RYOBI 13″ ONE+ 18-Volt Cordless Battery Walk Behind Push Lawn Mower Review

8.5Expert Score
A Great Battery-Powered Lawnmower For A City Yard

The lightweight compact design of this battery-powered lawnmower makes quick work of even complicated urban lawns.

  • 18 Volt Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Compact for small yards
  • Nimble for tight landscaping
  • 5 cutting heights
  • Bagger with mulching cutting dynamics
  • Not for large lawns
  • Not a smart charger
  • Manual deck cleaning

Ryobi has long been one of the strongest names in electric power tools. So, it only stands to reason that they would make a deep foray into the world of cordless battery-powered lawnmowers as you see with the RYOBI 13 in. ONE+.

Its beating heart is an 18 Volt lithium-ion battery that drives the 13-inch diameter cutting blade. This gives it the mower, range, and size to tackle most city lawns. Best of all it only weighs 27-pounds which makes it very easy to negotiate around tight landscaping features in your lawn, while still being able to chew up open patches efficiently.

The high RPMs created by the 18 Volt lithium-ion battery and the robust Ryobi electric motor essentially mulches the harvested grass clippings before delivering them to the relatively large grass collection bin at the back. These tiny grass clippings then decompose quickly to rapidly contribute nitrogen to your compost bin or garden soil.  

Being able to adjust the 13-inch cutting deck on the RYOBI 13 in. ONE+ to five different height settings is also something that comes in handy. Especially during times when sun and rain are driving vigorous growth, or a stretch of drought risks drying the soil until the grass falls into premature dormancy.

Key Features

  • 18 Volt Lithium-Ion battery
  • Bagger with mulching action
  • 13-inch diameter cutting deck
  • 27-pounds
  • Nimble operations
  • 5 adjustable deck heights


The 18 Volt Lithium-ion battery that powers the electric motor in the RYOBI 13 in. ONE+ is robust and delivers high RPM performance. This replicates a mulching action before delivering the harvested grass clippings to the collection bin. At the same time, this battery-powered electric lawn mower is very nimble with a 13-inch wide deck that is perfect for dancing around complex landscaping features.

Ease Of Use

As a battery-powered electric lawn mower the RYOBI 13 in. ONE+ is inherently easy to use. The fact that it only has a 13-inch cutting deck and larger wheels at the back lets you move around easily. Ryobi could have put a self-propulsion system in this mower, but it would have driven the weight up needlessly. All told at just 27-pounds, it doesn’t need a self-propulsion system. The way it is, the RYOBI 13 in. ONE+ is one of the best electric lawn mowers for a city hard with trees and tightly space landscaping features.

Special Features

The mulching effect of the RYOBI 13 in. ONE+ electric motor is especially handy if you like to keep a compost bin or you want to give your garden plants a quick boost of nitrogen by side-dressing them with finely mulched grass clippings. The bagger itself is large enough to hold the harvested grass clippings from a typical urban or suburban lawn.

Quality & Options

The ability to adjust the 13-inch cutting deck on the RYOBI 13 in. ONE+ to five distinct height levels is handy. This lets you dial in the length of your grass for the current weather pattern.

If the recent weather has been particularly dry, you can adjust the cutting deck to the highest setting to leave the grass long, yet neatly manicured. This will help shade your turf to preserve soil moisture and prevent premature dormancy, which can happen in the hot, dry days of late summer. If your local weather has been delivering a lot of rain mixed with strong sun to promote vigorous growth, you can set the cutting deck low to stay ahead of the grass.

The 13-inch cutting deck might sound a little small on paper, and it would be if you are dealing with a large country lawn. Though if you have a city lawn with a few trees, bushes, and landscaping features, then the 13-inch cutting deck is a real boon. It lets you get close in without leaving much of a halo or uncut grass clippings behind. This reduces the amount of cleanup work you need to do later with a weed whip.


Just like a lot of battery-powered electric lawn mowers, the RYOBI 13 in. ONE+ doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Sure, you will have to occasionally replace the cutting blades. Especially if you have a bad habit of not checking the lawn for sticks and storm debris, as the small blade can chip and ding easily on objects that are not soft, green grass.

One thing to note about the maintenance of the RYOBI 13 in. ONE+ battery-powered electric lawn mower is that the charger does not have a battery monitoring system. If you have a bad habit of constantly overcharging the 18 Volt lithium-ion battery, it can shorten its long-term lifespan. So, be mindful to keep an eye on the charger and disconnect the power when the battery hits 100%.

Safety Features

The RYOBI 13 in. ONE+ has all the standard safety features you expect to find on a battery-powered electric lawn mower. The hand controls turn off the blades on the cutting deck in an instant. The ergonomic handgrips are also handy for reducing hand fatigue, which is something important when you are cutting around tight landscaping features.


The RYOBI 13 in. ONE+ is one of the best battery-powered electric lawn mowers for maintaining a city lawn with a lot of trees or tightly spaced landscaping features. Its lightweight nimbleness lets you get the job done quickly. The fact that it both mulches and bags the harvested grass clippings also reduces the need for seasonal aeration.

Just be mindful to charge the 18 Volt lithium-ion battery thoughtfully. Disconnecting it within an hour or two of reaching the maximum charge will go a long way toward maximizing the battery life as well as optimizing your return on investment.

RYOBI 13″ ONE+ 18-Volt Cordless Battery Walk Behind Push Lawn Mower Review
RYOBI 13″ ONE+ 18-Volt Cordless Battery Walk Behind Push Lawn Mower Review
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