Robomow Lawn Mower Reviews

Robomow represents the future of lawn mowing, though the company has been in business for 20 years. Its convenient robotic lawn mowers are cutting-edge and user-friendly, designed to save customers time in keeping their lawns trim and gardens looking good. Robomow’s family-friendly robotic lawn mowers are powerful, speedy, and simple to operate. From perfectly trimmed edges to excellent total coverage for differently sized lawns, the company’s robotic mowers get the job done and can even be controlled by a mobile app.

Robomow mowers are powered at varied watts (200 to 400) by lead-acid batteries that take 90 to 135 minutes to charge for some models and 16 to 20 hours for other models. The mowers, which range in weight from 44 pounds to a mere 16 pounds, have cutting swaths that range from 7 inches for smaller-sized yards to 22 inches for larger ones. The run times vary depending on the model, but overall, each mower will run for more than an hour. Height adjustments are also differentiated for differently sized yards and models. The RS630, RS622, and RS612 have cutting heights of .78 to 3.14 inches. And the RC306 has a cutting height of .6 to 3.1 inches, while the RX12 has a cutting height of .5 to 1.7 inches. All the mowers are easy to operate with flexible installation options and can be used fully from smartphones. The 1-year warranty upon registration covers labor and parts only. Various accessories for Robomow mowers include 2-blade kits, perimeter wire and switches (for maintaining yard boundaries), and pegs. Most of the mowers can handle slopes of up to 36 percent inclines. The RC306 and RX12 models, however, are designed for more compact yards and therefore can’t handle inclines that are as steep and have overall scaled-down specs. Robomow offers an extremely helpful “Comparison” function on its website to help buyers find the right mower for them. In addition, customers can figure out on the Robomow website the size of their lawn in four easy steps.

Some would consider robotic lawn mowers to be modern-day replacements for traditional mowers of all types. They’re quiet, autonomous, and designed to save people time and money. In addition, robotic lawn mowers are becoming more and more sophisticated with self-docking, programmed scheduling, and overall minimal human interaction. The popularity of robotic mowers is on the rise, as they rank second in the robotic category in homes today. Robomow’s line of mowers fit effortlessly into people’s lifestyles, taking care of entire lawns and making gardens look better without having to lift a finger.

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