Troy-Bilt TB170 XP SpaceSavr 21″ Push Lawn Mower Review

Troy Bilt is also proud of the fact that they have been making their products since 1937 in America with U.S & Global Parts. You also have to appreciate that they back the TB170 XP with a robust 3-year limited warranty, which makes a statement of quality components and engineering.

The Troy-Bilt TB170 XP SpaceSavr’s 149 CC OHV engine was engineered with an easy-to-use Auto choke system makes starting it simple and easy. You don’t have to mess with priming and choke adjustments like a lot of other gasoline-powered lawn mowers.

The 21-inch diameter cutting deck is just large enough to cut a modest size lawn of half an acre or so. Yet it also isn’t so large that it can’t deftly work around small suburban lawns with a lot of trees and tightly spaced landscaping features.

The underside of the deck is also very easy to clean via the built-in deck washing system. You simply attach a standard garden hose and it sprays a strong stream of water to briskly wash away any stuck-on grass clippings. This is great for preventing long-term rusting concerns, as well as eliminating the risk of grass-based mold infesting the lawn mower.

The cutting blades of the Troy-Bilt TB170 XP use a special “Tri-Action” cutting technology. This optimizes the grass harvesting rate to leave very few if any blades of grass behind. It also tends to produce very small pieces of grass behind, which can be easily decomposed back into the turf or to quickly feed your garden’s compost pile.

The 21-inch cutting deck of the Troy-Bilt TB170 XP was also engineered to be easy to adjust. It uses a dual lever system with large levers that are easy to grip and hold. You can then switch it between 6 distinct height settings. This means you can set it as low as 1.25-inches to as high as 3.75-inches from the surface of your turf.

Key Features

  • 149 CC gasoline engine
  • Auto Choke ignition system for easy starting
  • Designed for compact or upright storage
  • Side discharge or bagging
  • 1.9 Bushel grass collection bag
  • Tri-Action cutting system
  • 21-inch cutting deck
  • 1.25-inches to 3.75-inches
  • 6 height settings


The 149 CC gasoline engine in the Troy-Bilt TB170 XP is powerful enough to operate the tri-action cutting deck with vigor. You also have to like that they put a lot of effort into engineering this push mower to be light enough to maneuver easily, without any sort of self-propulsion feature. Yet is still being nimble enough to dance around trees and tight landscaping.

Ease Of Use

The Troy-Bilt TB170 XP was engineered with ease of use in mind. The levers that adjust the 12-inch cutting deck are easy to grip, which is something you need if you want to adjust your mower on a hot day with sweaty hands, or you need to change the cutting deck height in the middle of a mowing session.

They even made it a point to design the hand controls with ergonomic grips, which reduces hand fatigue for longer mowing sessions. It’s not a big deal, but it’s a definite feather in this push mower’s proverbial cap if you have a large lawn of half an acre or so.

Special Features

The TB170 XP SpaceSavr was specifically designed to let you conveniently store flat under a tool bench or in an upright, vertical position like standing up against the wall. Troy-Bilt even designed this lawn mower so that the rear clip acts as a kickstand when it is stored in an upright position.

You will also appreciate just how easy it is to switch between rear bag, mulch or side discharge mode to dispose of harvested grass clippings.

Cut Quality & Options

The fact that you can set the Troy-Bilt TB170 XP up for side discharge or bagging is nice. Especially when you consider the efficiency and harvest rate of the tri-action cutting system. If you are the kind of person who is diligent about mowing their lawn at least once a week, then the grass clippings left behind are very similar to what you would get with a more expensive mulching mower.

You can also set the height of the 21-inch cutting deck as low as 1.25-inches to as high as 3.75-inches. The lower end of this range is ideal for times when the combination of rain and sun makes for vigorous grass growth.

If the prevailing weather pattern starts to transition into a prolonged dry period of drought, you can start setting the cutting deck toward the higher end of the range. This way the modest shading and the ability to trap more morning dew will help preserve the ambient soil moisture in the underlying layers of the turf.


The Troy-Bilt TB170 XP is relatively easy to maintain for a gasoline-powered lawn mower. You still need to change the oil seasonally or after 50-hours of run time. Though every effort was put into making this as easy as possible. The auto choke ignition system also makes for fewer issues with long-term carb cleaning and spark plug replacement.

You will also like the deck washing system. All you need to do is attach a standard garden hose and the pressurized spray under the deck clears away any stuck-on grass clippings.

The cutting blades under the 21-inch diameter cutting deck do need periodic replacement. The way the tri-action cutting system works, it’s arguably better to replace rather than try to sharpen on your own.

Safety Features

The Troy-Bilt TB170 XP comes with all the typical safety features you expect in a push mower. The ergonomic handles also reduce hand fatigue which can be a modest safety issue when push mowing a larger yard.


The harvest rate of the tri-action cutting system is impressive. This translates into fewer passes and less need to go back. The 21-inch cutting deck with the 7-inch front and 8-inch back wheels also makes it easier to cut close to trees or complicated landscaping features. All of which means you spend less time and money mowing the lawn.

8.5Expert Score
A Great Push Mower That Stores Easily

A space saving gasoline push mower with compact storage

  • Auto Choke ignition system
  • Designed for compact storage
  • Tri-Action cutting system
  • 1.9-bushel bagger
  • Won't go lower than 1.25-inches
  • Better to replace blades than sharpen
  • Slightly high price
  • Not Self-Propelled
Troy-Bilt TB170 XP SpaceSavr 21″ Push Lawn Mower Review
Troy-Bilt TB170 XP SpaceSavr 21″ Push Lawn Mower Review
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