Snapper CRP218520 / 7800849 21” Commercial Ninja Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower Review

Snapper CRP218520 7800968 Lawn Mower 8
Snapper CRP218520 / 7800849 21” Commercial Ninja Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower Review
Snapper CRP218520 / 7800849 21” Commercial Ninja Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower Review
Self-propelled and moves at brisk clip
Easy height adjustment
Premium power
Long-lasting and highly dependable
Excellent mulching
Quieter operation for gas-powered
Foam-grip handlebar

When people think of Snapper’s walk-behind mowers, usually what comes to mind is a heavy-duty mower that lasts season after season with minimal issues. This nice-looking red machine boasts a 14-gauge steel mowing deck, as well as a steel axle and reinforced bracing. Got a hilly yard? Never fear. The Snapper Ninja self-propelled mower has a rear-wheel drive system with a super-smooth turn differential with 8-inch front wheels and high 10-inch rear wheels. All of those features provide top-of-the-line maneuverability and solid traction on steep yards. The 93-pound gas-powered Ninja has seven cutting-height adjustments (1.25 inches to 4 inches) and runs on long-lasting power from a Briggs & Stratton 850 Professional Series engine. Mowers can mulch their grass or the nicely designed deck can blow the grass back into the lawn via side discharge. The Snapper Ninja comes with a 3-year limited warranty for residents and a 1-year limited commercial warranty. Some individuals have owned Snapper mowers for 20 years or more–and even in old age they get cranking on the first pull.


Key Features

  • Briggs & Stratton engine offers easy starting and smooth, quieter operation
  • Rear-wheel drive for solid traction
  • Smooth-turn differential for easy maneuverability and minimal grass damage
  • Ninja blade with 6 powerful cutting surfaces finely mulches grass
  • Heavy-duty, 14-gauge steel mowing deck
  • Reinforced bracing and and steel axles
  • Cutting height adjust easily with easy-to-use handles
  • Comfortable two-piece handle bar with foam grip


Smoothness is the name of the game with the Ninja. The machine’s easy-rolling wheels come with ball bearings for a smooth-moving mowing job season after season. This mower is ideal for really big yards with tougher-to-cut grass such as St. Augustine. On such yards, strictly front-wheel-drive mowers ain’t gonna get the job done–the front wheels will spin pointlessly in the yard, causing the person behind the mower to have to give the machine a nudge. Not so with the Snapper Ninja. This baby slices through grass in mulch or side discharge mode, tackling ditches and other yard obstacles with ease.You may even need to ease the speed at times to keep up with it.


Ease of Use

The Snapper Ninja’s has a sturdy deck and easy-to-use cutting height adjusters. The recoil engine is going to start on the first or second pull, and who doesn’t love a leisurely self-propelled machine that does 99 percent of the work? Once you get it, all you’ll really need to do is attach the handle and the drive rod. The Briggs & Stratton engine offers professional-grade features such as easy starting, quieter operation, durability, and a spin-on oil filter for a longer lifespan.

Cut Quality & Options

Though it’s not recommended to cut the lawn when the grass is damp or wet, the Snapper Ninja can do it with no ill effects. Whether going up hills, down ditches, or roughing it on uneven grass, this machine gets the job done. Additionally, mowers can choose from seven height adjustments (between 1.25 inches and 4 inches), using the easy-to-use height-of-cut adjustment handle. Mowers can mulch if they choose to do so, and the mulching cover can be easily removed if desired. A discharge deflector can also be installed if needed.


Before starting it for the first time, check the guards, deflectors, and covers to make sure they’re all in place and secure. Also check the blade control, drive control, and and ground-speed control to make sure they’re working properly. Don’t forget about the cutting height and oil. After use, be sure to clean the exterior surfaces of the cutting deck and engine, looking for spilled fuel and any accumulation of dirt, oil, and anything else. Keep the engine air intake screen and cooling fins clear. Check the grease level in the transmission periodically, check and sharpen the mower blade when needed, and check the belts each season. The online user’s guide provides detailed instructions on all needed maintenance. Parts replacement is a breeze with the Snapper Ninja.

Safety Features

The wheel drive control allows for easy stopping of the mower. Additionally, the engine and blade will stop by releasing the blade control.

Special Features

The Snapper Ninja would be ideal for someone who makes money mowing lawns for a living. That’s because if you’re mowing five or more lawns a day, or if you’re just a regular homeowner who mows once a week, you’re getting a heavy-duty, 14-gauge steel mowing deck, reinforced bracing for durability, a steel axle and large wheels that stand up well to any mowing task, no matter how tough the job. The mulching function does such a great job that mowers won’t even know they previously had dirty-looking leaves all over their yard.
The tried-and-true disc-drive transmission is a highly reliable speed-adjustment system. The mower’s higher wheel torque and enhanced control offers better speed control on hills and allows for great pull through thick grass and rugged terrain. With its self-propelled movability, the Snapper Ninja is ideal for folks who simply want to let the mower do most of the work while getting valuable exercise at a brisk walking clip.

Cost Effectiveness

Folks with large yards that have thick grass are going to be willing to pay a little extra for a mower like the Snapper Ninja. It’s many grass-hacking qualities and stellar features simply make the cost worth it, rather than going through a new, less tough mower every two, three, or four years. The bottom line is that the Snapper Ninja will last a long, long time, and you get what you pay for. Plus, it’s self-propelled, saving you bodily wear and tear. And the mulching option saves mowers time, energy, and even money that’s involved with bagging up tons of leaves.


9 Total Score
Great Mower With Excellent Mulching Ability

  • Self-propelled and moves at brisk clip
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Premium power
  • Long-lasting and highly dependable
  • Excellent mulching
  • Quieter operation for gas-powered
  • Foam-grip handlebar
  • No bagging option
  • Self-propelled activator is in awkward location
  • Engine runs fast on small yards
  • Vibration can cause gas leakage
  • Fuel, oil, oil filter, and engine maintenance and parts replacements
User Rating: 3.32 (28 votes)
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