Greenworks RM1400 14″ Push Reel Mower Review

8.5Expert Score
An Easy To Use Manual Mower

A manual reel mower that’s lightweight and easy to operate, with a mulching cut and optional bagger.

  • Lightweight &amp
  • easy to use
  • 14-inch cutting path
  • 5-blades
  • Cuts like a mulching mower
  • Optional bagger included
  • Needs routine maintenance
  • Doesn't cut lower than 1-inch
  • Won't cut higher than 2-inches

You could be mistaken into thinking that Greenworks is just a line of battery and corded electric lawn mowers. While they do have a lot of high-quality models that run on electricity, they do also have a lot of eco-friendly options like this Greenworks RM1400 14-inch Reel Mower.

Of course, reel mowers, which are sometimes called “Manual Mowers” are enjoying a vigorous renaissance. The old rusty donkey of a lawn mower that your grandfather pushed around his yard with exertion has been done away with in place of lightweight materials and modern 21st Century engineering.

You see this showing through proudly in the Greenworks RM1400 reel mower. As the name implies it cuts a 14-inch swath of grass, which is just about perfect for most suburban lawns. It also helps keep the Greenworks RM1400 light, as it only tips the scales at a very manageable 24-pounds.

The cutting assembly uses a 5 blade ball-bearing system that glides smoothly and serves to cut the blades of grass like they are being snipped by a giant pair of sharp scissors. The height of the cutting deck can be adjusted from as low as 1.06-inches to as high as 2-inches.

The T-Shaped handlebars of the Greenworks RM1400 are ergonomically comfortable. They have a span that helps you lean into them comfortable to propel this otherwise smooth-moving manual lawn mower. They can also be used to anchor the Greenworks RM1400 if you want to hang this 24-pound reel mower on a wall in your garage.

The Greenworks RM1400 was also designed to be very easy to assemble and use. The way the 5 blade ball-bearing system snips the grass replicates a mulching mower. If you want you can attach a rear bagger to catch all the harvested blades of grass for your compost pile or your garden

Key Features

  • 5 blade ball bearing system
  • 14-inch cutting path
  • Snips grass like a mulching mower
  • Bagger option included
  • Easy storage
  • Only weighs 24-pounds


The 5 blade ball bearing system used in the cutting deck of the Greenworks RM1400 makes it very easy to navigate this reel mower across the average size suburban lawn. The fact that it only weighs 24-pounds and has an ergonomically designed T-shape handle also reduces the amount of effort you need to put in to drive this manual reel mower with confidence.

Ease Of Use

Just like any reel mower, you are likely going to break a little bit of a sweat on a hot summer day. Still, it’s minimal compared to old-fashioned manual mowers. It’s on par with a causal hike or similar light cardio workout. The 5-blade ball bearing system helps the wheels to move easily.

It’s also worth noting, that the Greenworks RM1400 is easy to assemble, and changing it up to being a bagging manual mower takes just a few short moments.

Special Features

The engineering put into the 5-blade ball bearing system helps the Greenworks RM1400 to glide smoothly across the turf. It’s the perfect pairing with the large side wheels, and essentially snips the blades of grass being harvested just like a giant pair of scissors.

The tiny clippings look very much like what you get from a more advanced mulching lawn mower. This is a great way to prevent dry thatch buildup. If you prefer, you can even add the bagging attachment to catch the clippings to give your garden or your compost pile a boost.

The fact that it only weighs 24-pounds and can be hung by the T-shaped handles might not seem like a “Special Feature” on paper, but it’s really handy for storage in a garage or garden shed where floor space is at a premium.

Cut Quality & Options

The Greenworks RM1400’s 5-ball bearing system offers a surprisingly sophisticated cut for a manual reel lawn mower. It allows the 14-inch cutting path to snip the harvested blades of grass into tiny pieces. You can choose to leave them on your lawn, where they are prone to decompose into the upper turf layers and provide your grass with a little nitrogen boost.

Though you can just as easily attach the large bagger to the rear of the Greenworks RM1400 to catch the cut pieces of grass. Not only will this prevent them from potentially developing into thatch, but it gives you more green material for your compost pile or a mulch layer for side-dressing garden plants.

You can also appreciate the ability to quickly adjust the height of the cutting deck down as low as 1.06-inches for times when your grass is growing fast. If times have been dry, you can set it up as high as 2-inches to help preserve a little more soil moisture.


The Greenworks RM1400 is very easy to maintain. You don’t have to worry about any sort of batteries, fuel, or oil changes. As time goes on you will need to retune or sharpen the 5 cutting blades, which is pretty much on par with all reel mowers. The ball bearings will also need some occasional lubrication from a little penetrating lubricant spray like WD40.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that removing sticks and other obstacles before you cut will go a long way toward maintaining the tune and overall sharpness of the 5-blade ball-bearing system.

Safety Features

The Greenworks RM1400 is incredibly safe. While there aren’t any traditional hand controls, all you need to do is stop walking if there is some sort of safety concern.


Just like most manual reel lawn mowers, the Greenworks RM1400 is very cost-effective compared to gasoline, corded and battery-powered electric lawn mowers. Right off the bat, the price tag is incredibly friendly, the only power source is you, and maintenance is minimal, to say the least. This all translates into an almost instantaneous return on investment.

The way the 5-blade ball bearing system snips the harvested grass clippings into tiny pieces is also very handy. On their own, they are more likely to decompose, than dry out into choking thatch. You can also bag them for the compost pile or garden. This helps to reduce seasonal aeration costs.

Greenworks RM1400 14″ Push Reel Mower Review
Greenworks RM1400 14″ Push Reel Mower Review
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