Ambrogio Elite Robotic Mower Review

Robotic lawn mower like the Ambrogio L250I ELITE S+ isn’t just the “Wave of the Future” they represent the cutting edge of what present day 21st Century lawn care can be! You see this shining through in this smart, energy-efficient, and ecologically friendly robotic lawn mower.

The beating heart of the Ambrogio L250I ELITE S+ is a pair of lithium-ion batteries that give it a total maximum run time of up to 7 hours. This roughly translates into 3,200 square feet of mowing coverage. Though its onboard management system rarely has it running for a continuous amount of time. When it needs a charge, or it has completed the designated cutting area, it automatically returns to the contact charging port that comes included in the original purchase.

A big part of this energy efficiency comes from the brushless electric motor. It propels four-star blades with amazing speed that essentially produces a mulching effect. The height of the cutting deck can also be adjusted from as low as 1-inch to as high as 2.8-inches. This lets you set the Ambrogio L250I ELITE S+ for the prevailing weather conditions.

Of course, like a lot of other robotic lawn mower, the Ambrogio L250I ELITE S+ has a bevy of innovative and intuitive controls. The unit itself has an easy-to-read touch display that lets you toggle through the options and settings. It also has a ZCS app that lets you control the robotic lawn mower remotely via Bluetooth or GSM.

The onboard cutting management system is designed to remember previously cut areas. This makes for a far more efficient cutting pattern than some robotic lawn mowers that tend to wander around a yard making repetitive passes.

The wheels on the Ambrogio L250I ELITE S+ are made from a durable, yet flexible type of rubber. They are modestly spiked for improved traction. This lets the Ambrogio L250I ELITE S+ actively cut at a grade of 20-degrees, and can physically navigate up to a 45-degree grade.

This is also handy, as it works in tandem with the Ambrogio L250I ELITE S+’s Amico pet safety system. It’s a simple lightweight pet tag that you affix to your pet’s collar, the algorithm in the programming recognizes the animal, and safely navigates around them while being respectful of their need for sufficient space.

The Ambrogio L250I ELITE S+ derives the parameters of your lawn by recognizing the perimeter wire that comes in the purchase. You simply connect the perimeter wire to the charging station then run it in a clockwise pattern around the mowing perimeter of your lawn. The wire can be buried up to 5-centimeters deep and the Ambrogio L250I ELITE S+ will still be able to clearly detect it.

The Ambrogio L250I ELITE S+ also comes equipped with a special Infinity System. This is a special onboard software suite that allows you to seamlessly interlink multiple robotic lawnmowers. It’s a great way to maintain a very large property with multiple machines coordinating together for a manicured, professional look.

Key Features

  • Up to 3,200 square feet on a single charge
  • Weighs just 35.7 pounds
  • SDM Cutting system remembers mowed areas
  • Touchscreen & wireless app controls
  • 4 Star cutting blade
  • Mulching effect
  • Cuts from 1 to 2.8-inches high
  • Infinity System coordinates with other robotic mowers
  • Amico pet safety system
  • Mows up to 20-degree inclines


The spiked, flexible rubber wheels and the brushless electric motor of the Ambrogio L250I ELITE S+ are truly impressive. Of course, there is a lot to like with any sophisticated robotic lawn mower like this. The ability to cut up to 3,200 square feet with a single charge and replicate a mulching effect while doing it, is a great advantage over a lot of other robotic lawn mowers in a shoulder-to-shoulder comparison.

Ease Of Use

As you might imagine, there is a fair amount of setup that comes with getting the Ambrogio L250I ELITE S+ ready to cut your lawn. Assembly only takes a few minutes. Though you do need to carefully lay out the perimeter wire, which takes some time, and a little bit of forethought. Especially if you have a lawn with a lot of complicated landscaping features and trees.

Once you have it set up the Ambrogio L250I ELITE S+ is very easy to use. It handles all of its own software updates and comes with a compatible wireless app. You can use the app or the digital touch screen to control the robotic lawn more and input key settings.

Special Features

The brushless electric motor with the four-star cutting blades replicates a mulching effect that is very efficient.

The Amico pet safety system is a nice touch for keeping dogs and other pets safe when the Ambrogio L250I ELITE S+ is actively cutting. It works with the SDM cutting system to ensure that no areas of the lawn go uncut.

Bluetooth-compatible wireless app or the digital touch screen makes it easy to set up the cutting parameters for your lawn’s seasonal needs.

The Infinity System makes it possible for the Ambrogio L250I ELITE S+ to coordinate with other robotic lawn mowers. It’s a great feature for maintaining a home with large grounds or a professional building or perhaps even a golf course.

Cut Quality & Options

The brushless electric motor with the four-star cutting blades produces a very efficient mulching effect. The tiny pieces of grass clippings are then deposited back onto your lawn, where they quickly break down to feed vitalizing nitrogen back into the soil. Not only does this make for zero cleanups of harvested grass clippings, but it also helps to organically fertilize your turf.

The ability to adjust the cutting height from as low as 1-inch in wet sunny times to as high as 2.8 inches in prevailing dry conditions, it also handy. It lets you closely control the amount of moisture in the soil for a perfect cut every time.



The Ambrogio L250I ELITE S+ requires very little maintenance beyond occasionally needing to replace the four-star cutting blades. It updates its own software and returns itself back to the charger without any need for interference from you.

Safety Features

The Ambrogio L250I ELITE S+ has all the safety features and perimeter senses that you find in a lot of other state-of-the-art robotic lawn mowers. The Amico Pet safety feature though is a very nice touch, for a family who loves their pets as much as they love the look of a neatly manicured lawn.

When you compare it to gasoline and even electric lawn mowers the long-term return on investment that you get with the Ambrogio L250I ELITE S+ is impressive. The lithium-ion batteries hold a lot of charges and have a superior lifespan. The brushless motor is very energy efficient, which also improves the total square footage it can mow on a single charge.


Ambrogio Elite Robotic Mower Review
Ambrogio Elite Robotic Mower Review
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