Husqvarna GTH52XLS 52″ Riding Lawn Mower Review

This monster of a riding lawn mower by Husqvarna comes equipped with a Briggs & Stratton Endurance Series V-Twin 24-horsepower engine that’ll go nearly 8 miles per hour, a hydrostatic transmission with real-locking differential, electric cutting-blade adjustment, a 4-gallon fuel tank, a comfortable seat with armrests, and a heavy-duty, heavy-cast front axle. It was designed for discerning landowners who care about durable engineering, comfort, style, and precision. This LS-series yard tractor has an ultra-solid cutting deck and a heavy-duty chassis. Extra accessories for the GTH52XLS allow for bagging and mulching. Specs and features include:

  • 52-inch cutting deck
  • 4 anti-scalp wheels
  • Vinyl seats
  • 12-volt battery
  • 15-amp generator

Fun, helpful accessories include baggers, front blades, front-mount dethatcher, snow throwers, and loading ramps.

Key Features

  • The Husqvarna GTH52XLS riding lawn mower has fast auto transmission for maintenance-free operation
  • Ergonomic design includes an adjustable high-back seat with armrests and comfy-grip steering wheel
  • Cutting blades engage electrically with the quick pull of a switch
  • Handy fender-mounted deck lever is spring-assisted for simple operation
  • 3-year limited warranty; 5-year consumer warranty on frame/chassis and front axle


The GTH52XLS cuts grass well and does so at a speedy pace with its 52-inch powder-coated cutting deck. It’ll handle itself just fine on hills thanks to its horsepower, locking rear differential, and large, high-traction wheels. Those wheels will take you at a respectable 7.75 miles per hour and a little over 2 miles per hour in reverse.

Know that the deck can tend to dig into the ground at times, especially when driving over uneven ground. Usually the deck shouldn’t do that on level ground and on hills. Speaking of hills, the GTH52XLS can mow uphill at top speed, as well as pull a trailer with ease, thanks to its locking rear wheel grips and transmission. Terrain at 33 percent grades or thereabout are doable for the GTH52XLS…it climbs with the reliability of a mountain goat! The locking differential assists when climbing uphill or when one of the rear wheels is off the ground.

Ease of Use

This is a riding lawn mower that can cover tons of ground, and given that, it makes sense that it comes with cruise control, allowing the driver to sit back and relax a bit on an ergonomic, comfy seat with armrests. It’s easy to get in and out of, and the GTH52XLS has a handy cup holder to store your favorite beverage in the heat, though unfortunately, the holder doesn’t cater to typical water-bottle sizes. The chokeless start makes it a cinch to simply turn the key and go, and you can see your fuel level as you’re riding.

Whether mowing 8-inch grass or having to deal with swales, the GTH52XLS turns very well and won’t stall or clog. You shouldn’t have to do second passes unless you’ve got grass more than 10 inches high, and even then, if you slow your speed, you’ll likely be able to take care of it in one pass. The bright headlights are a Godsend when darkness kicks in during the evenings.

Some may find that it’s helpful to charge the GTH52XLS between uses, since it may not hold its charge from weekend to weekend. A trickle charger may have been a nice addition.

Cut Quality & Options

The electric-blade engagement will let you engage the blades with the simple pull of a switch on the control panel. Once you’re engaged, you’ll notice right away how the heavy-cast front axle offers superior balance and stability, even when bagging. With its tough deck, the GTH52XLS runs right over (and chops down) grass, sticks, and major piles of leaves with ease.

If you’ve got a few acres of land, you’ll be amazed at what this machine can do after hours and hours of use. You can pull out two-inch blackberries by their roots; haul rocks, mow brush, or transport dirt; and, of course, it’ll cut your grass with precisencess. Put chains on the wheels for extra grippiness.

This machine starts up fast with a key, has plenty of power, and is highly comfortable. It’s got a tight steering radius and is quieter than other mowers in its class. You’ll notice right away how great the build of the mower is, how solid the steering wheel is, and the convenient grab bars on the sides of the armrests. The hyrdrostatic pedal offers superior control; when you take your foot off the pedal, the slowdown is immediate, a nice safety feature.


The GTH52XLS comes with two keys, an oil drain tube, a battery with bolts and nut keps, and a quick connect part. These parts are unassembled. Assembly is minimal and hand tools are required. There is an extensive checklist in the manual of things to do beforehand such as checking tire pressure, deck levelness, proper position of belts, and the brake system. As with any gas-powered mower, you’ll need to check the oil level and maintain all parts such as the tires, blades, and brakes.

The tractor’s deck is equipped with a washout port as part of its deck-wash system. It’s recommended to utilize this after each use.

Safety Features

The GTH52XLS requires a key to get it started, which should make non-accessible for kids, neighbors and whomever else. The mower comes equipped with a parking brake that locks the clutch and brake pedal into the lock position.

Special Features

Every good mower needs a good cutting deck, and this rider has one in spades. The heavy-duty, fabricated deck boasts twin sheets of 11-gauge steel for added support for the spindles and enhanced overall strength. Engagement of the blade is easy with a simple pull of the switch on the control panel.

Other great features include cruise control, brightly lit headlights, an engine on the quiet side, and chokeless starting.

Cost Effectiveness

The GTH52XLS can hold 4 gallons of gas, so operator’s can get a lot mowed. What’s more, this rider can be out there longer than many mowers in its price range. Additionally, the transmission is designed to be free of maintenance needs, saving you green. Also, this is more than just a mower–it’s a hauler, so you can get premium use out of it. A tow strap will pull things out of your house such as damaged, soaked carpet (true story) and haul it outside to be thrown out, saving you on paying someone else to do things like that. Lastly, the cruise control option saves on gas.

This is a mower that could last you two decades or more if you treat it right, so treat it right!


9 Total Score

  • Durable 52-inch cutting deck
  • Electric blade engagement
  • Chokeless start
  • Cast-iron front axle
  • Good on hills
  • Cruise control
  • Quiet engine
  • Cup holder
  • Pricier than comparable mowers
  • Deck digs into uneven ground
  • Front wheels not greased
  • Fuel gauge hard to see
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Husqvarna GTH52XLS 52″ Riding Lawn Mower Review
Husqvarna GTH52XLS 52″ Riding Lawn Mower Review
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