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A lumberjack named Claude Poulan started the Poulan Saw Co. in Shreveport, Louisiana, in 1946. The company’s first two manufactured chainsaws were so heavy that two men had to operate them. By the 1950s, however, Poulan evolved into a respected name among U.S. loggers due to the fast, powerful, and innovative chainsaws it began to produce–ones that could now be operated by one person. During that decade, the company grew its chainsaw range to meet the growing demand outside of the logging community, becoming one of the first brands to recognize chainsaw features that appealed to more casual users. Poulan steadily grew and kept releasing lightweight, durable saws into the 1970s, tools that were considered economical by both average yard keepers and professionals. By the end of the ‘70s, it added weed trimmers to its line of products, followed by lawn mowers.

Poulan’s line of CleanScape lawn mowers are considered efficient, lightweight, and reliable. The company offers lawn mowers with varied engines, drive systems, and cutting decks to handle any type of yard as well as varied tasks. Additionally, Poulan produces mower decks with a high-tunnel design that allows for exceptional air flow and lift, as well as mowers that offer highly blended mulching for a superior cut. Its accessories for mowers include belts, blades, fuel lubricants, and battery accessories. For those larger-scale, unruly yards, Poulan sells riding mowers that boast powerful engines, outstanding traction, and intuitive controls. The riding models with reinforced decks come with a 10-year warranty on the decks, while the ones with fast automatic transmission have a 10-year warranty on the transmission belt.

Consumers can also choose from a line of zero-turn riding mowers by Poulan, which handle tight spots and can cover a lot of ground with ease. Other yard maintenance items from the company include trimmers, tillers, blowers, and pole saws for pruning. Poulan also offers snow blowers and, of course, gas- and battery-powered chainsaws, which feature OxyPower technology for awesome power but efficient fuel consumption and reduced emissions. All of Poulan Pro’s cordless outdoor tools can be powered by its 40-volt lithium-ion battery series that provide a quieter experience and an easy starting function–minus the hassle of mixing and storing fuel and smelly emissions.

Today, with seven decades of experience, Poulan Pro has carved out a solid reputation thanks to its continued high-performance, durable, and quality items that are economical. The company’s renewed focus on creating cutting-edge, powerful items to meet consumers’ demands has furthered its standing in the field

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