Gardena Lawn Mower Reviews

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Gardena began in 1961 and is recognized worldwide as a producer of innovative items and systems for gardens. Over the years, the company has hit many developmental milestones such as creating the combisystem in 1977, the Gardena accu-system V12, the Gardena Sprinkler system, and the Gardena Micro-Drip System, all of which happened in 1990.

Gardena became a separate division under the Husqvarna Group in 2007 and centers on supplies for those who are passionate about gardening. The company foresaw that the future of gardening could be kept track of on cellphones and developed the Gardena smart system that keeps track of lawn care and watering schedules via an app, allowing gardeners more time to take care of other gardening or backyard tasks such as fertilizing or planting.

It nearly goes without saying that Gardena will appeal to gardeners of all types. The company even puts out magazine articles that feature tons of creative gardening advice and inspiration. The Gardena website also has a “News” section covering gardens. The website also offers downloadable catalogs and manuals, spare parts, and the option to find stores and services.

Additionally, Gardena is aware that not everyone owns a lush backyard and also caters to individuals who want to maintain a well-kept and beautiful deck or yard area located in a city apartment complex or condominium.

In keeping with its innovative way of thinking and developing products, Gardena offers powerful and ergonomic lawn mowers that plug in and start with ease. These non-fume mowers edge along closely to garden edges so that trimming near rocks and fences is not necessary. Gardena also offers battery-operated mowers that run on lithium-ion power.

Additionally, Gardena’s line of robotic lawn mowers allow homeowners to sit back and relax as the high-tech gadgets do all the work.

Gardena produces tools for the soil and ground, tree- and shrub-care products, and watering items such as sprinklers, hoses, hose fittings, and nozzles. It has a whole line of “smart system” products that can control water irrigation, watering cycles, and lawn-mowing schedules through robotic mowers.

Going back more than five decades, Gardena is a truly innovative company that has created many cutting-edge tools and systems in the gardening field. The company has always been ahead of its time, as is evident with such products as grass-edging shears with no cords (1973), a system of gardening tools with interchangeable heads (1977), water-conserving irrigation products in the mid-1980s to early 1990s, the first sprinkler with memory (2007), a robotic lawn mower (2012), and the GARDENA smart system so that gardeners can keep track of tasks via their cell phone (2016). It should also be noted that the company and its employees care very much for the environment and work toward protecting it as much as possible.

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