Remington Lawn Mower Reviews

Remington got its start in Milwaukee in 1921 by a man named Arthur Mall, who opened a small power-tool company consisting of gas- and electric-powered drills and saws that were considered dependable by customers. Over the years, the company’s reputation for quality workmanship grew and its products became more popular. By 1954 Remington had launched its first chainsaw, a durable item capable of handling demanding duties required by loggers. The company expanded its innovative tools during the succeeding years, releasing electric chainsaws and pole saws in the 1990s, and adding blowers, cultivators, and gas trimmers in more recent years. Meanwhile, staying true to its roots, Remington has added three new chainsaws within its product line.

Remington’s RM 1 159 gas-powered lawn mower comes fully assembled with a powerful 159cc engine, 14-inch wheels, a loop handle, and a 22-inch cutting swath and adjustable cutting height. For those who care about the environment, the company offers two solid reel push mowers that don’t require gas or batteries: The RM3 100 is a 2-in-1 mulcher that has multiple height adjustments and an ergonomic handle; and the classically designed RM3000 reel mower is even more economical and boasts the same features. Those looking to thoroughly dig into their soil with electric cultivators won’t be disappointed in Remington’s line that offer choices of compactness, tines, and maneuverability. All are lightweight and well-balanced with durable steel shields and heavy-duty gearboxes. Remington offers log splitters that split wood with 20 tons of hydraulic force and are backed by a 2-year limited warranty. The company also has chainsaws, TrimmerPlus trimmer attachments, pole saws, blowers, vacuums, hedge trimmers, snow throwers, and time-saving chipper shredders for cutting leaves and wood. And for those who need assistance using these varied products, Remington offers super-helpful “How-Tos & Tips” on its website. Additionally, registering Remington products provides a more efficient warranty service, updates on pertinent safety information, and possible help for insurance purposes in the event of floods, fires, or theft.

Remington continues to create innovative ways to assist its customers in grooming activities, its commitment to engineering reliability has stayed unchanged. Its power tools are designed to handle most any task, no different from the products Mr. Mall built nearly 100 years ago. Remington tools are considered efficient and durable, and they produce the power needed for tough jobs that need getting done. From minor tree-trimming to whipping an overgrown yard into shape, Remington caters to the needs of a wide range of customers who care about the quality of their property.

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