Fiskars 17″ StaySharp Plus Push Reel Mower Review

The environmentally friendly Fiskars model 362070-1001 StaySharp™ Plus Reel mower offers an easier, better way to mow. It’s regarded by many as an easier-to-push reel and delivers more cutting energy to power through even the toughest of spots. Its innovative cutting system stays sharp longer, and cuts all grass types easily. At a lean 41 pounds, it’s easy for nearly anyone to maneuver and includes mess-free, forward grass discharge, an impressive 17-inch cutting width, and a 1.5- to 4-inch cut height range. This mower is truly one that will make you change the way you care for your lawn.

The StaySharp Plus has specs of 23.5 x 18 x 13.8 inches and comes with a limited two-year warranty.

Key Features

  • No gas, oil, battery charging, an electrical cord, or loud engine noise
  • Reel is 40 percent easier to push compared to other reels
  • The inertia-drive reel provides 75 percent additional cutting power
  • Exclusive StaySharp Cutting System reduces ground friction and offers long-lasting blade performance
  • Specialized grass discharge chute throws clippings away from operator’s feet


This nice-looking mower boasts an InertiaDrive™ Reel for a stupendous 75 percent more cutting power compared to standard reel mowers. Thanks to this feature, the mower can cut through twigs, weeds, and tough terrain that would stop other reels in their tracks. Additionally, a unique grass discharge shoot throws the clippings forward in a clean way, well away from your feet. The combination of these technologies makes the StaySharp reel 40 percent easier to push than other reel mowers, helping you get more done with less effort.

StaySharp can cleanly cut all types of grass, including tough southern types such as St. Augustine, Zoysia, Bahia, and Bermuda.

Ease of Use

Best used on small yards, StaySharp offers superior technology with outstanding ergonomics for best-in-class cutting performance. It doesn’t require gasoline, oil, charging, or a cord. In addition, it’s much quieter than typical mowers. In addition, a combination of advanced technologies make the StaySharp™ 40 percent easier to push than other reel mowers.

As long as the dew on the grass isn’t too prevalent, the morning is a great time to use reels. You can get your mowing out of the way and have the rest of the day to do other things, and you won’t have to worry about waking anybody from their slumber on a Saturday. Better yet, this reel is lightweight enough that your teenager could handle it, so get him or her out of bed and you can sleep in!

Cut Quality & Options

The exclusive StaySharp™ Cutting System uses precision-ground, hardened steel blades to cut grass without touching, greatly reducing friction and blade wear for long-lasting performance without costly annual blade sharpening. The unique grass discharge chute throws clippings forward cleanly, away from your feet.

StaySharp cuts an impressive 17-inch cutting swath and won’t get hindered by obstacles like inferior reels. In additions, you can cut grass from a range of 1.5 to 4 inches. Keep in mind that this mower works best on lawns that are already well manicured. On grass that gets tall or wet, you may need to make a few passes with this reel. Also, reels don’t do great with crabgrass since their blades don’t life upward like spinning blades on a gas-powered or electric lawn mower.

Full disclosure: Not everybody likes this reel’s design of pushing clippings out front. That’s because with grass thrown right out in front of you, you may need to basically go over again grass that has already been cut. The piles in front can get thicker and thicker, which causes buildup in the blades. Having said that, many are also impressed with the clean cut this reel offers.


Keep the StaySharp reel clean and dry by removing grass clippings from the mower. Never spray the mower with an outdoor hose; this trapped moisture could cause rust. The mower will push easier and last longer if all moving parts are lubricated periodically. A silicone-based lubricant should be applied anytime this reel gets wet, before storing the reel for a long period of time, and at least once before the cutting season.

Inspect the blades for dings and dents, especially if rocks, concrete, edges, or other hard deris are struck. If a ding or dent is found that causes the blades to touch, repair it quickly to avoid further damage. For long-term blade care, check out Fiskars’ blade maintenance kit. Also, refer to the “Care and Maintenance” section in the manual for more details. Regular maintenance will keep the StaySharp reel    working well, season after season.

Safety Features

Frankly, there’s not much to worry about here in the way of safety. This doesn’t require a cord to pull for starting, and it’s lightweight, so mowers won’t have an on-the-job heart attack. Should you get caught on debris, roll this reel backward to get the muck out. This prevents having to reach into the blades.

Special Features

With superior design and performance, typical of a Fiskars product, StaySharp has a slew of specialized features, including advanced technologies that make it much easier to push than most reels; a patent-pending inertia-drive reel that gives it a whopping 75 percent more cutting power; a cutting system that greatly reduces ground friction and offers long-lasting blades; and a finely tuned grass discharge chute that spews grass forward, not at your feet.

Given that it’s a reel, this mower is special because it doesn’t require the maintenance and parts of a gas-powered guzzler.

Cost Effectiveness

StaySharp offers many nice features, and its price point reflects that. Arguably, it pays for itself in one season thanks to all the money you’re saving on gas, oil, parts, and maintenance duties that are more prevalent on a gas- or electric-powered mower. In addition, the StaySharp™ Cutting System eliminates the cost and inconvenience of annual blade sharpening.


8.5 Total Score
True to it's name, perfect for small yards

  • No gas or oil required
  • Lightweight and quiet
  • Grass spews forward cleanly
  • Four wheels for smoother rolling
  • Numerous cutting-edge features
  • Easy assembly
  • May require more passes
  • Debris may hinder progress
  • Not great with tall grass, crabgrass
  • Not great on inclines
  • May have sturdiness issues
  • May have traction issues
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Fiskars 17″ StaySharp Plus Push Reel Mower Review
Fiskars 17″ StaySharp Plus Push Reel Mower Review
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