Ego Power Lawn Mower Reviews

A growing force in the world of lawn and garden equipment, Ego Power has spent the last decade doing research, developing products, and perfecting its industry-leading POWER+ platform. The result is a formidable line of cordless outdoor power equipment that has the drive and performance of gas-powered machines without the noise, mess, and dirty emissions. The company’s apt motto is “Say Goodbye to the Gas Station.” Ego Power products are designed, engineered, and brought to life by a worldwide organization that has a 20-year history of creating professional-quality and breakthrough items. All this hard work has resulted in a company that has the No. 1 cordless platform in the outdoor power-equipment industry, as rated by leading consumer publications, influencers in the know, and online reviews.

The active engagement on the company’s “Conversations” page reveals that the Ego Power community is a passionate group of people who actively share and connect tidbits about various products. These are folks who are interested in topics such as how long the included batteries last, what stores certain Ego products can be found in, and what accessories are available for trimmers, blowers, and mowers. The Ego Power+ lithium ion battery, the most advanced battery of its kind in the industry, stands as a premier product within the company. Ego’s patented ARC lithium technology is designed to work with all Ego Power+ products, so consumers can maintain their entire yard off of one battery system.

As for its Power+ mowers, the company carries both self-propelled and push machines. These are mowers that do an outstanding job and have all the torque of gas-powered machines without the high decibels, maintenance, and dirty fumes in the air. Other Ego products include handheld blowers, backpack blowers, chainsaws, string trimmers, trimmers, snow blowers, batteries and chargers, and numerous accessories such as blades, belts, covers, nozzles, gloves, and anti-scratch safety glasses.

The Ego Power team is a dedicated bunch who provide an entire video gallery to help customers with topics such as how to attach chutes on snowblowers, how to install and remove battery packs, how to start and stop string trimmers, and how to adjust the cutting heights on mowers. The customer support team is available by phone all week long, and again, customers themselves interact often online to tackle numerous issues as a group. As a No. 1-rated company for cordless outdoor products, Ego attracts an environmentally friendly sect of customers who also care about quality.

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