Earthwise Reel Push Lawn Mower Review

Those keen on giving the environment a hand are going to love Earthwise’s 5-blade Economy Reel Mower, which doesn’t have an engine, and thus, doesn’t produce nasty emissions or make a loud noise on a weekend afternoon. What this mower does produce are subtle and satisfying snips as grass is being cut in a smaller-sized yard that is tailor made for this type of machine. This economy Earthwise mower is lightweight and easy to maneuver, thanks to 10-inch composite wheels up front and 6-inch tracing wheels in back, and it’s easy to use and store. All in all, walking behind a non-gas-powered and non-electric mower is a healthy solution for your lawn, a healthy activity for you, and it’s good for the environment.

Weighing in at just a shade under 30 pounds, Earthwise’s 5-blade reel mower has a 20-inch cutting swath and large 10-inch front wheels to make maneuvering a breeze. Plus, mowers will like the ergonomically designed handle that is cushioned for pure comfort. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

The Earthwise reel mower comes in four different model numbers:

  • Earthwise 131414EW: 14-inch cutting swath with 5 blades; height adjustment of 1 inch to 2-¼ inches
  • Earthwise 171516EW: 16-inch cutting swath with 7 blades; height adjustment of ½ inch to 2-½ inches
  • Earthwise 181618EW: 18-inch cutting swath with 5 blades; height adjustment of 1 inch to 3 inches

Earthwise 200120EW: 20-inch cutting swath with 5 blades; height adjustment of 1 inch to 3 inches   

Key Features

  • 20-inch cutting width
  • 10-inch durable composite front wheels and 6-inch rear tracing wheels
  • 5-blade ball-bearing reel; tempered steel reel and bed knife blade
  • Adjustable cutting height (1 to 3 inches)
  • Toolless assembly and cushioned, ergonomic handle


This 5-blade reel mower snips like scissors instead of cutting like a less refined rotary mower, thus preventing diseased grass and issues with insects. Because of both its cutting-edge blade technology and its simplicity, this reel mower is a healthy solution for all lawn types. On taller grass you may need to take multiple passes, but this real mower does great on all grass types, even thicker grass with knotty weeds and even wet grass. Best of all, you can mow during any time of day without giving yourself a headache and waking the neighbors!

If you’re worried about uneven terrain or rocky soil with this reel mower, don’t be. It’s rollers on the back help keep it level. The handles are sturdy, the large wheels don’t slip, and it’s lightweight and maneuvers well. Also, this is a reel mower that slices grass, it doesn’t chop. Thus, your lawn is going to have a cleaner, lusher, healthier look at the end of the season.

Ease of Use

This is a mower that is ready to go when you are, and it’s probably easier to push than most gas-powered or electric-powered motors, which usually weigh more than 30 pounds. There’s no worries about lugging a behemoth machine out of your shed, filling it up with smelly gas, pulling an annoying cord, and then drawing in smelling emissions with every breath you take. All it takes is about 10 minutes when you first get this reel mower to attach the handles and then set your cutting height. Afterward, you’re ready to go.

This reel mower is lightweight and easy to use, actually an ideal choice for people’s hectic lifestyles. Sure, it may stop in its track when you’re pushing over an acorn, walnuts, rocks, or sticks, but nonetheless, it handles thick grass like a champ and rolls along uneven ground nicely with thanks to its large wheels. If you do run into yard obstacles, simply back it up, remove the debris, and keep on going.

Cut Quality & Options

This 5-blade reel mower is not like typical rotary mowers, ones that hack away at grass blades and then tear down important fluids, which can leave grass open to diseases and insect attacks. Earthwise reel mowers in contrast snip blades like scissors do, so there’s no ripping and tearing. That sort of precise, clean cut makes for a lusher, greener, healthier, and more attractive lawn.

You can begin mowing after choosing your 1- to 3-inch cutting height. You’ll be amazed at how lightweight and easy to maneuver this mower is, thanks to the large wheels. When you’re done with the job, store this mower in a garage or shed, or you can even conveniently hang it on a wall. Prior to mowing, you may want to scan your yard and remove all debris that would stop this 5-blade mower. That will make the job go smoother and prevent blade damage.


Maintenance? What maintenance? A reel mower doesn’t require startup–you just start pushing it. There’s no cord to deal with, no key to remember to use. What’s more, this is a machine without an engine, so any maintenance you do have to do is very, very minimal. You don’t have to worry about gas, oil, spark plugs, air filters, or spare parts. Earthwise reel mowers are ready to work when you are … just get to pushing, and the mower will take care of the rest.

Storage is also easy. Tuck this reel mower into the corner of a garage, hang it on a wall, or slide it into a shed until your next mowing job.

Safety Features

Considering there’s no gas, oil, emissions, and an ultra-sharp blade to deal with, this reel mower has safety written all over it. In addition, you don’t have to deal with a handle that starts and stops a blade that moves with ferocity, as is the case with gas and electric mowers. This machine starts and stops at the leisurely pace you choose.

Special Features

The alloy steel construction of this mower make it supremely durable. Its lightweight design and large composite wheels make it easy to maneuver. The comfort-grip handle make it a joy to walk behind. And the 5-blade cutting system, which snips instead of cuts, make this mower a very safe and effective choice for your lawn. Also, the rollers in back keep this baby level when you’re dealing with rocky or uneven terrain.

Cost Effectiveness

Convenience and no extracurricular costs are the name of the game with this reel mower. Forget about having to continually drop down $25 to $60 or even more for constant repairs and maintenance costs. With reel mowers, you save money on gas, oil, new air filters, new spark plugs, and numerous other maintenance services. Similarly, it’s not an electric, so you don’t have to worry about battery costs or cords. This is the type of mower that more than pays for itself after the very first season. This baby is economical, eco-friendly, and it’s the perfect mower to use if you’re looking to save on gym costs!


8.5 Total Score
Great Quality & Affordable + Workout

  • Precise cutting
  • Lightweight
  • Large wheels
  • No fuel to mess with
  • No maintenance
  • Alloy steel
  • Best for smaller, residential-sized yards
  • Multiple passes on tall grass
  • Can get stopped on obstacles
  • Not ideal for slopes
  • Angled handles
  • Struggles with crabgrass
  • No mulching or bagging
  • Not ideal for shorter people
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Earthwise Reel Push Lawn Mower Review
Earthwise Reel Push Lawn Mower Review
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