Worx Landroid WG794 Robot Lawn Mower Review

Worx Landroid WG794 Robot Lawn Mower Review 1
Worx Landroid WG794 Robot Lawn Mower Review
Worx Landroid WG794 Robot Lawn Mower Review
Rain sensor sends it to its sheltered dock
Incline / declines up to 20 degrees
Shock sensors to mow around objects or stops blades
Ready to go out of the box
Vast adjustable range of cutting heights
Zero emissions and virtually silent operation
Simple schedule management from a smartphone

I’m hesitant to declare that the WORX Landroid WG794 Robot Lawn Mower renders all other manually operated competitors “obsolete,” but its merits certainly lift it into lofty regard when looking at options to maintain a relatively uncomplicated small to medium-sized spread. The greatest drawbacks are essentially the same as one would encounter with any robotic lawn mower – namely, its lengthy initial setup, inability to trim in tight proximity to fences and permanent obstacles, profound aversion to water, and possible need of an initial watchful eye when tackling its first few mowing days. Generally, you either accept those limitations when purchasing any autonomous mower, or you forego them in favor of a traditional riding or walk-behind model. That being said, I can’t understate the time and sweat this crafty little dynamo stands to save you in the long run.

Key Features

  • Programmable schedule with companion smartphone app
  • 100% electrically powered, guaranteeing zero emissions and whisper-quiet operation
  • Proximity sensor stops blades upon encountering an unexpected obstacle, temporarily re-reroutes mowing path
  • State-of-the-art adaptive cutting system
  • Five adjustable height settings from 4-10 centimeters (1.6-4 inches)
  • Rain detection


The 20-pound Landroid WG794 can handle a surprisingly spacious yard. As long as you don’t expect it to manage more than one-fourth of an acre, it should always be up to the task. The artificial intelligence algorithm wastes little time mapping and navigating tight spaces while still making intricate, clean cuts along its path. While obviously not a titan of horsepower, any incline up to about a 35-percent grade falls well within its wheelhouse. Best of all, since it operates solely on electricity, the Landroid WG794 produces absolutely no emissions and a measly 63 decibels of noise pollution.

This little guy is lean and clean.

Ease Of Use

The Landroid WG794 arrives pre-programmed and mostly ready to report for duty straight out of the box. Unfortunately, you will first spend around three hours stringing up the copper-wire boundary limiting its area of operation – about twice the time it takes to fully charge its battery. You may also want to keep one eye on it during its first few mowing days to ensure proper routing and satisfactory cut quality, but after that, this thing is about as worry-free as any mower can get. Be advised, the wire is incredibly sharp and definitely poses a risk to careless children and pets who might wander into it. I would also strongly suggest investing in a trimmer of some kind, since the Landroid WG794 refuses to cut especially close to edges, hedges and the like.

Speaking of its programming, your Landroid WG794’s design is based on obsolescence-free tech and consistent software updates that download and install with foolproof ease to perpetually improve upon its coding. If you can navigate Twitter or Facebook from your smartphone, managing upgrades and setting or adjusting your mower’s schedule and performance settings using its free companion app will be a breeze. When its battery runs down next to nothing, the Landroid WG794 will return independently to its dock via the shortest possible route.

Cut Quality & Options

Once you take into account the fact that you no longer have to manually shove a mower hither and yon across your yard, the Landroid WG794’s diminutive seven-inch cutting diameter quickly becomes a non-issue. The razor-sharp blades slice with the precision of scalpels and work in concert with an adaptive system that orients their cutting to maintain a consistent, smooth finish across variances in your lawn’s drift, slopes and other topographical variances. Surprisingly, there isn’t a strain of grass to thick for this plucky little fellow to take down. With five adjustable height settings between four and 10 centimeters (1.6 to four inches), the Landroid WG794 lives to serve your preferences.


To be completely honest? There isn’t all that much to “maintain.” The blades replace remarkably easily. The app will always keep you apprised of available updates and install them with all the seamless swiftness of a swipe-left-or-right snap judgment on Tinder. Upon detecting rain or any other manner of wet conditions, the Landroid WG794 will beat a hasty retreat back to its dock and resume operation once it senses the area has satisfactorily dried out. Beyond that, your mower comes with a fairly extensive three-year limited warranty.

Safety Features

This autonomous mower just might operate more safely than most riding, walk-behind or towed mowers I’ve used. In addition to its tilt/lift spontaneous shutdown in the event something should expose its blades, the Landroid WG794’s intuitive guidance will automatically cease their rotation and revise its path the instant it detects anything unexpected along its learned route.

Security / Theft

Uses a security pin theft deterrent and alarm that sounds if the mower is picked up while its being used.

Cost Effectiveness

Yes, the four-figure outlay for a Landroid WG794 virtually guarantees some measure of sticker shock. Then again, one must also factor in the cash saved on spark plugs, gas and oil annually. Think about the countless hours you can reallocate any way you choose over the course of a year, now that you don’t have to devote an hour or two every weekend toward grooming your lawn during a typical mowing season. Depending on your specific needs, this mower just might pay for itself faster than you think.


8.5 Total Score
Relax, Have A Drink & Mow

  • Rain sensor sends it to its sheltered dock
  • Incline / declines up to 20 degrees
  • Shock sensors to mow around objects or stops blades
  • Ready to go out of the box
  • Vast adjustable range of cutting heights
  • Zero emissions and virtually silent operation
  • Simple schedule management from a smartphone
  • Initial process of setting up copper-wire boundaries can be tedious
  • Landroid won’t cut edges close to hedges or fences
  • Boundary wire is very sensitive to tampering
  • Boundary wire is sharp enough to be a hazard to children and pets
  • Proper programming could be difficult for technically challenged
  • Doesn’t handle very moist conditions well
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