Ariens Razor 911175 Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower Review

Lawns the world over would do well to be cut by the Ariens Razor 911175 self-propelled gas lawn mower that can move as fast as 3.2 miles per hour. It’s a well-equipped, razor sharp walk-behind that has a deep-domed deck for maximum airflow and the best in mowing performance. Grass is cut at a 21-inch cutting width and can be discharged to the side, mulched, or bagged with ease thanks to the 3-in-1 cutting system that’s ideal for different periods of the season. The precise speed control will propel mowers atop their yard with ease, even on hilly terrain. Whatever your size, take control of the height of the handlebar directly from the operator position so that you feel most comfortable. Down below, the single-point height-cut lever smoothly adjusts and keeps lawn looking precise.

Built with a heavy-duty steel cutting deck, this gas-powered mower is a 100-pound heavyweight that has specs of 45 x 22 x 18.5 inches. You don’t have to use the self-propelled function, but if you choose to push it, be warned that it’s a pretty hefty machine.

Ariens offers generous 3-year warranties on its products and is known as an outstanding independent dealer to work with.

Key Features

  • The Ariens Razor 911175 self-propelled gas lawn mower is powered by a strong 159cc Ariens engine
  • 3-in-1 cutting system offers the choice of mulching, bagging, or using side discharge
  • Adjustable self-propelled speed control for varied running options
  • Deep-domed cutting deck offers maximum airflow
  • Rite-Hite adjustable handlebar convenient for mowers of all heights
  • Single-point cutting height adjustment for maximum ease


The easy-to-use Ariens 911175 Razor offers a very smooth cut, while its reliable 159cc Ariens engine provides the ultimate in power with a blade that’s as equally impressive. The deep-domed deck allows for slicing through some pretty tall and heavy grass–even wet grass–and rarely gets bogged down. The easy-to-adjust cutting-height handle can even be adjusted on the fly, so if you’ve got certain areas of the yard that need to be shorter or taller, it can be done with a quick push of a lever.

The bagging option works great, powerfully “vacuuming” clippings and even those small leaves that seem to be ever present in mucky grass. The bag is also downright spacious, so you won’t have to stop what you’re doing too often mid-cut to empty it. And even when faced with that chore while mowing, the bag’s wide opening makes it a cinch to empty.

Ease of Use

A few features make the Ariens 911175 a beauty of a mower for the average person. First off, the single-point cut-height lever allows you to make a fast and easy adjustment to access the exact height you want. Secondly, this self-propelled mower has variable speed options that make the job more enjoyable since you can go at the walking pace you want. Thirdly, there are a few ways to store this mower, which is nice, and lastly, the adjustable handlebar means that short, medium, and tall folks can all use this mower comfortably, without having to worry about arm fatigue.

The 911175 starts on the first pull and will leave yards looking nicely manicured as it mulches or bags or discharges. Whatever of the three mowing options you choose, you won’t have to observe clumpy messes afterward.

Cut Quality & Options

Mowing won’t take long with this nicely made self-propelled machine that cuts a hefty 21-inch swath and provides a precise and top-of-the-line cut. The options on the 911175 are numerous: a 3-in-1 cutting system to choose the best option for the type of mowing that needs to be done (mulch, bag, or side discharge); adjustable handlebars that don’t discriminate against the short or the tall; and the self-propelled function that anyone in his or her right mind loves in a mower. All at a respectable price point. Overall, there’s nothing wimpy about this straightforward machine. It tackles mowing jobs with an impressive swath and will leave lawns looking pristine.


As with any gas-powered machine, the Ariens Razor will need to be cleaned regularly, and its parts and gears must be maintained and in some cases lubricated. Monitor the blade, the oil, the spark plug, and the air filter every season.The Ariens Razor will sit tight in a cold garage during the off-season with no issues, but be sure to follow the manual and give it a thorough look when you’re ready to run it again.

Safety Features

The 911175 has variable speed control for speeding up and slowing down when necessary. This is a good thing when it comes to safety in case you need to slow down quickly, but this handle is also a bit hard to depress, which can lead to hand discomfort. The handle control must be depressed for the blade to operate and to move forward.

Special Features

A tall cutting deck on the 911175 is aerodynamic for maximum airflow, allowing the grass to be raised as the blade makes a clean slice-through. In addition, the Rite-Hite adjustable handlebar has four available positions to cater to mowers of all heights, reducing annoying arm fatigue. There’s also a few different ways to store this machine so that it easily fits in your garage or shed. Other great features include 3-in-1 cutting options (mulch, bag, and side discharge), a single-point cut-height lever, ergonomic self-propulsion, and an engine that’s on the quiet side.

Cost Effectiveness

Ariens is an independent, family-owned company that takes great pride in crafting mowers that do a great job on pristine lawns. That means Arien mowers are built to last. Every weld, component, and decision that goes into making Arien lawn mowers stems from thoughts of idyllic American lawns that can be played on, partied on, and, of course, mowed on. Given these lofty objectives of craftsmanship, Arien mowers are built with pride and passion. They’re going to last.

More specifically, mowers are going to find great value in the 3-in-1 cutting option of the Ariens Razor that allows for mulching, bagging, or side discharge. Each of these options, depending on the time of season, offer cost-saving measures. The engine is efficient and quiet, and again, owners generally aren’t going to have to worry about constantly replacing parts that break since this is a high-quality machine.





9 Total Score
A solid mower with heavy use

  • Easy to assemble
  • Powerful engine
  • Strong rear-wheel drive
  • Single-point cut-height lever
  • Ergonomic self-propulsion
  • Folds easy for storing
  • Heavy
  • Handle control hard to depress
  • Emissions
  • Some plastic parts
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Ariens Razor 911175 Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower Review
Ariens Razor 911175 Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower Review
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