LawnMaster MEB1016M Electric Mulching Lawn Mower Review

Fortunately, the LawnMaster MEB2016M corded electric mower doesn’t necessarily come with lofty expectations for the workload anyone should expect it to shoulder. Made for modestly-sized yards, it has few significant failings to note and a surprising degree of cutting strength for its size. However, it could best be regarded as “mostly forgettable.” Sadly, you could also probably do better for its price.

Key Features

  • 10-Amp motor
  • Weighs only 43 pounds
  • One-touch height control
  • Mulch clippings as you mow or collect them in the included 1.3-bushel bag
  • 15-inch deck


Don’t let the specs fool you: the LawnMaster MEB1016M’s 10-Amp motor generates more power than you would think. What would seem small attached to a larger electric lawnmower actually pumps some pretty efficient energy through one with a more modest 15-inch deck. Tipping the scales just under 45 pounds, the 6.7-inch wheels in front and 10-inch pair in back practically float over almost any grass in its path as it mows so silently, anyone in your household could be forgiven for wondering if the motor is running at all.

A corded mower balances out the occasional aggravation of having to always mind whether its tether is the cutting path with a steady, dense stream of power that never tapers off the way a battery-operated lawnmower’s energy does toward last vestiges of juice in its cells. Once you plug the LawnMaster MEB1016M in, it won’t miss a beat until you unplug. That being said, if you plan to use an extension cord, keep in mind that using any 50-foot cord rated for 16 AWG or more will risk motor failure. Depending on the length you choose to use, here’s a handy guide:

  • 50-foot cord: 16 AWG
  • 100-foot cord: 14 AWG
  • 150-foot cord: 12 AWG

Ease Of Use

Credit where it’s due: the LawnMaster MEB1016M is about as user-friendly in its simplicity as any motorized lawnmower gets.  It arrives mostly assembled. Assembly comes down to attaching the blades, handle and grass catcher collection bag in under 15 minutes with a little help from the notably outstanding instructions provided.  From there, the push-button starter wakes the mower up instantly and has you ready to cut within moments. When its work is done for the day, the same quickly adjustable cam-lock handle that accommodates users of just about any height just as swiftly collapses down to complement the large carrying handle on the deck for painless storage and travel.

Cut Quality & Options

Unfortunately, the LawnMaster MEB1016M lacks the heavy-duty force to chop through debris and roots without bogging down. Keep in mind, this is a mower built for ultra-small yards. However, it doesn’t seem to sweat the thickest strains of grass and weeds around. You don’t find many mowers these days that won’t discharge clippings to the side, but few owners who have taken one of these for a spin have come back complaining about its knack for fertilizing freshly trimmed turf with its admirable mulching capability or collecting clippings neatly in its 1.3-bushel bag while touching up every blade in its path with impressively crisp, clean cuts. In addition, every modern lawnmower could take notes from LawnMaster’s one-touch height control that toggles all four wheels simultaneously among six optional positions.


The LawnMaster MEB1016M is one of the least-needy motorized lawnmowers you could possibly own. Aside from keeping it as far as possible from wet conditions, your only concern will be occasionally sharpening its blade. No gas. No oil. No spark plugs. Just in case something catastrophic should befall your mower, LawnMaster backs their workmanship with two-year mower and one-year battery warranties.

Safety Features

Need to bring things to a halt? Simply pull the plug. To stop the blade even faster, release the bailout lever. Either action will stop the motor cold as soon as it disconnects from its supply of juice.

Cost Effectiveness

To be perfectly honest, the LawnMaster MEB1016M wouldn’t be the very first electric lawnmower I would recommend. It doesn’t outright fail to accomplish anything expected of it, but for the same price or less, there’s no shortage of competitors in nearly any class of walk-behind mowers who can match or even exceed its skill set. Due to its virtually nonexistent weight and effortless storage and portability, this would be a picture-perfect mower for a youngster making his or her first strides mowing at home or earning a few bucks grooming the neighbors’ yards. For anyone else? Don’t rule the LawnMaster MEB1016M out entirely, but keep shopping around.


9 Total Score
Great Buy Overall

  • Dependability
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Fair price
  • Weighs next to nothing
  • Easy storage, portability
  • More powerful than expected
  • Fantastically quiet
  • Zero emissions
  • Avoid wet conditions at all costs
  • Potentially slowed down by debris, thick roots
  • No side-discharge
  • Managing cord gets annoying while at work
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LawnMaster MEB1016M Electric Mulching Lawn Mower Review
LawnMaster MEB1016M Electric Mulching Lawn Mower Review
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