Yard Machines 13AB775S000 42″ Riding Lawn Mower Review

The Yard Machines 13AB775S000 Riding Lawn Mower was designed to make quick work of medium-sized lawns that have some wide-open spaced mixed in with a few landscaping features. You see this in its base characteristics.

The Yard Machines 13AB775S000 is powered by a 439 cc Powermore OVH gasoline engine. It puts the power down to the 7-speed shift on the go transmission as well as the dual cutting blades of the 42-inch cutting deck.

The cutting deck also has two small deck guide wheels that ride along smoothly on level terrain. If you come across uneven ground, or you need to quickly climb a sudden change in elevation the two small wheels prevent the dual cutting blades from scalping the lawn. This makes it a great choice for bumpy lawns or yards that have exposed roots from mature trees. Not only do they prevent damage to the upper levels of the turf it can prevent dings, cracks, and fractures in the two cutting blades. The cutting deck can also be adjusted from as low as 1-inch to as high as 4-inches.

The Yard Machines 13AB775S000 isn’t technically a zero-turn riding lawnmower. Still, it has a tidy 16-inch turning radius, which will let you turn around most trees and landscaping features.

The 7-speed shift on the go automatic transmission also has a mow in reverse feature. This lets you effortlessly climb changes in elevation or transmission smoothly from running slow around landscaping or the house, then into the high-speed mode for an open stretch of the yard.

If there are two minor complaints to keep an eye out for in the small print, it’s the fact that the Yard Machines 13AB775S000 only has a 1.36-gallon fuel tank, and it’s only backed by a 1-year warranty.

Key Features

  • 439 cc Powermore OHV gasoline engine
  • 42-inch cutting deck
  • 7-speed shift on the go transmission
  • Deck adjusts from 1 to 4-inches high
  • 2 guide wheels to prevent scalping
  • 16-inch turning radius


The 439 cc Powermore OHV gasoline engine is a little bit smaller than some of the competition. Still, the Yard Machines 13AB775S000 makes up for this with the 7-speed shift on the go automatic transmission, which puts the power down through each band. To the point that you likely won’t notice any difference in power on relatively flat terrain, but there might be a little less puff when you need to climb a steep hill.

Ease of Use

The Yard Machines 13AB775S000 was designed for comfort and control. You even see this in the comfortable mid-back seat and ergonomic controls. With a 16-inch turning radius, it’s also nimble enough to handle a yard with landscaping walls, flower beds, and mature trees. Though it does tend to do its best work in wide-open spaces.

If you have a large yard of half an acre of more, the 1.36-gallon gas tank might get a little annoying, as you will need to make frequent trips to the shed to fuel up. A lot of other competitors this size have two, three, or even five-gallon gas tanks. The 1.36-gallon tank of the Yard Machines 13AB775S000 speaks to smaller lawns of under half an acre per mowing session.

Cut Quality & Options

The dual cutting blades under the 42-inch cutting deck cut a nice swatch of grass with every single pass. You can also set the deck height down as low as 1-inch to keep up with your lawn during the peak of the growing season. Then if conditions turn dry and look to stay that way, you can adjust the cutting deck up to as high as 4-inches. This will help to shade the underlying turf, preserving ambient soil moisture, to prevent baked soil and premature dormancy.

The two guide wheels on the deck might not seem like a big deal at first glance. If your lawn has uneven patches or areas with protruding roots from mature trees, these two tiny black wheels will help prevent scalping and damage to the dual cutting blades.


As a gasoline-powered riding lawnmower, you will need to take the basic steps to properly maintain the engine. This includes giving it premium gasoline, and routine oil changes. While you’re at it, make sure to check the level of the transmission fluid. Signs of a problem often appear as hard shifting on acceleration as well as stray drips of pinkish-red fluid.

When the weather turns cold and it’s time to put the Yard Machines 13AB775S000 in storage for the winter, make sure to follow the winterizing recommendations in the owner’s manual.

Safety Features

The Yard Machines 13AB775S000 has the standard safety features, like the seat sensor and blade engagement that you expect to find on a riding lawnmower. The two guide wheels on the deck also do a nice job of preventing scalping.

Special Features

The 7-speed shift on the go transmission with mow in reverse is nice and does a good job of putting the power down produced from the 439 cc Powermore engine.

The two guide wheels on the deck also do a great job of preventing scalping and root collision incidents which can damage the cutting blades as well as the underlying turf.

Cost Effectiveness

If you have a lawn of under half an acre, but you definitely don’t want the hassle of a push mower than the Yard Machines 13AB775S000 deserves to be on your radar. Especially if you have uneven spots or mature trees with exposed roots in spots. The price tag is certainly very comfortable. So, you should see an easy, early return on your investment.

8 Total Score
Cost-effective riding lawnmower

  • 42-inch cutting deck
  • Guide wheels to prevent scalping
  • 7-speed shift on the go transmission
  • Mow in reverse
  • Comfortable mid-back seat
  • Cutting deck adjusts from 1 to 4 inches
  • Only backed by a 1-year warranty
  • 1.36-gallon fuel tank
  • Engine low on power for hills
  • Transmission needs routine maintenance
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Yard Machines 13AB775S000 42″ Riding Lawn Mower Review
Yard Machines 13AB775S000 42″ Riding Lawn Mower Review
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