Yardforce SA600H Robot Lawn Mower Review

It’s popular across the pond in Europe, so why not bring it over to the States! Here it is, the heralded Yardforce Robotic Mower SA600H. This is what we know:

  • It covers an impressive 600 square meters (6,458 square feet)
  • It’s surprisingly adept on hilly terrain and slopes
  • Three rotating blades provide a manicured look for lawns

With automatic functioning and solid mowing reliability, the environmentally friendly Yardforce SA600H may just be the right mower for many. Read on to hear about some pretty cool functions of a cutting-edge machine!

Key Features

  • Automatic charging and mowing
  • Raining sensor
  • Touch screen
  • Handles 27-degree slopes
  • Free 5-year guarantee
  • 30.7 x 20.1 x 13 inches
  • 40.6 pounds
  • 30-day money-back guarantee




It’s likely that many would want to see this thing in action on hilly terrain to see what kind of job it does. I’ll be darned if it doesn’t buzz up and down considerable slopes in a high-grip way, not slipping or sliding but indeed providing a clean, close cut for lawns thanks to three active rotating blades. There’s something to be said for a nicely manicured lawn that gets its look from an industrious little mowing robot. You won’t see that in most suburbs, at least in my neck of the woods. But given its great performance, we may see more SA600H robots on lawns everywhere, allowing us to sit back and relax with a nice cold one.

Interestingly, the SA600H doesn’t navigates in a fairly random fashion compared to typically mowing, and when it cuts, it cuts tiny pieces of grass blades. These finely cut clippings go into the ground, creating free fertilizer and making grass thick and lush and beautiful.

Ease of Use

How is this for cool? When the little robot needs a rest because its battery is running low, the machine hightails it on its own to its charging station to “gas up.” If it’s raining, R2D2 … excuse me, the SA600H can sense the inopportune weather and will simply go back to its docking station. When it stops raining, it goes back out to play by manicuring your yard quite nicely.

So to say that the SA600H is “easy to use” is the understatement of the year. Once you buy it, you pretty much just let it roam your yard on its own and forget about it. But when you do need to control it, the SA600H robot has a handy touchscreen that we’re all familiar with these days. The easy-to-navigate control panel lets you program and control what you need to control. Amazingly, the robot can begin mowing after a few easy steps to get it going.

Cut Quality & Options

Who’d of thunk that this little guy could so aptly cover 600 square meters of terrain? It gets its go-ahead power via an impressive lithium-ion battery that allows it to handle gradients of up to 27 degrees. That’s a higher number than I see on most every mower on the market. This little guy is stable and won’t tip or get off track or daydream or whatever else. It’s a robot, after all. It doesn’t so much chug along producing smelly fumes as it does glide across grass that’s not overly long. At just 67 decibels when in operation, the SA600H is refreshingly quiet.

You don’t need a gas-, electric-, or battery-powered mower to get precise results. Those mowers don’t have three ultra-sharp blades slicing down clippings like a well-controlled little toy. Admittedly, the cutting path of this robot is rather meager at just over 6 inches. But really, who cares if you’re not doing the pushing. Let the little guy make as many passes as it needs to get the job done, even if those runs are a bit on the random side compared to most people’s mowing style.

Given the short range of cutting heights on the SA600H–from just under an inch to a little over 2 inches–you’re not gonna want your grass to get too long when using this robot.


One lithium-ion battery is required to operate the SA600H. All the needed accessories you need to get this robot moving are included. That includes boundary wire and pegs so that it won’t mow your neighbor’s yard, cable conductors, and an owner’s manual. Check out that manual to read about all maintenance needs.

Safety Features

The SA600H has varied sensors for maximum safety, including a rain sensor so that it won’t run in inclimate weather. Somehow, this little guy is just naturally safe and independent. If it runs into an obstacle, it won’t yell out a swear word like you would. Instead, it just changes directions and mows onward. (Note: It will be up to you to remove that obstacle in your yard at some point so that the robot can properly mow. Maybe someday we’ll have robots who can also clean up our yards.)

On a more serious note, if the robot, which is admittedly appealing to kids, is lifted or tilted, the blades will automatically stop moving.

In addition, if you purchase this robot you’ll get an anti-theft PIN code that will prevent anyone using the mower who should not be using it.

Special Features

Special features? Geez, it’s a robot … what else needs to be said?

Well, maybe a few things. What’s most special about a robot like the SA600H is that it’s a fully thinking machine that won’t run when it can’t run because it knows it needs batteries. So it’ll charge itself and then get back out there when it’s ready to mow. Additionally, if the weather is bad and it sense rain, it obediently goes to its docking station to wait things out. Heck, that’s better behavior than many of us weekend mowers, who try to cram in a full mowing job underneath the threat of dark clouds and an imminent downpour because we’ve got a million other things we need to be doing and just want to get the job done.

So perhaps what’s most special about the SA600H: peace of mind.

Cost Effectiveness

With innovative automatic mowing and charging technology, the SA600H is a true time-saver for people. What’s more, the cutting style of the SA600H is such that it really slices and dices clippings, giving you free fertilizer all season. So no worries about having to mulch or rake grass or bag anything. Just sit back and let this thing do all the work. Sure, you may have to shell out some cash for a robot like this one, but it may just be worth it for all the time it’ll save you on work and maintenance costs. In a perfect world, we would all have one of these gizmos!

9 Total Score

  • Easy touchscreen control
  • Solid on hilly terrain
  • Automatic functioning
  • Quiet and no fumes
  • Well made
  • Small cutting swath
  • Short range of close-cut cutting heights
  • May not be ideal on long grass
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Yardforce SA600H Robot Lawn Mower Review
Yardforce SA600H Robot Lawn Mower Review
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