Gardena 4025 15″ Cordless Electric Push-Reel Lawn Mower Review

This is a unique rechargeable push-reel mower designed with comfort for the operator in mind, making the job of mowing the lawn a more pleasant experience. And yes, you heard that right: It’s a reel mower that can run on a rechargeable battery–or not. Mowers can also choose to push the Gardena 4025 without a battery as well. Either way, it’s nice not to have to breathe in those smelly gas fumes.

Getting back to the comfort features, the Gardena 4025 features super-big wheels with specially designed tread for good grip. The ergonomically created handle makes mowing easier, and you can fold it in when you’re done for space-saving storage.

As a reel designed for small-sized yards, preferably smaller yards that are also flat, the compact Gardena 4025 is lightweight at just over 35 pounds, and it can cut a respectable 15-inch swath of grass on each pass.

Gardena is a reliable, customer-oriented company that offers a minimum 12-month warranty on parts and labor. For Gardena products older than 12 months, the company provides a nationwide repair service with reps who will offer free estimates on repairs.

Key Features

  • Unique machine lets operators choose between running it on a rechargeable battery or without a battery, no different than a typical reel mower
  • Reel has easy-to-operate controller to adjust cutting height
  • The nicely shaped handle makes this reel easier to push
  • Its powerful 25-volt lithium-ion battery is rechargeable, replaceable, and provides top cutting performance
  • An LED display allows mowers to see the battery-charging status


Like any reel, the Gardena 4025 may require more passes on overly long grass, so don’t let your lawn get too long if you want to use this mower. But unlike some reel mowers, this one really does offer a precise cut, thanks to the reliable cutting cylinder and lower blade that work in tandem to cut grass like clean-cutting scissors. If your grass does get a bit on the long side, cut it with the Gardena 4025 in one direction like normal, using the maximum cutting height, and then cut it in a crosswise fashion at the desired cutting height you want. Also, a little silicone spray on the mower’s blades and both ends of the axle before mowing goes a long way toward a better cutting performance.

The mower’s big, grippy wheels have specialized tread and included plastic parts that make this reel easy to steer. It does just fine in hot, dusty climates, and that includes when you’re using the battery option. The battery, by the way, is impressive. On land that’s one-third of an acre, it should be able to last when mowing the front and back yard, with power to spare. Operators will be impressed with the way this reel chomps through leaves.

Regarding the bag, it’s sturdy and easy to clean and generally does a good job, but operators may find that some clippings and other debris may hit their legs due to the bag not having a high enough back.

Ease of Use

Most anybody will find the Gardena 4025 to be a compact, easy-to-push reel. That includes senior citizens and those who no longer feel like teenagers who can whip out a mowing job in no time. The large tires and ergonomically designed handle are added comfort benefits. In short, this quiet-running reel is easy to push, maneuver, and store, while the height adjustment is simple to set and change when you want to.

Additionally, though far from a “heavyweight” mower, the Gardena 4025 is heavy enough to not bounce around on rough terrain yet light enough to place on a wall hook in the garage when you’re done mowing. The handle might’ve been designed to be a bit longer; tall people may find themselves uncomfortably hunched over while using it after a while

As for the bag, some might find the design to be a bit burdensome. It’s got straps to keep it secure, and wrapping them and unwrapping them as needed may take 30 seconds or so as you’re mowing. Ideally, mowers may want a bag that’s easier to attach and detach.

Cut Quality & Options

Along with being easy to push, the Gardena 4025 reel has a non-stick-coated cutting cylinder, made of steel, with an accompanying blade at the bottom that cuts no different than a pair of scissors, meaning the blades of grass are sliced upward. This might not sound like that big of a deal, but what this clean cut means is that your grass will remain healthier throughout the season. Along with an ultra-precise cut, the Gardena 4025 is a refreshingly low-noise machine that won’t make your ears ring after the job. This reel also comes with a detachable bag to take care of the clippings.

If you choose the battery-powered option while running this reel, it should last for about an hour under normal mowing conditions. For larger lawns say 3000 square feet or more, consider keeping an extra battery nearby. The reel’s handy removable battery system allows for easy battery switching to finish the job on a second battery if you need to. You can set the cutting height of this reel to an ultra-low half inch to 1.6 inches.

As mentioned above, this mower is pretty cool. If you want to run it using the rechargeable battery, go for it. Or you can leave the battery out if you’re so inclined. Overall, this is a great mower for a small yard; though no matter what size yard you’re mowing, the Gardena 4025, like any reel, may struggle when branches that get caught in the blades. You may want to scan your yard and pick up any sticks or loose debris prior to mowing.

If you choose not to use the bag, grass clippings will spew outward onto your feet; that’s a no-brainer. If you use the bag, keep in mind that it may fill quickly. However, if you’re mowing a small yard, which this reel is designed for, you may not have to change the bag all that often.


This reel requires minimal assembly and not all that much maintenance. Try to run it on dry lawns only, since using reels on wet grass can lead to an uneven cut. When you use the battery for the first time, be sure it’s fully charged. This takes approximately six hours. It can be charged at any level, and the charging process can be interrupted at any time if required. The mower’s cutting mechanism can be lightly oiled with low-viscosity oil that sprays.

As with any mower, you’ll want to clean this reel before you store it, and try to store it in a dry location. The Gardena 4025 is compact with a foldable handle, so it doesn’t require much storage space.

When the reel’s rechargeable battery no longer operates, be sure to dispose of it properly at a recycling center.

Safety Features

The Gardena 4025 has a 25-volt rechargeable battery with integrated thermal and overload protection, with an LED display, for safer operation. In case of a sudden overload, the battery will stop, preventing overheating.

This mower also comes with a safety key so that it can’t be started unintentionally. It is also taken out when you’re emptying the bag of clippings. Unfortunately, there isn’t a place on the mower to store the key while you’re doing tasks like this. That would have been helpful.

Special Features

The most special feature of all on the Gardena 4025 reel is the option to run it on a rechargeable battery or push it along without a battery. It’s also a reel designed with pleasant mowing in mind. Why? It’s a low-noise reel that both pushes easily and provides a clean, precise cut thanks to a high-tech cutting system. And by the way, those clippings will be easily collected with the included bag. The great thing is the ability for it to fold down really compact so you can store it easily anywhere without it taking up much room.

Additionally, the easy-to-push narrowness of this reel makes it highly maneuverable around mailboxes and other obstacles that bulkier mowers sometimes struggle with.

Other great features include:

  • Battery charge level indicator
  • Easy height-cutting adjustment
  • Powerful battery
  • Ergonomically shaped handle and compact design for easy pushing

Cost Effectiveness

Reels are known in lawn-mowing circles as being highly cost effective, for obvious reasons. You don’t have to worry about gas, oil, spark plugs, and other parts, and overall maintenance for these eco-friendly machines, when compared with gas- and electric-powered mowers, is much more minimal. The Gardena 4025 reel is technically no different, if operators choose to push it themselves, minus the optional battery. Yet even if they do choose to use the lithium-ion battery when mowing on most days, it’s still an economical way to run the reel, given that it’s rechargeable.

Other reels in the same class that can operate with batteries do have quicker charging times than this reel, something to consider if you’re considering if you’re thinking of your electricity bill.

8 Total Score
Superb Machine, Small Bag

  • Lightweight and quiet
  • No gas fumes
  • Easy assembly
  • Battery-powered and manual operation
  • Designed for comfort
  • Comes with bag
  • Cuts thick grass well
  • No mulching option
  • May require spare battery
  • Replacement battery pricey
  • Long battery charging time
  • Not great with overly long grass
  • Somewhat awkward handle assembly
  • Somewhat narrow cutting swath
  • Customer Service could be better
  • May have durability issues
  • Bag on the small side
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Gardena 4025 15″ Cordless Electric Push-Reel Lawn Mower Review
Gardena 4025 15″ Cordless Electric Push-Reel Lawn Mower Review
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