Ariens are a bit more geared toward the professional and handyman, and the items they build have a lot of care that goes into them.

Ariens sells several zero-turn mowers with catchy names like Zoom, Ikon X, and Apex. Each has many available attachments for extreme versatility. It also sells clean-cutting walk-behind mowers with bagging capability.

Ariens divides its products up by the categories of “Lawn” and “Snow.” Along with selling lawn mowers, the company has a log splitter made of sturdy steel and cast-iron parts and an all-season power brush that cleans surfaces such as driveways.

For the wintertime, customers can select from a multitude of snow blowers, which the company has produced three million of since 1960.

Arien is a proud company that began when Henry Ariens led his sons to his garage and gave them a peek at his newly designed gas-powered roto-tiller. Now Ariens has an interactive museum–built in 2003 to celebrate the company’s 70th anniversary–with exhibits and historic equipment that demonstrate how the company’s machines have influenced America. The 7,500 square-foot space has a full-scale replica of Henry Ariens’ old garage and historic equipment such as the Model A Tiller and the first-ever Sno-Thro, which was built in 1960. The company makes its products in-house and hires assemblers, metal stampers, designers, powder-coat painters, and tool and die makers.

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