Makita XML07Z 36V Battery Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower Review

Battery-powered electric lawnmowers like the Makita XML07Z have become increasingly popular in recent years. This is due in part to the fact that you get the power and basic operating feel of a traditional gasoline-powered lawn mower without having to fuss with all the oil, gas, and sparkplug problems.

The Makita XML07Z is part of their successful LXT line of tools. It has a 36-Volt brushless electric motor that is designed to run off a pair of 18-Volt lithium-ion batteries. This gives the mower a runtime that’s capable of mowing a typical quarter of an acre lawn. However, there are two additional bays that let you run the Makita XML07Z on four lithium-ion batteries. In this configuration, the runtime is long enough that you can possibly mow up to half an acre in a single charge.

Just keep in mind that this particular package doesn’t come with the batteries or a charger included. So, for people who already have Makita tools that run on 18-Volt lithium-ion batteries, this is a great way to save money on an electric lawnmower.

The Makita XML07Z was engineered with Star Protection Computer Controls. This is a proprietary system that essentially monitors how the lawnmower is performing and makes minute adjustments to maximize performance. When operating normally the brushless 36-Volt electric motor drives the blades at 2,800 RPMs. There is also a quiet mode, that slows the RPMs down to 2,300.

This is a true 3-in-1 electric lawnmower. Most people set it up for side discharge of the harvested grass clippings. However, there is also a mulching mode and bagger available. Just keep in mind that the mulching mode is arguably weak when you set the mower to “Quiet Mode.”

Makita has a reputation for build quality and thoughtful engineering. You see this reflected in the internal Extreme Protection Technology. Also known as XPT, it is a series of durable seals around sensitive internal components to protect them from exposure to water or complications caused by dust.

The Makita XML07Z has a 21-inch cutting deck made from heavy-duty commercial grade steel. It can be quickly raised or lowered to meet the conditions of your lawn.

Key Features

  • 36-Volt electric motor
  • 21-inch cutting deck made from commercial grade steel
  • Normal running mode of 2,800 RPMs
  • Quiet mode operates at 2,300 RPMs
  • XPT seals to protect against water and dust
  • Star Protection Computer Controls to maximize performance
  • Easy height adjustment
  • 2 battery bays with 2 additional for extra runtime
  • Runs on two 18-Volt lithium-ion batteries
  • Batteries not included


In its standard operating mode, the Makita XML07Z has the power to chew through even thick bladed types of grass like Bermuda with ease. You can even set it to mulching mode without noticing a major loss in runtime.

With two 18-Volt lithium-ion batteries installed you get enough runtime to cut up to a quarter of an acre of grass on a single charge. With four batteries you can get enough runtime to almost cut up to half an acre on a single charge.

When you switch over to “Quiet Mode” the onboard software slows the RPMs down from 2,800 to 2,300. This really maximizes the quiet operating potential of the Makita XML07Z. However, the slower RPMs also makes it hard for the 21-inch cutting blades to effectively mulch through thicker types of grass.

Ease of Use

As a battery-powered electric lawnmower, the Makita XML07Z is always going to be easier to use than a gasoline-powered lawnmower of the same size and characteristics. The hand controls are easy to operate and you can quickly move the cutting deck up and down without a lot of hassle.

Cut Quality & Options

The Makita XML07Z’s 36-Volt electric motor propels the 21-inch cutting blades with commanding torque, capable of mulching, bagging, or side discharging spent grass clippings with ease. Though in the lower RPMs of Quiet Mode, the mulching feature might bog down a little.

You can quickly adjust the deck height to the prevailing conditions without wrestling with the mower’s considerable weight. This lets you set it down low to neatly trim the grass when it’s growing quickly, or set it up high in dry times to maintain more ambient moisture in the underlying layers of the turf.


There isn’t a lot of maintenance required with the Makita XML07Z. After every mowing session, you will need to clear away grass clippings from the cutting deck, bagger or other attachments, and remember to properly charge the batteries after every use.

If winter temperatures get below freezing where you live, you might want to bring the batteries indoors. Lithium-ion batteries are tough but freezing still isn’t good for them in the long-term.

Safety Features

The Makita XML07Z has the standard safety hand controls you find with most walk-behind push mowers.

The XPT engineering that seals away sensitive internal components against water and dust problems is also a nice safety feature that helps extend the life of the mower and ensures a firm return on your investment.

Special Features

Quiet mode slows the RPMs from 2,800 down to 2,300. It makes the most out of the already quiet operating of a brushless electric motor.

The four battery bays for extended runtime is also a nice touch. On two batteries you can cut up to a quarter acre of grass. On four batteries you can cut up to half an acre of grass.

The Star Protection Computer Controls maximize the efficiency of the 36-Volt electric motor for ideal performance, while also limiting the potential strain on the system.


If you already own two or more Makita 18-Volt electric batteries from other tools in their line, then this mower is a great way to save money on the initial purchase price. The fact that you can mulch and bag also reduces potential thatch buildup, which can save you a lot of money. You also have to like the XPT engineering that helps protect sensitive internal components, which helps maximize the Makita XML07Z’s lifespan.

7.5 Total Score
Battery powered lawnmower with extended runtime option

  • 21-inch heavy-duty steel cutting deck
  • 36-Volt electric motor
  • Quiet mode option
  • 2 additional battery banks for extended runtime
  • 3-in-1 versatility as a bagger, mulcher or side discharge
  • Batteries are not included
  • Mulcher can bog in quiet mode
  • Only a quarter-acre runtime on two batteries
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Makita XML07Z 36V Battery Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower Review
Makita XML07Z 36V Battery Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower Review
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