Poulan Pro P46ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro 22 HP Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower Review

Like any other riding lawn mower, the Poulan Pro P46ZX zero-turn riding lawn mower requires you do a few mundane things before taking it on an initial spin. So get it out of its crate with a crowbar and hammer, assemble the seat, roll it off the crate’s pallet, fill it with gas, and connect the battery. Oh, and make sure that the oil level of the oil that’s already in there is good to to. If it is, you are too, after manually adjusting the cutting height from a selection of 1.5 inches to 4 inches.

Once you sit down in the 430-pound P46ZX, you’ll see that it offers stellar comfort, durability, and great overall performance. Besides the nice features below, it’s also got a digital hour meter, a nose roller, three anti-scalp rollers, and easy-to-operate levers that have foam-padded hand grips. The powerful 22-horsepower Briggs V-Twin Pro engine moves the Poulan Pro at a respectable–though not blazing–maximum clip of 6 miles per hour, while the 3.5-gallon fuel capacity and efficient ZTR allow riders to cut up to 2.4 acres of land per hour.

Key Features

  • Powerful 22-horsepower Briggs V-Twin Pro engine
  • 46-inch stamped, reinforced deck (10-year warranty)
  • Hydro gear EZT transmission
  • 3.5-gallon fuel tank
  • 35.5” x 61.5” x 78”


With a wide 46-inch deck, great handling, and respectable speed, the Poulan Pro will knock out your long-grassed yard with ease, giving you time to relax with a cold drink when you’ve finished your chore. Granted, the smaller-than-average deck size means the job will take a little longer than it would using other models, but getting through 2.4 acres per hour with the P46ZX is not a bad rate. And, when considering the mowing rate, you’ve got other factors to think about such as the rider’s weight, the terrain you’re dealing with, and weather conditions.

As a 22-horsepower mower, the Poulan Pro operates best on residential lawns but can handle up to five acres. It’s got a less noisy engine than others that have a higher capacity, and the engine works efficiently. Briggs engines, in fact, are known for their high quality and minimal maintenance, so those factors are another plus.

If you’ve got hilly terrain, use the Poulan Pro with caution, especially if the terrain is steep. The Poulan Pro isn’t as dicey going downward as some zero-turn riding lawn mowers in the same class, but it may give you a bit of a wake-up call. Just use caution if your land is especially steeply inclined in some areas.

Ease of Use

Using a zero-turn riding lawn mower is not hard, but it does require a learning curve. But once you do learn how to operate this machine, you’ll find that riding it is a lot of fun. So give yourself a little time to perfect how to maneuver the mower. Before taking it out on a full-on mowing job, you might consider easing into this riding mower by finding a section of your property–maybe a tall area of grass or bothersome weeds–and using your Poulan Pro to slice the grass down. You’ll likely see a solid brushed look afterward, giving you the confidence to tackle your entire yard.

Those whose rural properties are loaded with trees that are beautiful but bothersome to mow around are going to like the P46ZX. Mowing around these “obstacles” is an effortless feat with this machine, and you’ll be done with the rest of the lawn before you know it.

Cut Quality & Options

Accommodating to both beginners and advanced users, the Poulan Pro has many convenient features that make it another outstanding model in the company’s Pro line of mowers. What most stands out with the Poulan Pro is its outstanding turning ability. As advertised, it rotates in place any time you need it to. The machine’s wheel speed and rotation are controlled by two levers (not a steering wheel) that are simple to use after you’ve had enough practice. It turns smoothly around corners and has perfect rotation.

The engine is powerful enough to haul garden-related items that are on the lighter side, using the tow hitch, but not so powerful for heavier-duty items you may need moved. Mowers should find the blade on the Poulan Pro to be a precise, clean-cutting mechanism, provided it’s sharpened. This snazzy-looking riding mower is ideal for lawns of up to five acres.

As you mow you’ll see the grass discharged from the side, which give your yard a mulched look. The clippings spew out fairly far, which some people may like or dislike. The grass can be raked later if you’re so inclined, and a separate mulching kit can be purchased separately.


Check the grass-catcher components and discharge guard often, and replace them with the recommended parts when necessary. Make sure that all nuts and bolts are secure and torqued, especially the ones that fasten the blade attachments. Use caution when servicing the battery and sharpening the blade. Check the functionality of the parking brake and service as necessary. Regularly clean the top and underside of the deck, and avoid spraying the engine and all electrical components with water. All maintenance recommendations, and when to take care of them, are detailed in the manual.

Safety Features

The Poulan Pro comes with a safety system that prevents starting the machine or driving it under certain conditions. The engine can only be started when the mower deck is disengaged, when the steering controls are in the locked neutral position, and when the parking brake is on. The parking brake on the left side that is activated easily by pulling the lever backward to activate it and forward to release it. Additionally, the fuel shut-off valve is located at the back of the seat.

Special Features

The hand-operated cutting deck promotes the lifting of grass for smooth, professional results. At 46 inches, the two-bladed steel deck is highly reinforced, which means it’ll last for years to come and handle tough obstacles with no issues. Adjust the cutting height manually by using the levers to the level you want for your yard.

As a zero-turn riding lawn mower, the P46ZX rotates in place on demand. What this means is that the front wheels turn exactly when you need them to as the rest of the mower stays put. This results in a finished yard that looks cleanly cut and doesn’t have patches of missed grass in spots.

Some may find the adjustable high-backed seat to be very comfortable and accommodating, offering good back support, while others may see it as being an obstacle when trying to turn. One thing’s for sure, when sitting in it, you’ll feel the power of the 22-hp engine right away, though you won’t be overwhelmed by the noise as on some riding lawn mowers. The mower’s controls are durable, and it doesn’t require a choke to start.

The Poulan Pro’s large, strategically placed fuel tank in back can hold 3.5 gallons of gas. It’s made of glass, so you can see the fuel level with your own eyes. The mower’s deck washout port allows for super-simple cleaning, which is not always the case with many riding lawn mowers and all mowers in general.

Cost Effectiveness

The Poulan Pro could be considered an “entry-level” zero-turn riding lawn mower that is one of the more affordable models in its class. Luckily, the economical pricing doesn’t mean the quality of the product is inferior–just the opposite, in fact. The P46ZX has a slightly smaller cutting width than some of Poulan’s other models, but it’s also no slouch with a cutting deck that’s 46 inches wide. Plus, the Poulan Pro contains many of the same parts as the company’s pricier models. Bottom line: The P46ZX offers one of the best values for what you’ll pay in the zero-turn category of riding lawn mowers, and the zero-turn features means mowing the lawn will occur at a speedier, more efficient rate.


9 Total Score

  • Great turning radius
  • Cuts well
  • Easy to operate
  • Economical for riding lawn mower
  • Ideal for large properties
  • Easy to refuel
  • Equipped with tow hitch
  • Cup holder
  • 10-year warranty on mower deck
  • A little dicey on hilly terrain
  • Smaller cutting deck than other ZTR mowers
  • Max speed of 6 mph
  • Leaves deep tracks
  • High-backed seats make turning harder
  • Limited 2-year warranty on body
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Poulan Pro P46ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro 22 HP Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower Review
Poulan Pro P46ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro 22 HP Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower Review
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