LawnMaster CLMFR6018A-0802 Cordless 19″ Battery Powered Push Lawn Mower Review

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A great electric push mower with a brushless motor

The brushless electric motor in this push mower is quiet and durable.

  • Brushless electric motor
  • Quiet operation
  • 19-inch cutting deck
  • 3-in-1 versatility
  • Lithium-Ion battery
  • Low setting of deck is a little high
  • Slightly heavy
  • No smart charger

Brushless electric lawn mower motors like you find in the LawnMaster CLMFR6018A 0802 are the wave of the future. Not only do these motors last longer thanks to reduced heat production and wear and tear, but they also run quieter.

The LawnMaster CLMFR6018A is powered by a 60V MAX 4.0Ah lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which further optimizes the performance of the cutting blade. This helps you cut cleanly with an impressive harvest rate under the 18-inch cutting deck.

The LawnMaster CLMFR6018A is also very versatile. It can be set up as a discharge, mulching, or bagging mower. This is a great way to keep spent, harvested grass clippings from drying up and turning into the kind of thatch that chokes out the aeration of your turf. It can also help you feed your turf in mulching mode or reserve your grass clippings for the compost pile or garden. You can further adjust the cutting dynamics by shifting the height of the cutting deck from as low as 1.4 inches to as high as 3.4 inches.

Key Features

  • 3-in-1 versatility
  • 19-inch cutting deck
  • Deck height range from 1.4 to 3.4-inches
  • 60 Volt electric battery
  • Brushless electric motor


The LawnMaster CLMFR6018A was designed to be easy to use. Though there isn’t any sort of self-propulsion system built into it. So, you will need to manually push the LawnMaster CLMFR6018A, which weighs in at a tidy 38-pounds. This is light enough to not be an issue on most flat suburban lawns, but it could be a little bit of a hassle if you have a hilly yard.

The 60 Volt lithium-ion batteries also do a great job of powering the brushless electric motor. At its highest setting, this gives the cutting blade of the 18-inch deck a vigorous 3,7000 RPMs, which translates into a superior harvest rate.

Ease Of Use

Like most battery-powered, electric lawn mowers the LawnMaster CLMFR6018A is relatively easy to use. You simply charge the 60 Volt battery, then set it up at the height you want and whether you want to use it as a mulcher, bagger, or discharging mower. When you are done cutting the lawn, you just recharge the battery on the charger that comes with the purchase. Just keep in mind that it isn’t a smart charger, so you’ll have to take the batteries off when they reach 100% to prevent overcharging.

If there is a minor complaint with the LawnMaster CLMFR6018A it’s that once you unpack it, there is a lot that goes into the assembly. Though this is a single-time investment and not all that uncommon with the competitors.

Special Features

The brushless electric motor on the LawnMaster CLMFR6018A is a handy engineering feature, and while it’s “Special” at this time, it’s also becoming the new standard in high-quality battery-powered electric lawn mowers. The decreased wear and tear as well as the minimal heat production of the brushless motor extend the overall lifespan far beyond a conventional electric motor. At the same time, they are also very quiet, which is handy if you have neighbors living close by.

The 3-in-1 versatility of the LawnMaster CLMFR6018A is also something you will appreciate. Being able to set it up as a bagger or mulching mower lets you control just how much if any grass clippings make it to the upper layers of your turf. It also lets you use grass clippings as a side dressing in your garden or as to bolster your compost bin.

Cut Quality & Options

The 3-in-1 versatility and the adjustable cutting deck height of the LawnMaster CLMFR6018A offer a lot of customization to let you maintain your lawn for the prevailing conditions. If you are concerned about thatch buildup in your turf, then the mulching mode will do a great job of neatly mincing harvested grass clippings into tiny bits. This makes them easier to decompose and feed a little nitrogen back to the soil while preventing the grass clippings from drying into choking thatch.

If you have a compost bin, or you like to side-dress your garden plants with grass clippings to block out weed growth, then you can use the bagger function. It holds enough to let you mow a typical suburban lawn and keeps all the harvested clippings off your delicate turf.

If there is a minor complaint with the LawnMaster CLMFR6018A’s cutting quality, it’s that the cutting deck doesn’t go down below 1.4-inches. This can be a little long for times of the year when strong sun and seasonal rain combine to promote vigorous grass growth. Still, if you are in the habit of mowing your lawn weekly during the peak of summer it is a non-factor.  


The LawnMaster CLMFR6018A is very easy to maintain. Though there isn’t any sort of deck wash port. Any stuck on grass or other materials will need to be removed by hand.

The charger that comes with the LawnMaster CLMFR6018A is a standard charger and doesn’t have any sort of onboard monitoring system. So, you will need to keep an eye on the 60 Volt lithium-ion battery and disconnect it once it reaches 100% to prevent over-charging.

Safety Features

The LawnMaster CLMFR6018A comes with all the typical safety controls that you expect on an electric push mower and then some. It includes a safety key that you can keep away from children, as well as a quick-release handle.


The LawnMaster CLMFR6018A is a relatively cost-effective battery-powered electric lawn mower. Especially when you compare it to a gasoline lawn mower of roughly the same size.  

The adjustable cutting height as well as the 3-in-1 versatility of a mulching, bagging, or discharge mower makes it easy to customize the cutting dynamics to the prevailing conditions of your lawn. This superior level of thatch management will go a long way toward preventing the need for seasonal aeration costs.

The brushless electric motor also runs quietly while experiencing less wear and tear. This helps maximize the life of the mower and your overall return on investment.

LawnMaster CLMFR6018A-0802 Cordless 19″ Battery Powered Push Lawn Mower Review
LawnMaster CLMFR6018A-0802 Cordless 19″ Battery Powered Push Lawn Mower Review
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