Black + Decker MM2000 20″ 13-Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower Review

Designed for yards that are around one-third of an acre in size, the Black & Decker MM2000 electric lawn mower is a nice alternative to gas-powered guzzlers that produce nasty fumes. It’s got clean, steady power and starts right up with the push of a button. The trademarked EdgeMax cutting system provides up-close edge-cutting action for flower beds and fencing, and discerning mowers will love the 3-in-1 mowing options that allow for mulching, bagging, or side discharge, depending on yard conditions. Read on to learn much more about how the MM2000 is a nice option for those who desire a manicured-looking lawn.

Key Features

  • 13-amp motor provides plenty of power even in overgrown grass
  • 20-inch cutting path with EdgeMax™ deck design for superior edge cutting
  • 3-in-1 mower offers options to mulch, bag, or use side discharge
  • 7 height-adjustment settings with a single lever to easily adjust heights ranging from 1.5 to 4 inches
  • Easy adjustable handle height for people of all sizes
  • 35 x 17 x 2 inches
  • 47 pounds
  • 2-year limited warranty


This modern-looking machine is pretty quiet but also powerful enough to chop down tall grass. It starts right up and doesn’t require a pull cord to do so. It’ll slice through tall grass nicely on moderate-sized yards, and crabgrass is also no match for its blade. The mulch function really slices and dices clippings into very fine pieces–so much so that if you bag, you may find the cut grass clumps up a bit and makes emptying the container somewhat difficult. But that’s not such a huge problem to have considering you’re keeping your lawn free of clippings if that’s what you want.

The technology of EdgeMax lets operators mow right up alongside landscape borders with total ease. Afterward, you’ll look back on your work and see that you’ve got a perfectly manicured masterpiece.

The MM2000 is also powerful (with a 13Ah motor), agile, and fast to push thanks to its lightweight. It’s nice also not to have to breathe in smelly fumes as you make passes across your lawn.

Ease of Use

Once out of the box, the MM2000 doesn’t require any tools for assembly. You’ll just need to attach the lower handle, secure the motor cable, and attach the upper handle. It starts easily: Simply push the button and then pull back the lever on the handle, which also automatically stops the mower when it’s released.

Those who are used to mowing with heavy gas-powered walk-behind mowers may find an electric to be a lighter, easier change of pace. Getting used to a corded mower takes a bit of time, but once you do it’s easy. Just make sure you’ve got available outdoor power outlets and a long enough cord. A 100-foot, 12-gauge cord should do the trick. One thing I’ve learned from using an electric is that you don’t want to over force it on super-tall grass or weeds–it’ll stall right out. When mowing under such conditions, tilt the electric mower on it’s rear wheels and then ease it down over the tall grass, allowing it to cut in a top-down way, so to speak.

The MM2000 is lightweight, compact, and easy transportable thanks to carrying handles that fold over. This thing won’t take but just a tiny bit of space in your shed or garage. This mower is so lightweight that you may find that it “floats upward” a bit if you pull it backward too fast. The result can be that the rear guard will start to flap, causing uneven cutting. So just take care not to rush too much.

Cut Quality & Options

As mentioned, the MM2000 offers mowers the choices of mulching, bagging, or side discharge. To me, the available grass-cutting heights–from 1.5 inches to a tall 4 inches–is impressive. If you’ve got obstacles in your yard like annoying gopher mounds, the easy-to-use height lever allows you to adjust as needed to work over them.

So what’s the verdict on this fancily named EdgeMax feature? I’d say the hype is justified. You really can trim close to fences, decks, or wall edges with this mower. If you’re bagging or mulching, the EdgeMax feature is great because you can use both sides of the mower. Those who discharge their clippings will only be able to use the right side of the mower to get up close to edges. It’s fun to maneuver around yards with lots of obstacles with this thing, as it eases up right next to them and takes care of the unmowed grass that was formerly there.

One thing I love about the nylon bag is that you can check how full it is as you’re mowing. Since it’s nylon, keep an eye on possible tears over time.

Though it cuts well on tall grass, the MM2000 is an electric and can get choked up with grass if conditions get overly thick. When you’ve got tall-grass situations, go slow when needed and adjust the cutting height as necessary.


Electrics are just like gas-powered mowers in one way at least: You need to clean them and keep the blade sharp for the best possible performance. Always check for damaged parts, the alignment of moving parts, the breakage of parts, and any other spots on the mower that may affect its performance. Be sure to read the manual carefully, including the portion that talks about the use of extension cords, if you need to use one. Also, when leaving an electric unattended, be sure to unplug it. Here’s a quick rundown of maintenance items:

  • Sharpen and balance the blade
  • Clean the mower often (top and underside)

You won’t have to lubricate any parts on the MM2000, so that’ll save you time and money. Sometimes with an electric you’ll see that certain parts of the mower are not as durable and can break. Many ingenious mowers have taken care of these issues over the years with nut spacers, gorilla tape, and plastic ties. So you may have to use your imagination at times to keep it running.

Safety Features

The included safety shield on the MM2000 is designed to keep operators safe from flying stones or other debris that shoots out backward from the blade. In addition, the shield and rear door cover help prevent the accidental occurrence of the user’s foot coming in contact with the blade. Make sure to operate the mower only when the safety shield and rear door are attached. Like many mowers, the MM2000 has a bail handle that will allow you to stop the mower from operating at once.

Special Features

“EdgeMax” may sound like just another trendy marketing buzzword in the mowing business, but it really is a pretty cool feature of the MM2000. In a nutshell, it allows mowers to cut their grass right up to the edges of walls, fences, trees, and gardens. One thing to note: If you use the side- discharge mowing option, the EdgeMax function can only be used on the right side of the mower. Other great features include:

  • A nice 20-inch cutting path
  • The option to set cutting heights from 1.5 to 4 inches
  • A super-convenient carrying handle
  • A 13-gallon nylon grass-collection bag

Cost Effectiveness

The MM2000 is an efficient, clean-cutting machine that does not require the expenses of gas, oil, or lubrication. You won’t have to fork over money for new spark plugs or air filters, either. Provided you take care of it, this mower should last a long time. Heck, you may not even need to purchase a trimmer since it cuts so close to edges. Fertilizer is free if you choose the mulching or side discharge options, and if you bag, you won’t have to pay somebody to keep your yard looking like a golf course. All in all, electrics really can save you a bundle.


9 Total Score
Great Machine...If you don't mind extension cords

  • Easy push-button starting
  • Cuts close to edges
  • Mulches grass very finely
  • Lightweight and fairly quiet
  • Easy handle and height adjustment
  • Mulches, bags, and has side discharge
  • Compact, easy to carry
  • No smelly fumes
  • Less maintenance
  • Has a cord
  • Not as powerful as gas-powered
  • Grass can clump in bag container
  • Not designed for large yards
  • Plastic parts abundant
  • Possible durability issues over time
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Black + Decker MM2000 20″ 13-Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower Review
Black + Decker MM2000 20″ 13-Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower Review
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