Husqvarna Z242F ReadyStart Zero-Turn Gas Mower Review

Husqvarna is an international manufacturer that has gained a loyal following through the United States and Canada by offering high-quality products backed by innovative engineering principles. You see this come through in the materials and state-of-the-art features of the Husqvarna Z242F Ready Start Zero-Turn Mower riding lawnmower.

It has an 18 Horsepower 603 cc Kawasaki engine as it’s beating heart. It was engineered with Husqvarna’s reliable “Ready Start” ignition system for easy starting every time. The engine is rear mounted for safety. If you do happen to accidentally run into a tree, you don’t have to worry about severely damaging the engine.

The Husqvarna Z242F is a true zero-turn riding lawnmower with 11-inch wheels in the front and robust 18-inch wheels in the rear. This allows you to deftly move around trees and landscaping features, as well as turn on a dime row after row in wide-open areas, without leaving stray strands of uncut grass behind.

The cutting deck is large and measures in at an impressive 42-inches. It’s made from heavy-duty 10 gauge steel with spring assisted components for performance and comfort. The cutting deck also uses air-induction technology which technology essentially draws air into the mower from the top as well as the bottom of the deck. This helps to lift and deliver a superior cut via their “Clear Cut” engineering.

The Husqvarna Z242F has a Hydro-Gear hydrostatic transmission. It provides immediate and intuitive responses while also being maintenance-free.

Husqvarna also took the time to think about the operator when designing the Z242F. The seat is comfortable and helps hold you in place without sliding around. It also has ergonomic control panels to help keep things at your fingertips. It also features an automatic parking brake assist feature that activates or deactivates as the steering levers are moved outward or inward,

Key Features

  • 18 HP 603 cc Kawasaki engine, rear-mounted
  • Ready Start Ignition
  • 42-inch Clear Cut cutting deck
  • Air induction for a superior harvest of grass clippings
  • Zero-turn
  • 11-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels
  • Hydro-Gear transmission
  • Ergonomic control panels
  • Automatic parking brake assist


The 18-Horsepower 603 cc Kawasaki engine develops an impressive amount of power to operate the cutting deck as well as the Hydro-Gear hydrostatic transmission. The zero turning radius is also impressive and exact, thanks to the ergonomic control panels and the 11-inch front with 18-inch rear wheels.

Ease of Use

The Husqvarna Z242F Is very easy to use. The control panels are truly ergonomically comfortable as is the seat. Hydro-Gear hydrostatic transmission is also “No-Maintenance.”

Cut Quality & Options

The 42-inch “Clear Cut” cutting deck gives you the ability to devour large swaths of grass in a single pass. The air induction engineering and spring assisted 10-gauge steel deck help to suck up the blades of grass to cut them for a superior harvest rate compared to the competition.

The zero-turn maneuvering is also very nimble. It allows you to dance around trees and landscaping features without having to slow down to a snail’s pace. Yet it also turns with pinpoint precision row after row.


The Husqvarna Z242F has a no-maintenance Hydro-Gear hydrostatic transmission. The exterior design was also designed to be durable and easy to maintain.

Of course, as a gasoline-powered zero-turn riding lawnmower you will need to take the time to maintain the 18 HP 603 cc Kawasaki rear-mounted engine. This includes giving it clean high octane fuel, as well as routine oil changes, cleaning the air filter, and double-checking the air pressure in the tires. You will also need to grease the belt and bearings in the spring, and perhaps again in the middle of the summer.

In the north, you will need to take proper steps to properly winterize the Husqvarna Z242F. This includes putting fuel stabilizer in the gas tank, as well as removing the battery and following the other recommendations in the owner’s manual.

Safety Features

The Husqvarna Z242F has the standard pressure sensors that you find with most riding lawnmowers. It also has a “Patent Pending” automatic parking brake system that automatically engages or disengages via steering wheel levers.

Special Features

The Husqvarna Z242F is loaded with special features designed for easy operation and performance.

The 42-inch heavy-duty 10-gauge steel cutting deck with spring assist and air induction does a great job of pulling the blades of grass up where they can be clearly cut. It does a great job of leaving the grass at a uniform length, even on uneven terrain.

The no-maintenance Hydro-Gear hydrostatic transmission provides responsive control while also making the zero-turn very nimble at just about any speed.

You’ll also fall in love with the easy use of the ergonomic control panels as well as the automatic parking brake system.

The rear-mounted engine might not seem like all that special of a feature. Still, riding lawnmowers are prone to taking some bumps and dings. Especially if you have a somewhat new operator or your lawn is rife with trees and landscaping features. With a rear-mounted engine, you are less likely to suffer a serious mechanical failure when you accidentally kiss a tree or retaining wall.

Cost Effectiveness

When you invest in a Husqvarna tool or lawnmower you know that there’s a well-earned reputation for quality manufacturing, materials, and engineering that comes with it. This holds true for the Husqvarna Z242F, which is sure to give you a solid return on your investment. Just remember to take proper care of it to spare you mechanical problems.


8.5 Total Score
High quality zero turn riding lawnmower

  • 42-inch heavy-duty 10-gauge steel cutting deck
  • Zero-maintenance Hydro-Gear hydrostatic transmission
  • 18 Horsepower 603 cc Kawasaki engine
  • Air induction for a superior harvest rate
  • Zero-turn with 11-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels
  • Ergonomic control panels
  • Automatic parking brake system
  • Rear-mounted engine
  • Mower is heavy
  • No deck wash system
  • Requires the typical gas engine maintenance
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Husqvarna Z242F ReadyStart Zero-Turn Gas Mower Review
Husqvarna Z242F ReadyStart Zero-Turn Gas Mower Review
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