Worth Garden PowerMax 84-volt Battery-Powered Electric Lawn Mower Review

The Worth Garden PowerMax battery-powered electric lawn mower may look like a stylish race car, but race cars are loud, and this machine hums softly thanks to the 84-volt lithium-ion battery powering it. With the attitude of an in-your-face race car, however, it will self-propel through thick, grassy terrain with ease. Its super-powerful electric brushless motor has the equivalent power of a 160cc gas engine.

The mower is a snap to walk behind thanks to a self-propelled lever and controller. It’s also lightweight, compact, and easy to maneuver. As mentioned it’s quiet, and there are no smelly fumes to deal with. Mowing with the Worth Garden PowerMax really is a pleasure. And when you’re done, store it with easy by using the quick-release folding handles.

The Worth Garden PowerMax comes with two 84-volt 2.5AH lithium-ion batteries and a rapid charger. Its built for small to modest-sized yards.

Other specs include a 20-inch cutting width, 7-inch front wheels and 10-inch rear wheels, and 2,800 RPMs.

Key Features

  • Worth Garden PowerMax can run up to 30 minutes on a fully charged 5AH rechargeable battery
  • Its brushless motors are highly reliable and deliver the performance of a 160cc gas engine
  • Smart Cut™ load-sensing technology cuts grass at an even keel
  • 20-inch cutting capacity and seven cutting heights (30-90 millimeters)
  • Comes with an easy-to-remove 60-liter grass catcher


Homeowners who are conscious about being eco-friendly will love the fact that they can keep their lawn looking immaculate with this cool, space-age-looking lawn mower that runs on a battery that will last 30 minutes. The super-powerful electric brushless motor–thanks power that’s equivalent to a 160cc gas engine–cuts through the thickest of heavy, green gas like it’s nothing. This is simply a great choice for a small to medium-sized yard, without the hassle of a cord or gas.

Operator’s will love the one-touch height adjustment and instant start capabilities of this machine. It can perform cutting duties on lawns of up to one-third of an acre on a single charge. Overall, the Worth Garden PowerMax is designed to achieve outstanding cutting results with minimal effort.

Ease of Use

This is a self-propelled beast that offers the power of a gas mower and the convenience of a battery-powered engine. As you’re eating breakfast, you can charge the mower’s battery in 30 minutes, slip it right in the mower, and be ready to go afterward. Operator’s can also choose from other available battery capacities. When you’re ready to get mowing, you’ll be impressed by how easily it starts (no cord to pull), as well as by the ergonomic grip of the foldable handle, the easy-to-turn tires, and the overall minimal effort in moving this mower. The Worth Garden PowerMax weighs in at a hefty 91.4 pounds, but who cares since it’s self-propelled! The lightweight bag is easy to clip on and off; you won’t have to deal with any fussy pulling off of the bag. Plus the mower is great in narrow spaces, a huge plus. There are some different types of mower controls that you’ll need to get used to on the Worth Garden PowerMax, but once you do, this is a mower you should eventually love.

Cut Quality & Options

Whether you’re rolling up a hill or dealing with uneven ground, the Worth Garden PowerMax handles tough, varied terrain like a champ and has different blade height adjustments that caters to what you need. You won’t miss a spot thanks to SmartCut™ technology that is smart enough to adjust the mower’s blade height depending on the circumstances of the terrain.

Overall, there’s just something about the Worth Garden PowerMax that makes you think it was very thoughtfully put together, with customers top of mind. It’s simply an easy-to-use mower that powers through thick grass while maneuvering with ease around garden beds and other obstacles like a pro.


Because it requires no gas, oil, or tuneups, the Worth Garden PowerMax really is a breeze to maintain through the seasons. When you’re done mowing, simply fold up this “smart size” mower and store it anywhere you want–it wont’ take up much space. It stores upright and can fit in tight spaces in the shed or garage or basement.

Like any mower, the Worth Garden PowerMax will need to be cleaned of debris, and you’ll need to make sure all nuts and bolts are tight. Check the blade periodically and dispose of the battery properly. If you experience malfunctions, Worth Garden has a helpful customer service team that is reachable online or by phone.

Safety Features

The Worth Garden PowerMax has a child-proof safety start system and an electric brake for super-simple stoppage. Also the handle must be fully extended before the mower can start, another safety precaution.

Special Features

This high-torque, brushless lawn mower is cordless and cuts a mean lawn. It’s adjustable and can easily tackle hills and uneven ground, and it’s smooth to maneuver thanks to a compact, lightweight design. Best of all, this rapid-charge, battery-powered machine is protected by a three-year warranty policy.

Other great features include a lightweight, easily maneuverable design, a convenient battery life indicator, fast charging time, quick-release folding handles, and a lightweight catcher that empties with ease. Eco-friendly folks will love that the Worth Garden PowerMax leaves no carbon footprint out in the yard and is quieter than gas-powered guzzlers.

Cost Effectiveness

Though not the cheapest of mowers, the Worth Garden PowerMax is backed by a warranty period of three years, giving you peace of mind on your investment. Plus, it doesn’t require fuel and oil and the general maintenance necessities of a gas-powered mower, saving you money. It may even save you money in health costs, as it releases zero emissions that would normally filter into your lungs.

9 Total Score
Friendly Design For Mowing Ease

  • Easy to start
  • Self-propelled
  • Quiet
  • Low vibration
  • Electric brake
  • No fumes
  • Folding handle
  • Not for large yards
  • Small turn radius
  • Higher-end price point
  • Controls take getting used to
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Worth Garden PowerMax 84-volt Battery-Powered Electric Lawn Mower Review
Worth Garden PowerMax 84-volt Battery-Powered Electric Lawn Mower Review
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