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EGO Power LM2000 20″ Battery Powered Electric Push Lawn Mower Review

Testing out a virtually flawless mower such as the battery-powered EGO Power LM2000 reminds me why I love what I do. If you want an innovative mower that defies the accepted limitations of its class, know that universally recognized manufacturers such as Husqvarna, Snapper and Craftsman are both industry standard-bearers for uncompromising quality and the brands most likely to appear to coast on their laurels and ride the market’s status quo for consumer expectations. Companies such as EGO challenge their engineering limits constantly in order to offset the worldwide notoriety, name recognition and bottomless resources they may lack with a willingness to strive for performance and features that challenge expectations.

Mission, accomplished. The EGO Power LM2000 excels beyond the limitations of a great many electric mowers and comes as close as any model in its class ever has or ever will to rivaling smaller gas mowers for cutting prowess.

Key Features

  • 4.0Ah 56V lithium-ion battery delivers 45 minutes of mowing time, charges in 30 minutes or less
  • 600W high-torque magnetic motor
  • Weather-resistant ipx4 construction
  • The disposal options for clippings: bag, side-discharge or mulch
  • LED headlights
  • 20-inch deck
  • Five-year tool warranty
  • Three-year battery kit warranty
  • Folds for compact, upright storage easily


One of the first knocks against battery-powered electric mowers has always been their limited windows for getting a job done. In rare instances, their cordless power supplies offer as long as 90 minutes of mowing time, but most fall into a range between 30 and 60 minutes. Consequently, they then take anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours to fully recharge. The EGO Power LM2000’s 4.0Ah 56V lithium-ion battery only last up to around 45 minutes, but here’s the kicker: thanks to the included rapid charger, it refills its juice in 30 minutes or less. My advice? Splurge on an extra battery. You can then swap in a fully charged spare when needed, knowing that the depleted battery will be completely replenished by the time its partner runs down its own charge. Since lithium-ion batteries have no “memory,” don’t worry about losing capacity if you happen to recharge one before it entirely depletes.

Here’s another one you’ve probably heard – especially here, since I’ve said it myself on a number of occasions: “Electric mowers go through a sharp power drop-off as their batteries die.” I searched long and hard for an electric mower that could leave me no choice but to eat my words, and my hunt has finally come to an end. That six-pound 56V battery packs some serious punch from start to finish. Keep one eye on the equipped battery indicator the first time you take the EGO Power LM2000 for a spin. No mower weighing less than 70 pounds should be capable of going toe-to-toe with many gas mowers for dense, steady power, but the 600W high-torque magnetic motor packed into the LM2000 doesn’t slow down for a moment when slicing into thick patches of high, hearty grasses and stubborn weeds. All the while, this game-changing mower casts off zero pollutants and works around 30 percent more quietly than a similar-sized gas mower.

I would complain more ardently that self-propulsion would have been a nice addition. I probably should. However, taking into consideration just how smoothly the EGO Power LM2000 handles means admitting that it really doesn’t need it. If you can’t handle a motorized mower that weighs so little as this, you might want to consider simply splurging for a landscaping service.

Ease Of Use

The EGO Power LM2000 doesn’t so much “roll” over grass as seemingly “glide.” A few optional handle positions to accommodate users of varying heights would be nice to see in future models, but this is a phenomenally easy-to-maneuver mower nonetheless. With a push-button starter that wakes up the engine on the first try virtually every time, the LM2000’s dependability is also never called into doubt. This is a family-friendly model any member of a household can fire up and start using effectively in seconds. At the end of the day, the handle collapses down neatly for convenient, space-saving vertical storage.

Cut Quality & Options

Incredible. Even when grooming up to one-third of an acre of heavy, tall growth, the EGO Power LM2000 delivers crisp, clean cutting that leaves turf looking pristinely even from the first blade of grass sliced to the last. The weather-resistant deck measures a broad 21 inches, a substantial swath designed to cleave as much grass as possible within the battery’s fleeting charge but not so large as to sacrifice the LM2000’s mobility. Meanwhile, bright LED headlights make mowing after sundown a welcome option for owners beaten down by oppressive daytime heat in the most sweltering locales. Whether you choose to side-discharge, mulch or use the included handy wide-mouth receptacle to bag your clippings, you can’t go wrong with any disposal option. Finally, you also have five cuttings settings to choose from between 1.5 and four inches, all adjustable in seconds with a single lever.


The EGO Power LM2000 comes back season after season with minimal upkeep needed. No fuel. No oil. No sparkplugs. Every mower comes with a five-year tool warranty and a three-year plan covering the battery kit.

Safety Features

A standard pair of warnings: first, like any electrical device, presume your EGO Power LM2000 to be deathly allergic to water; second, even with this mower’s convenient bailout lever immediately shutting it down upon being released, never tackle hills with a motorized push mower.

Cost Effectiveness

Among electric mowers, the EGO Power LM2000 is certainly priced on the higher side. Is it worth laying out more than $540 to own one? Absolutely. You may never own a more cost-effective, dependable mower. Essentially, you can expect power on par with a smaller gas-powered model with zero emissions, around 30 percent less noise pollution and a fraction of the maintenance costs – all in a package weighing in under 70 pounds. Keep in mind, you will have also paid for your last complement of gas, oil and spark plugs. If you’ve been looking for a way to step away from your gas mower while still enjoying comparable performance, look no further.


10 Total Score
Electric Mowers Don't Get Much Better Than This

  • Quiet enough for mowing at night, early in the morning
  • Headlights extend working hours
  • Above-average power for an electric
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Exceptionally clean cutting
  • 3/5 Year Warranty
  • Might want to buy a bigger battery
  • Not enough variable handle positions
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EGO Power LM2000 20″  Battery Powered Electric Push Lawn Mower Review
EGO Power LM2000 20″ Battery Powered Electric Push Lawn Mower Review
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