Cub Cadet Lawn Mower Reviews

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Based in Valley City, Ohio, Cub Cadet produces and markets a robust line of outdoor power equipment and services worldwide. The company’s products are distributed through a network of independent retail dealers. It was established under the moniker IH Cub Cadet in 1960 as part of International Harvester. From its official start in 1961, the company manufactured a small line of heavy-duty small tractors, and in 1981, IH sold the Cub Cadet division to the MTD corporation, which took over all production and use of the Cub Cadet brand name–minus the IH part. Cub Cadet customers range from lawn care and plowing companies looking for professional equipment to people wanting walk-behind mowers for all types of yards and gardens. In addition, the company caters to turf managers who need to mow golf courses and grass tennis courts. Customers looking for riding lawn mowers in particular will find the Cub Cadet brands to be of stellar quality. The company sells an assortment of Enduro Series lawn tractors; PRO Z, RZT, and Z-Force zero-turn riding lawn mowers; Signature Cut walk-behind mowers that are push and self-propelled; and turf mowers, which include the patented technology of the RG3 machine. Beyond lawn mowers, Cub Cadet carries a slew of outdoor equipment to keep properties looking pristine. Garden tillers, leaf blowers, edgers, trenchers, and pressure washers are several of the products in the company’s “Handheld & Cleanup” line. Those looking to put snow in its place during wintertime can choose from the company’s X Series snow throwers, which offer three levels of snow-clearing power (compact, powerful, and innovative strength). Cub Cadet also sells a wide range of customized utility vehicles that will run on trails and offer powerful utility options for daily tasks that can handle it all. The company also sells many parts and service options, including baggers, belts, blades, cables, engine parts, and various types of hardware. Overall, Cub Cadet is known as a technologically advanced company that has introduced a variety of new mowers to the market. They include the four-wheel steer zero-turn riding lawn mowers with steering wheel technology in 1990 (the first and only in the world); the four-wheel steer or Synchro-Steer technology in 2007; zero-turn riding mowers with the tightest turning radius in 2009; and the most advanced zero-turn riding lawn mower with lap-bar technology in 2010. The company is now active in four U.S. states–Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi–and its products are designed, engineered, and built using the highest-quality components that are sourced locally and globally.
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