Husqvarna HU550FH 22″ Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower Review

Here we have a very efficient front-wheel-drive walk-behind mower that is best suited for flat lawns but can handle hilly terrain as well. With self-propelled capability, the Husqvarna HU550FH mower provides optimum ease to get the job done, and it maneuvers nicely around varied yard obstacles thanks to 8-inch front wheels and 12-inch rear wheels that roll spectacularly on diverse terrains. These easy-rolling wheels come with double-sealed bearings. The drive system is powered by an easy-to-start and highly dependable Briggs & Stratton engine, and the 3-position handle-height adjustment allows for mowing comfort no matter your height size. Those looking for multiple mowing options will be glad to know that the HU550FH offers three choices: side discharge, mulching, and bagging.

Drilling down into more specifics,the motor has an 8.54 cubic-inch displacement and net power of 2.2 kilowatts and 3,000 rpms. The cutting deck, meanwhile, has a hefty swath of 22 inches, and the four-point lawn-cutting height adjustment ranges from 1.25 inches to 3.38 inches.

The 73-pound HU550FH has a wheelbase of 27 inches.

Key Features

  • Powered by 140cc Briggs & Stratton 550ex Series 4-cycle engine with overhead valve
  • 22-inch steel mower deck
  • 3-in-1 mowing capability offers side discharge, mulching, and bagging options
  • Large ball-bearing wheels provide exceptional maneuverability in all types of grass
  • Mower deck washout port facilitates cleaning of cutting deck
  • 3-position adjustable handle allows for comfortable height-level setting


Efficient and ergonomic, the HU550FH mower is durable and reliable and offers first-class results. The powerful and reliable engine starts easily on the first pull, and the powder-coated cutting deck offers protection from debris. With its overhead-valve design, the 140cc engine runs cooler, delivers premium power, and boasts a Super Lo-Tone muffler for quieter use. When bagging, the mower picks up grass and debris like a champ, and its large handle makes it easy to empty the contents easily while holding it away from your body so you don’t get the mess all over you.

Ease of Use

The variable-speed, self-propelled front-wheel drive system means mowers simply walk behind the machine at a steady pace, enjoying a stroll in the yard on a nice day. In addition, the large, ball-bearing wheels provide exceptional maneuverability in all types of grass, while the mower deck washout port makes cleaning debris an absolute breeze. You simply attach the hose, turn on the water, and give the deck a good washing. And,whether you are tall, average height, or on the short side, the height handle adjusts to a level that will work for you.

This mower is easy to put together and comes with oil. Once you assemble the handles, add oil and gas, and pull the cord, you’re off!

Cut Quality & Options

Some might say there are a bit too many plastic parts on this mower where plastic parts shouldn’t be. The discharger chute, for example, is susceptible to breakage due to excess pressure from the spring or hitting an obstacle in an overly hard manner. In addition, there are self-propelled mowers on the market that run at a higher clip, and the engine is not as high powered as some on the market. On the positive side, mowers will love the front-wheel-drive system that offers self-propelled capability, and yard obstacles aren’t that big of a deal thanks to easy maneuverability. The HU550FH cuts cleanly and powers past substantial roots at a middle-height cutting adjustment with no issues. In addition, this mower doesn’t falter when confronted with steep ditches, and the engine thankfully won’t flood out like on some machines.


Before each use, check for loose fasteners, clean and inspect the grass catcher (if you use it), check the tires and drive wheels, and check the oil level. After each use, be sure to give the mower a general cleaning on the deck and beneath. Other maintenance tasks that need to be done periodically include cleaning under the drive cover, checking the drive belt and pulleys, examining the blade for sharpness, and lubricating the machine. You’ll also want to monitor the air filter and tires, and be sure to inspect the spark plug and fuel system from time to time. The detailed manual covers all maintenance needs.

Safety Features

The HU550FH mower comes standard with a operator-presence control bar and a drive-control bar to start and stop the blade and forward momentum, respectively. The control bar must be held down to start the engine, and when released it stops the engine. The drive control bar is used to engage the power-propelled forward motion of the mower. The starter handle must be pulled to start the engine. The rear deflector, which is attached between the back wheels, minimizes the possibility of objects being thrown outward and harming the user. The HU550FH walk-behind mower conforms to the safety standards of the American National Standards Institute and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Special Features

With a straight-bag through handle, the mower’s uninterrupted space between the handles makes bag removal super-simple. Users will also appreciate the mower’s fitting that allows for quick and easy cleaning of the underside of the housing. The HU550FH mower is self-propelled and offers height adjustment for mowers of all height sizes. It can bag, mulch, or spew clippings from the side, providing instant fertilizer for the yard. The large rear wheels offer great maneuverability, including over tough roots that infiltrate some yards. With its self-propelled capability, this mower can handle hilly terrain nicely.

Cost Effectiveness

This is a solid mower for the money, especially when comparing it to mowers in its pricing range. The HU550FH is good on gas for a self-propelled machine, and mowers will appreciate how the mulching option saves on fertilizer costs, while the bagging option saves time because you don’t have to rake leaves. Keeping the mower clean over time will extend its lifespan, and doing so is easy with the provided mower deck washout port.


9 Total Score
Great Mid Range Mower

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Husqvarna HU550FH 22″ Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower Review
Husqvarna HU550FH 22″ Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower Review
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