VonHaus Lawn Mower Reviews

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Owned by U.K. company DOMU Brands and headquartered in Manchester, England, VonHaus is a home-enhancing company that has gardenware, power tools, TV brackets, and cleaning products. DOMU Brands was founded by Craig Foster and Mark Januszewski and its umbrella of companies also includes VonShef, Beautify, GoldCoast, and Milo & Misty.

VonHaus makes products that make gardens look good, enhance the home in a multitude of ways, clean a variety of areas inside and out, and store and organize household items.

VonHaus products will appeal to a wide range of customers who like working both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, those looking to save a buck or two may find the company’s economical pricing attractive. VonHaus prides itself on being an environmentally friendly company with practical, rust-proof products. Given the company’s wide range of products, it’s likely that both established homeowners and younger, up-and-coming working professionals who reside in apartments would find all VonHaus’s items useful. The younger crowd will especially appreciate the economical pricing VonHaus offers.

VonHaus sells a good range of gas-powered, electric, battery-powered, and reel mowers that have the company’s noticeable gray, black, and silver coloring. A typical “petrol”-powered VonHaus mower has a powerful motor, several cutting-height settings, and will maneuver well on lawns.

For those who don’t want to deal with smelly fumes, VonHaus’s lightweight electric mowers are also noteworthy with powerful motors, good maneuverability, varied cutting heights, and sizable grass-collection bags. VonHaus mowers are ergonomically designed with soft-grip handlebars and easy assembly.

VonHaus has do-it-yourself tools, television accessories, cleaning products, garden items, products for storage, and home furnishings. Some of its outdoor products include ladders, forestry helmets, trestle tables, hammocks, cultivators, and dynamo torches.

Less sexy but also high-quality, VonHaus makes TV brackets that are slim, can tilt, and cantilever. The company also makes TV stands and floating shelves. Its functional storage items look trendy and are flexible. These items made for modern-day consumers include storage cubes, shoe racks, under shelving, canvas wardrobes, and drawer trolleys.

VonHaus has a wide range of stylish products at affordable, economical prices. The company is conscientious of making products ethically and nearly all of its items, which are made in China and Southeast Asia, include warranties. Because VonHaus produces a wide range of products without specializing in anything in particular, some might be leery of the overall quality of its items. But surprisingly, that’s not the case. Its floorware, for instance, may not be widely known, but some feel it is the most reliable and sturdy floorware available. Combining that quality with good value makes VonHaus a notable, possibly underrated, brand

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